IIFT 2016 - English Comprehension

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IIFT 2016 the entrance exam for admission to MBA (IB) 2017-19 batch at its Delhi and Kolkata campuses proposes to have about 36 questions in English Comprehension section out of total 128 questions in MCQ format. The test will be in paper-pen mode.

Key Changes
During the past 5-6 years the only change that IIFT entrance test has brought about is the fluctuating number of questions along with the deviation in the difficulty level in English Comprehension section. Sometimes there are 34 questions in this section, sometimes they are 35 or 36.

27% Weightage
The total weightage in terms of score to English Comprehension awarded in IIFT entrance exam is around 27% as the total maximum marks are 100 and 36 questions in English Comprehension section carry maximum award of 0.75 mark for each correct answer.

Section with 2 Parts
English comprehension section is composed of 2 parts. Part-1 has questions on core verbal ability and part-2 has questions on Reading comprehension passages.
There could be around 20 questions in part-1 and 16 questions in part-2 with equal weightage. The number of questions could be in a range of 35-38. Each question is expected to carry a weightage of 0.75 mark as per the past trend in IIFT entrance exam.
Negative Marking : Penalty of 0.25 mark
Out of 0.75 mark for each correct answer in English Comprehension section, IIFT entrance test
has 1/3 negative marking system. Accordingly, a penalty of 0.25 mark for every wrong answer will be imposed. For example, out of 13 attempted questions, if 10 answers are correct and 3 are wrong - the score is 10x0.75=7.5 marks – 0.25x3=0.75 mark; Total marks scored = 6.75

English comprehension is composed of core verbal ability and questions on Reading comprehension passages. Around 36 questions on English comprehension are expected to appear in IIFT 2016 entrance test on One word substitution, Fill in the blanks, Jumbled sentences, Analogy, Phrasal explanation, Grammatically correct or incorrect sentences, Figures of speech, Spelling correction, Antonyms, Active-Passive and Reading comprehension passages

Important topics to prepare


Expected No. of questions

One word substitution


Fill in the blanks


Jumbled sentences




Phrasal explanation


Grammatically correct or incorrect sentences


Figures of speech


Spelling correction






Reading comprehension 4 passages


Difficulty level
English comprehension section in IIFT entrance test consists of questions with moderate to high difficulty level. The main issue in IIFT exam is the time management as it awards only 2 hours to complete the exam. Out of 27 marks allotted to English comprehension section, if a candidate scores 13 marks, he/she is considered to have qualified the section with high score.

Expert Advice:
According to Prof S K Agarwal expert on Verbal Ability for IIFT entrance preparation, ‘time management is the most important part to score high in the examination. Entrance test to IIFT requires consistent and planned study pattern. The examination covers wide variety of topics and questions in Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension. The questions are sometimes indirect and quite confusing also.’

Preparation tips for English Comprehension
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