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Common Admission Test (CAT) Quiz of the day

Ques - For the word given at the top of the table, match the dictionary definitions on the left (A, B, C, D) with their corresponding usage on the right (E, F, G, H). Out of the four possibilities given in the boxes below the table, select the one that has all the definitions and their usages correctly matched


            Dictionary definition                                                                                 Usage
A written statement showing how much money you own someone for the goods or services you have received
The bill was passed in the parliament with a wafer thin margin.
Written document containing a proposal for a new law
They were arrested for willfully mutilating 100 rupee bills.
A list of event and performers at a concert, show, movie, etc.
Settling bills is an unsetting chore.
Paper money as in bank note
Cats has been topping the bill in Broadway for over ten years.

(1)           (2)         (3)         (4)
A G       A H      A F         A G
B H       B G      B G         B E
C E       C E       C H        C H
D F       D F       D E         D F


Ans. 4



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