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Post Graduate Diploma in Management- Marketing

PGDM - Marketing program is designed to meet emerging marketing needs of the industry characterized by globalization, advancements in information and communication technologies and unbound entrepreneurial spirit across the world. ASM is conscious of the need of the corporate for managerial talent imbued with appropriate conceptual foundations, analytical skills, social sensitivity, ethical mind-set and ability to work in a highly competitive environment.

1 year Global Full time MBA

MBA (Business Analytics) program at Jindal Global Business School is designed for experienced business professionals and provide essential analytical and soft skills in contemporary business analytics. The program will enable the students to define problems, use analytical tools and techniques to identify patterns, gain insights, develop business strategies and make better decisions. The students will acquire analytical mindset and understand methodologies that will facilitate innovative application of analytics across different functional areas of management.

Master of Business Administration – Marketing

This program is aimed at producing professionally trained manpower to occupy leadership/managerial roles in the domain of sales & marketing across various sectors of the economy. Sales skills are at a premium today and there is a growing need for well-trained sales professionals in India. With customers being more aware and demanding, the quality of sales needs to be top class. In the B2B arena, the emphasis is on managing relationships through excellent account management practices. On the other hand, in B2C, the challenge is to succeed in organized retail and growing rural markets.

MBA – Human Resource Management (HRM)

MBA-HRM program is a unique program with a strong focus on business environment awareness so as to detect paradigm shifts and upgrade human competencies to meet that challenge. This program strives to develop “People Management” competencies of future HR professionals through courses from Behavioural Discipline (Individual, Team and Leadership Competencies), HRM Discipline (Functional and Strategic HR Competencies) and Institutional Discipline (Employee Relations and Industrial Relations Competencies).

MBA – Banking and Financial Services (BKFS)

TAPMI’s MBA-BKFS program focuses on “Value-Creation through Financial Analysis”. The program design is based on the MS-Finance program of US with additional inputs on business management so as to ensure in-depth understanding of business finance decisions. Aided by the state-of-the-art TAPMI Finance Lab, this course enables students to have a managerial career in the fields of banking and financial services with leading national and multinational banks and financial institutions.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Mission of TAPMI’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is “Leadership through Value-Creation”. The focus of the program is to create “Value Leaders” via in-depth 360° understanding of business through cross-functional integrated learning. The program is designed to push students to go beyond their constraints and redraw their boundaries to achieve excellence in business. Every aspect of a student’s life in the two-year period involves decision-making – with its consequent results

PGDM (Big Data Analytics)

The Two Year Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management is designed to train and groom future managers at FORE. The basic thrust is on understanding the independent nature of Organizational dynamics and its managerial implications. This shall help students acquire the conceptual and analytical abilities required for appropriate decision-making and their effective implementation. The number of generic learning outcomes related to the theme of corporate performance is specified, which emphasizes the objectives listed above and links the various functional modules.

MBA Communication

MBA (Communication) is a two-year full-time residential programme and follows a trimester system. The Programme offers a unique learning experience based on an experiential model where almost 10% of the total curriculum is based on learning from the field. The core learning of the Programme is covered through courses in marketing communication, advertising and media across the six terms.


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