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India’s Solar Mission Aditya-L-1: Another Success Story in Space

After the success of Chandrayan-3, The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched India’s first solar observatory Aditya-L1 on September 2, 2023 for comprehensive study of the Sun, a mission which most of the space exploring countries have not dared to launch. ADITYA-L1 is the first Indian mission dedicated to observing the Sun


ISRO’s Aditya L1 Mission marks a significant milestone for ISRO and India's space exploration efforts, contributing valuable data to the understanding of the Sun and its effects on Earth


India Middle East Europe Economic Corridor

An important GD topic for MBA admission and for Recruitment in various services and other academic courses, India Middle East Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) project, its background, key highlights, benefits and criticisms should be understood well, before framing your opinion on the topic. The topic is making rounds in various group discussions and this solved topic will help you to grasp the subject


Global Space Economy: Can India be a Leader?

The global space economy, often referred to as the "final frontier" for economic growth and innovation, has rapidly evolved into a dynamic and multifaceted sector over the past few decades. This emerging frontier encompasses a wide range of activities, from satellite technology and space exploration to commercial ventures in Earth's orbit and beyond. As we delve into this dynamic and evolving landscape, it becomes evident that the space economy holds immense promise and potential.


‘One Nation One Poll’: Benefits are More for India

Before we discuss the Pros and Cons of One Nation, one election, let us first know What is One Nation, One Poll. The concept of ‘One Nation, One Election’ means conducting simultaneous polls across the country for Lok Sabha, the lower House of Parliament and all the State Assemblies - Vidhan Sabha at the same time. So far, the General Elections in India are separately conducted to elect the members of Parliament and State Assemblies in accordance with the tenure of the incumbent government coming to an end or when it is dissolved for one or other reason.

India Semiconductor Mission: Why is Chip Manufacturing a priority for Modi Government; Economic Impact

India is eager for chip manufacturing due to soaring semiconductor demand in electronics. India imports $24B annually, expected $110B by 2030. Pandemic disruptions and geopolitical tensions highlight the need for self-reliance. India Semiconductor Mission has been set up by the Modi Government. Given the importance of this topic, recommends that all MBA aspirants read this important article as MBA GD Topic, and MBA Interview.

China Plus One Strategy: How India can Benefit from Global companies adopting China Plus One Strategy

The China Plus One strategy aims to diversify business operations away from manufacturing solely in China by investing in other promising developing economies like India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. India can emerge a major beneficiary of this strategy due to its stable government, pro-business environment, and some unique advantages. Several sectors in India, such as textiles, metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductors, stand to benefit from the strategy.

India to overtake US as world's second largest economy by 2075: Goldman Sachs Report

India's rise as a global economic powerhouse is on the horizon, with predictions from banking giant Goldman Sachs suggesting that by 2075, India to surpass US and become World’s 2nd largest economy by 2075. As such, India will claim the position as the world's second-largest economy, surpassing the United States, Japan, and Germany. Given the importance of this Goldman Sachs Report, GD Topic that India to overtake US as world's second largest economy is expected to be a hot Topic for MBA Entrance and other entrance exams.

Digital Personal Data Protection Bill

On July 5, 2023 the Union Cabinet has cleared the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill. This clears the way for the Bill to be introduced in Parliament in the upcoming Monsoon Session, scheduled to begin on July 20, 2023. Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 specifies norms on management of personal data of Indian residents and requires explicit consent from people whose data is collected and used. Given the importance, Digital Personal Data Protection Bill is expected to appear in MBA Admission Interviews and as MBA GD Topics.


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