CAT 2017 Preparation for Quant

Quantitative Aptitude in CAT 2017 carries a weightage of 34% in overall CAT 2017 exam. As per the trend in CAT exam during the past 2 years, Quant in CAT exam 2017 will occupy the 3rd and last section. Quant in CAT is considered as the very tricky section as this section can get any composition of topics and different type of questions in MCQ or Non-MCQ format.

You need to focus more than earlier to prepare on Quant in CAT 2017 and therefore require a well devised preparation plan to score high in CAT 2017 exam. The increase in sections has made it more crucial for aspirants to score high in Quantitative Aptitude section in CAT 2017 without any support of questions from DI part which could be attempted by not so proficient candidates in mathematics.

Since CAT 2017 test takers will reach this section after spending 120 minutes on other 2 sections, CAT preparation experts and toppers share key CAT quant preparation tip to practice more on this section right from the beginning and prepare themselves to keep their cool till the end of the exam as this section is more calculation based. Quant section in CAT 2017 exam will be the last section with 34 questions comprising 24 MCQs and 10 Non-MCQs. Sharing the Quant preparation tip for CAT 2017 exam, CAT toppers suggest not to depend on the on-screen calculator as it will consume more time during the exam. CAT toppers suggest the candidates to devise and develop their own calculation strategy and should depend more on that.

Quantitative Aptitude section in CAT exam has been totally revamped and the last year CAT exam also followed the same exam pattern for Quant section. The key features of Quant section in CAT are as follows


Total Questions 34
Total MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) 24 to 27
Total Non-MCQs (Answer to be typed on screen) 7 to 10
Answer choice for each question (MCQ) 4
Answer choice for Non-MCQ May or may not exist. In any case you need to type the answer in the given space on the computer screen
Maximum marks for correct answer 3
Negative marks for wrong answer -1


CAT Quant Preparation material

You need to begin your quant preparation for CAT 2017 much earlier than for other sections. During the last few years, Quant in CAT has gone for substantial changes. Your preparation therefore, has to be focused on the current trends. But another important feature of CAT exam is that it suddenly asks questions of such type which have not been asked during last many years. Your preparation therefore, has to combine the current as well as the past trends in CAT.


Sometimes you may find more questions on Arithmetic and Algebra in CAT exam and at other times the entire part on Arithmetic is crunched or Algebra has very few or no questions in CAT. The difficulty level of questions in Quant section is from moderate to highly difficult.


Following are the key Quant preparation topics in CAT 2017 exam. The suggestion is to practice more on them.

  • Number System
  • Base System & Absolute Value
  • Divisibility Rules
  • Rightmost-Non-Zero-Digit-of-a-Factorial
  • Factor
  • Indices & Surds
  • Cyclicity
  • HCF and LCM
  • Various-Remainder-Theorems
  • Finding out last two digit of an expression


Quant in CAT 2017: Key facts and preparation tips 


No support in case of tough Quant

Since all the 20 Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) will need high percentile in each section of CAT 2017 exam, the candidate who scores low in Quant sections in CAT 2017 may not expect to be shortlisted by IIMs. Going by the trend, these IIMs will need 80 to 95 percentile in Quant section of CAT 2017 to shortlist you for next phase of admission round. 


Scoring high in 2 sections with the support of other parts clubbed to Quant and Verbal was a bit easier as against scoring high percentile in each of the 3 sections comprising pure Quantitative Aptitude section.


You can score higher percentile in quant section by attempting fewer number of questions but still, in case you are confronted with tough Quant questions in CAT 2017, there is no savior except your strong preparation and practice level that can equip you well to come out of this dilemma.


Pure Quant in CAT: Prepare well

34 questions in Quant section in CAT based on Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry among other topics will have to be solved in 60 minutes and will fetch a maximum raw score of 102 marks. On the top of it, most of the Quant questions are the single answer questions as against the DI questions which commonly appear in set of 4-5 questions and you could crack at least 1 or 2 correct out of them.


It implies, if you accurately cracked 2 out of 4 DI questions which used to form part of Quant section  in earlier CAT exams, they would bring the same good scoring effect which  2 separately answered singular quant questions could make. But in CAT 2017, you have to choose the right Quant question that you can answer to improve your scores. No sets can be expected in Quant section of CAT 2017 exam.


There will be 7 to 10 Non-MCQ type of questions in Quant section of CAT 2017 with no answer options. You will be required to type their answers on computer screen instead of just picking out the correct answer option that you could do a bit more easily after going through the options.


How to crack 25 out of 34 in Quant

The level of difficulty in Quant section of CAT in last 2 years that IIM Bangalore and IIM Ahmedabad placed is not unknown is one fact and you also need a very high percentile in Quant in CAT 2017 is another fact. Apart from this 100 percentilers in CAT are also on the rise. If you attempt fewer questions and out of them some may go wrong, your percentile may reduce substantially.


Now the need is to aim for scoring high in CAT 2017. While a particular class of candidates may have an edge in Quant others may have the same edge in other sections. To achieve the high scoring goal in Quant, the only formula now is to focus on strengthening your basics in Quant; do more practice on Quant questions for CAT and take as many sectional and full length mocks for Quant in CAT 2017.

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