B-School Details  


Programme name Fees Range
Exams Application fee (INR) Last date
Post-Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) Rs 17-19.99 lakhs and above CAT 1500 - 2000 Announcement awaited
Post Graduate Programme in Software Enterprise Management (PGSEM) Rs 12-16.99 lakhs and above CAT,GMAT 1500 - 2000 Announcement awaited
Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy Management (PGPPM) Rs 9-11.99 lakhs CAT,GMAT 1000 - 1500 Announcement awaited

Admission Procedure-

The admissions department follows a well defined and detailed admission process.

This process judges candidates on a number of parameters.

IIMB has found over the years that students who perform well in the academic programme are typically those who have a consistently good academic record during their school, high school and graduation level, besides exhibiting sufficiently high aptitude as measured by CAT (Common Admission Test if the IIMs)/GMAT. Therefore IIMB uses multiple parameters, namely academic performance in school, high school and graduation programmes as well as candidates scores in CAT/GMAT to judge the suitability of candidates for the PGP programme. Relevant work experience, if any, is also given weightage. Evaluation by multiple criteria is also consistent with empirical research on recruitment and selection that shows greater efficacy of recruitment processes that uses multiple criteria. The CAT/GMAT score, over and above being a selection criterion, is also used to establish the minimum level of proficiency that is expected from the candidate in respective faculties as indicated by section-wise minimum scores in the CAT/GMAT. Multiple criteria are used to arrive at a composite score for every candidate, which is used to select candidates for the subsequent stage.

Thus the CAT/GMAT score is one of the more important parameters. The CAT/GMAT score that is used as a cutoff varies from year to year.

The admission process includes a personal interview, conducted through remote video conferencing for international students, and an assessment of writing ability.

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