CMAT Topper
Jivtesh Singh
CMAT 2016
100 percentile
Mechanical Engineer from Ludhiana
CMAT Topper
Jivtesh Singh scored 100 percentile in CMAT 2016 and scored 300 out of 400 marks. He cracked CAT 2015 with 96 percentile; SNAP 2015 with 94 percentile; MAT with 98 percentile.

Jivtesh attributes his success in maiden CMAT attempt to taking more CMAT Mocks which he took quite seriously during his preparation journey.

He studied from online material and joined a crash course with a coaching institute. He took maximum number of mock tests. In his view Mock tests can help you more even if you are not very well prepared for the exam.

His advice to CMAT 2017 aspirants is that they should take as many mocks as possible. This will make the aspirant a strong candidate to face the competition.
Jugad Singh Grewal
CMAT 2016
99.99 percentile
19 year old Science graduate from Ludhiana is a farmer’s son
CMAT Topper
Jugad Singh Grewal was only 19 years old and was pursuing his Bachelor’s in Science from Government College, Ludhiana when he cracked CMAT 2016 with 99.99 percentile and All India Rank #2 after scoring 296 marks out of 400.

Grewal’s father is a farmer from Punjab. Grewal did not cram his head with too much studies and spent around 4 hours a day to prepare for CMAT but made it a point to keep abreast with GK.
Mallikarjuna Mullangi
CMAT 2016
99.99 percentile
IISER Pune Graduate
CMAT Topper
Mallikarjuna Mullangi got All India Rank 3 with a score of 296 in CMAT 2016. He is a graduate from IISER, Pune and was on his way to become a Scientist when he switched over to management education field.

Mullangi also appeared in CAT 2015 and scored 97.5 percentile and got a call from IIM Ahmedabad. In his view taking CMAT after CAT made it easy to crack the exam with high score. Mallikarjuna loves athletics and is passionate about long-distance running.

Mallikarjuna followed the same preparation strategy of taking more mocks to crack CAT and CMAT. First he put his fundamentals right and got his concepts cleared and then proceeded to take Mock tests which helped him to crack the exam with high score in merit.


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