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CRACK CAT 2014 Prep Package (Full Course)

Price : Rs. 3999* Early bird registration discount 10 %

Crack CAT 2014 Online Course offerings:

  1. Live classes 160+ hours covering Quant, Verbal and DI/LR
  2. Study Material in PDF form covering all conceptual Reading material Quant, verbal and DI/LR
  3. Practice Questions in verbal Quant and DI/LR with solutions for CAT 2014.
  4. 10 full length Mock test starting from August 2014 onwards.
  5. 25+Sectional Mock tests in Quant, verbal and DI/LR.
  6. 200+ hours of last year CAT prep live classes Recordings.
  7. 24*7 access to all live classes recordings in multiple times.
  8. 24*7 forum access to interact with other CAT 2014 Aspirants and Mentors.

Subject wise course division: Verbal Ability

  1. 80 hours live classes covering RC, Vocab and English.
  2. Full E-book covers updated course for CAT 2014
  3. Practice questions with Solutions for every topic.
  4. Sectional Mock tests for CAT 2014 Preparation.
  5. Verbal Mentor Available on forum for solving queries related to verbal Ability Section.

Quantitative Aptitude:

  1. 60 hours live classes covering conceptual things for all quant topics.
  2. Study Material of Quant covering all reading theory for every topic in CAT 2014.
  3. Practice questions with solution for all quant topics.
  4. Sectional mocks tests for CAT 2014 Preparation.
  5. Quant mentor Available on forum for solving queries in Quant Section


  1. 20 hours live classes covering conceptual things for all DI/LR topics.
  2. Study Material covering all the practice questions with Solution
  3. Sectional mock tests for CAT 2014 Preparation.
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Actual price Rs. 3999/-
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