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IIM-A, B, C, XLRI, FMS, MDI top Outlook B School Rankings'11


Outlook magazine has released the 'Best B Schools 2011' rankings in its latest issue dated Sept 18-26, 2011. “With scams rocking Indian corporates, the MBA has become even more important”.

Outlook magazine has released the ‘Best B Schools 2011’ rankings in its latest issue dated Sept 18-26, 2011. “With scams rocking Indian corporates, the MBA has become even more important,” says the survey report.
The Outlook B School Rankings 2011also present the ranking of B schools in different categories. The top B schools in each category are as follows:

-- Top B schools by recruiter perception: IIM-A, IIM-B
-- Top B schools on Return on Investment: FMS Delhi, DSE Delhi
-- Top B schools by faculty perception: IIM-A, IIM-B
-- Top B schools with highest tuition fees: IIM-B, IIM-A
-- Top B schools by student perception: IIM-A, IIM-B
-- Top B schools on industry exposure: IIM-C, IIM-A

Some of the other key findings of the survey are:

-- 70% of the top 75 B schools prefer CAT as the preferred exam.
-- 54% of the students in top 75 B schools come from an engineering background
-- Average work experience for top 25 is 2 years

The survey for the rankings was conducted by market research agency MDRA. An objective questionnaire was put on the Outlook and MDRA websites. The institutes were requested to participate in the survey through emails, letters, tele calls. 174 colleges across the country provided objective data. Simultaneously, perceptual questionnaire were designed and face to face interviews were conducted in 12 cities.

As BT also released ranking According to the BT B-school Rankings 2011, IIM Bangalore has toppled IIM Ahmedabad to get at rank No.1. IIM-B was at No.2 last year. With IIM Calcutta also leaping by one step to rank No.2 from its previous No.3 rank, IIM Ahmedabad had to remain satisfied with rank No.3.

Another key highlight of the rankings has been that the IIMs have toppled private B schools to get into the top rankings. IIM Kozhikode and IIM Shillong have entered the top 10 rankings after toppling private B schools.
The B schools which have improved their rankings this year by leaps and bounds are: NMIMS Mumbai (rank 23 last year to rank 16 this year), SPJIMR Mumbai (rank 19 last year to rank 15 this year), SCMHRD Pune (rank 37 last year to rank 12 this year), IIM Shillong (rank 15 last year to rank 9 this year), IIM Kozhikode (rank 12 last year to rank 6 this year).

The top B schools which have witnessed a fall in their rankings this year (apart from IIMA) are: ISB Hyderabad (by 1), FMS Delhi (by 6), XLRI Jamshedpur (by 4), JBIMS Mumbai (from rank 14 last year to rank 17 this year), IMT Ghaziabad (from rank 20 last year to rank 24 this year and MDI Gurgaon (from rank 24 last year to rank 27 this year).

Stay tuned to for more B school rankings.

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