Theme 2018: MBA Pedagogy for 21st Century Business School

The theme for 8th IMC 2017 was ‘MBA Curriculum for the New Era’. At the Conclave, unanimous view of eminent experts and speakers was that while the Content and Curriculum is important, a lot more value can be added to MBA participants by focusing on Teaching-Learning approaches and methodologies.

Experts opined that while Content and Curriculum is well known (think Porter’s Competitive Strategy or Kotler’s Marketing Management for Strategy and Marketing areas), Pedagogy is an ever-evolving area, where experiments and innovations are going on in all parts of the world.

This resonates with recent critiques of management education. In Rethinking the MBA, Dr Srikant Datar wrote: “At the level of Content – particularly the core curriculum and subjects covered – we found programs to be much alike…At the level of Pedagogy – particularly the use of cases, exercises and problem sets – schools are diverse.”

Technology has added further dynamism to innovations in Teaching and Learning.

In this backdrop, IMC 2018 shall focus on the theme of MBA Pedagogy for 21st Century Business School.