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Location: Ahmedabad

Address: Vastrapur,Ahmedabad 380015, Gujarat, INDIA, +91-79-66323456 / 26308357

Contact No: +91-79-66323456 / 26308357

Email Id: skbarua@iimahd.ernet.in

IIMA has evolved from being Indias premier management institute to a notable international school of management in just four decades.
It all started with Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and a few spirited industrialists realising that agriculture, education, health, transportation, population control, energy and public administration were vital elements in a growing society, and that it was necessary to efficiently manage these industries.

The result was the creation of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in 1961 as an autonomous body with the active collaboration of the Government of India, Government of Gujarat and the industrial sectors.
It was evident that to have a vision was not enough. Effective governance and quality education were seen as critical aspects.

From the very start the founders introduced the concept of faculty governance: all members of the faculty play an important role in administering the diverse academic and non academic activities of the Institute. The empowerment of the faculty has been the propelling force behind the high quality of learning experience at IIMA.

The Institute had initial collaboration with Harvard Business School. This collaboration greatly influenced the Institutes approach to education. Gradually, it emerged as a confluence of the best of Eastern and Western values.

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Programme details

Programme name   Fees Range (INR-Lakhs)   Exams   Application fee     Commences on   Last date  
Post Graduate Programme in Management (PIM)   Rs 15-17.99 lakhs and above   CAT,CAT   1500 - 2000        
Post Graduate Programme in Agri-Business Management (PGP-ABM)   Rs 15-17.99 lakhs and above   CAT,CAT   1500 - 2000        
One-Year Post Graduate Programme in Public Management and Policy   Rs 15-17.99 lakhs and above   CAT,CAT   1500 - 2000        
PGPX: One Year Post-Graduate Programme in Management for Executives   Rs 15-17.99 lakhs and above   GMAT,GMAT   NONE