Quant tips for CAT: Analyse mock, re-work on weak areas & do not repeat mistakes

Friday, July 19 2013, 06:38 AM
This article brings you some questions asked by MBA Aspirants on 'Quant Prep strategy' and answer shared by Career Launcher Expert Mr Abhishek Gupta during the latest weekly Live Expert Chat.
Take mocks under strict time limits preferably in computer-based format. Try to simulate test environment and take it with all the sincerity. Resist any temptation to leave the test

How do I balance out the time and accuracy factors in Quant section? How do I divide my time for different sub-sections of Quant section? What are the key scoring areas in Quant section? How to approach quant section during the CAT exam?

These are some of the questions that MBA Aspirants ask to MBAUniverse.com as they look for tips on their CAT strategy which can lead them to dream IIMs and other top B-schools like FMS, JBIMS, SPJIMR, IMT, MDI etc.

With less than 100 days left for CAT now, MBAUniverse.com brings you expert guidance for your CAT preparation strategy and related CAT preparation queries.

In the latest weekly Live Expert Chat, Mr Abhishek Gupta, National Product Head for MBA Test-Prep at Career Launcher India guided CAT Aspirants on ‘Quant Prep strategy’ for remaining 100 days to CAT 2013.  A Bachelor in Information Technology (IT) and an MBA, Mr Gupta carries training experience of over 7 years in guiding CAT Aspirants and has held several key positions at Career Launcher including its Academic Operation Head.

This article brings you some questions asked by MBA Aspirants and answer shared by Mr Abhishek Gupta during the Live Chat session on July 12, 2013.

Aman Kumar: What are the most imp topics in quant section that needs more revision than the other areas?

Mr Abhishek Gupta: Sub-sections like Algebra, Numbers, and Geometry would be among the most important areas.... But I would not advise ignoring any part of syllabus in Quant.

Ram Shankar: In Geometry, Do I need to learn lengthy theorem or just need 10th level formulae?

Mr Abhishek Gupta: It's mostly the formulae that you had learned at 10th level. Almost every question in quant can be done using those only. However, in Geometry, at times it helps to know a few more theorems, especially if you are not naturally good at the subject.

Manisha Sahni: I am able to attempt around 10-12 questions with a 60 percent accuracy in mock test. How do I increase my attempts and maximize score in CAT?

Mr Abhishek Gupta: Please analyse the last 2-3 mock tests that you took. It's generally not very tough to track 10-15 doable questions in QA-DI section of the test. The problem probably is with question selection. Leaving any easy questions un-attempted in the test should be considered a sin. Learn to select the right questions first; this will definitely increase your accuracy. You can then think about increasing the number of attempts.

Shubham Sena: I faces problem in applying the fundamentals to lengthy problems of Time and work and mixtures. What is method to approach it?

Mr Abhishek Gupta: Practise many such questions before appearing for the next test. T&D, Work and Mixtures shouldn't generally pose problems to well-prepared students.

Saurabh Chandra: How should we take mocks for quant section? Which is the most important area?

Mr Abhishek Gupta: Take mocks under strict time limits, i.e. 70 minutes for 30 questions of Section-1, that too preferably in computer-based format. Try to simulate the test environment and take it with all the sincerity; try to maximise the score as if it's the actual test. Resist any temptation to leave the test midway. There is no most important topic; it varies. Still, if you insist, I would say Algebra.

Kushal Agarwal: Sir, should we make any specific strategy for remaining days to CAT?

Mr Abhishek Gupta: Start taking mock tests, if you haven't done that already. Analyse each test thoroughly, and try to improve in the next one. The least that you can do is not repeat your mistakes. Identify the weak areas and work on them.

Nirin Kaushik: Sir, I am good in quant but while choosing questions I always get confused and waste my time in lengthy question. Please guide.

Mr Abhishek Gupta: Identify the areas in which you generally do well in Quant. Stick to those in the beginning of a test. It would probably give you more confidence and a few marks under the belt going forward. However, it doesn't mean that you don't have to look at the questions from the supposedly tougher topics. There may be a few sitters from the topics that you don't like much. You still would like to capitalize on those...

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