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Executive MBA

This one-year full-time Executive MBA program is specifically designed for working executives and practicing managers, who are aspiring to become business leaders of tomorrow. This program provides an excellent opportunity for professionals, with the potential to assume senior management responsibilities, to pursue a Postgraduate Program in Management, without interrupting the current professional career.

MBA in Sustainability Management (MBA-SM)

Drawing inspiration from the Jesuit tradition of learning to care for environment, human development and sustainable communities and societies, the Xavier University in keeping with its vision and mission hopes to promote values of greater environmental justice and peace and thus create enlightened innovative programme to bring about change in the way corporate business is carried out in our Society and Economy.

MBA in Rural Management (MBA-RM)

This Program is designed as an “MBA-plus” program, and provides a robust management education plus an intensive understanding of the rural context, communities, markets and opportunities. Students learn to analyse both managerial and developmental problems and develop insightful, practical and innovative solutions to meet comprehensive bottom-lines in a sustainable framework.


  • The duration of the complete course is for 2 years
  • The students complete the First year of Post-Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) from ASM's International Institute of Business and Research (IIBR)
  • For the final year they travel to the City University of Seattle for 9 months and receive a degree of MBA from the same
  • The degree gains a valid aggregation from India and USA
  • Economically viable
  • Syllabus designed by industry leaders
  • Modules include foreign study tours and industrial visits to the chamber of commerce
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