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Guide for all MBA Entrance Exams

The entry to an MBA institute takes place through entrance exams. The most common entrance exams which are taken by the MBA aspirants are CAT, XAT, MAT, FMS, IIFT, JMET, SNAP, ATMA, NMAT, MAH-CET etc. ...Read More

Verbal Ability

You are preparing for the MBA entrance exams and know the patterns. Verbal Ability is one of the integral section of all the MBA entrance exams. The Verbal Ability section tests your language skills. This section will arm you with strategies to prepare for the Verbal Ability section. ...Read More

Reading Comprehension

The Reading Comprehension is a part related to the Verbal Ability section. It tests your capability to understand and comprehend a given passage. This section will help you with your practice and preparation of Reading Comprehension section. ...Read More

Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude tests your basic mathematical skills. This is a compulsory section in all the MBA entrance exams. This section will guide you for your preparation for this vital part of the exams. ...Read More

Business & General Knowledge

Though the section on general awareness does not appear in all entrance exams but it preparing for this section will not only help you cracking the written exam, but will prove helpful for GD, PI and essay writing too. In this is the section, know how to best prepare and brush up your General Knowledge. ...Read More

GD Preparation

Group Discussion is one of the processes which follow once you are shortlisted by a B School on the basis of your written exam performance. This process tests your leadership abilities, team spirit, managerial qualities etc. Know how to showcase your best of the abilities in a group and give your best during those 15 minutes of the group discussion. ...Read More

PI Preparation

In the personal interview round, the panelists check your personality traits, know about yourself and the purpose behind your doing an MBA and future goals. Though you cannot fake yourself in front of the experience panel, but you can definitely improve your skills. Know about the purpose, preparation strategies and tips for excelling in your personal interview round. ...Read More

Toppers Interview

Preparing for CAT 2010? Learn from them who were in your place a year back and have appeared as winners today! Exclusive interviews of CAT and other MBA entrance exam toppers will tell you their preparation strategies, GD & PI experiences and all those questions the answers to which you are looking for. Learn from them those who have been there and done that. ...Read More