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PGDM Media & Entertainment

The Post Graduate Diploma in Media and Entertainment has been designed in a manner that the curriculum has all the required aspects to ensure that our students sustain and thrive as successful professional managers in the Media and Entertainment industry. The course is designed and delivered by industry stalwarts who provide the students with a deeper understanding of the industry and its functioning.


PGDM Rural Management

In consonance with India's 'rural rising', most businesses are going rural for increasing their business volume and sustaining growth, thereby leading to an increase in demand for professionals who understand rural consumer needs, market potential and can manage corporate affairs in the rural sector.


This programme’s transformational cross-disciplinary learning aims to nurture youth into competent future managers with leadership abilities, innovative mindset and a deep empathy to work effectively in the emerging rural economies.


PGDM Healthcare Management

This program aims to nurture future leaders for diverse healthcare segments such as pharmaceutical, hospital, medical device, health insurance, and healthcare IT. Through a T-Shaped learning approach, it creates employable professionals and future employers who are well equipped with domain knowledge of healthcare sector as well as general management skills.

PGDM Retail Management

Our course in Retail Management is a business management programme with a difference. It aims at providing a comprehensive view of retailing, an analysis of the retail environment and exposure to issues and developments in the industry, for students who wish to define the retail space of tomorrow.


The programme's transformational cross-disciplinary learning aims to nurture the student into a competent future manager with leadership abilities and an innovative mindset to understand the contemporary retail environment.


PGDM Business Design

There is a strong need for innovation, creativity and a design way of thinking in all aspects of Business to be able to emerge successful in the future. Right from the business idea, the process, the product, the consumer experience and the organization, everything has to be visualized correctly and designed in manner that the needs of the customer can be pre-empted and trends can be forecasted. Thus it is the application of 'design thinking' in management disciplines and creating practical business innovations.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

St. Joseph's Institute of Management offers a two-year full-time PGDM program. Now in its 26 th year, this well-regarded PGDM is the institute’s flagship program and is recognized by the AICTE as equivalent to an MBA. Students may specialize in two out of the four specializations (1. Finance 2. Marketing 3. Human Resources Management 4. Operations & Supply Chain Management) offered by the institute.


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM Part Time)

PGDM (Executive) is a 1 year AICTE approved Program designed for the Executives who have at least 2 years of Work Experience in the Industry. The curriculum for this Program is rigorous and exhaustive, which includes comprehensive analysis of lengthy Case Studies at the International level, in-depth Concept Exploration with Practical Approach, doing Paper Presentations and executing real-time Analytical Projects in Dynamic Organizations. People who carry passion for Research, aspiring for the Strategic roles or are planning a Start-up are ideal fit for this Program.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

The 2 years PGDM program in Vishwa Vishwani is packed with all the learning you need to achieve greater things in life. We teach you to aim high and we lay down the path for you to achieve your goals. The curriculum is rigorous, but you will enjoy working hard with us. You will discover the purpose behind everything you do with us. You will become more inquisitive, you will become more focused, you will inculcate scientific approach of looking at things and you will become a socially responsible and values driven individual.


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