Prepare Quant


    experts have prepared a set of 100 General Knowledge questions for the forthcoming XAT 2014 taking into account current affairs, social, economic, political, sports, books, authors, appointments etc.  Make sure that you have practiced them well.

Following questions, we reiterate are indicative ones. For example, If there is a question on Olympics or commonwealth games in this set- please note questions related to the event may be formed in a different manner. It is therefore suggested to go through all the important details related to the event like – Who inaugurated the games, where were held last and will be held next, logo, main highlights etc.

1. The venue for 2016 Olympics will be-

a) London
b) Lausanne
c) Rio de Janeiro
d) Geneva
2. Name the operation that killed Osama bin Laden
a) Operation zero
b) Operation Neptune Spear
c) Operation Laden
d) Operation Blue star

3.Which of the following sports is proposed to be excluded from the 2020 Olympics-
a) Boxing
b) Weight lifting
c) Wrestling
d) Hockey
a) A Research organization
b) A Company engaged in IT solutions
c) An Association of software & services companies
d) An Association of fertilizer companies                                       
5.‘Finmeccanica’ is the name of
a) An international financial company
b) An international bank
c) A defence and aerospace company
d) A film production company

6. World Radio day is celebrated on
a) January 13
b) February 13
c) March 13
d) April 13                                                                      


7. What is the name of Kashmiri all girls rock band which was branded ‘Un-islamic’
a) Pragaash
b) Rock-12
c) Zea
d) Pralay


8. Dell’ a computer giant has recently been in news for
a) Getting a global contract for more than $78 bns.
b) Striking a deal for $24.4 make it private
c) For making the largest super computer
d) For manufacturing the smallest super computer                  


9.Monarch of which of the following countries proposes to abdicate the throne in April 2013
a) Britain
b) Combodia
c) Brunei
d) Netherlands     


10.Rangaswamy Srinivasan, an Indian American has been awarded the most prestigious American –National Medal of Technology & Innovation for his work in the field  of-
a) Space technology
b) Taking the US economy out  of depression
c) LASIK surgery
d) Reviving the health care system                                              

Ans: 1 c, 2 b, 3 c, 4 c, 5 c, 6 b, 7 a, 8 b, 9 d, 10 c