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Ph. D. in Management

MET Institute of Management has Ph. D. Program in Management which is a post-master's programme affiliated to the University of Mumbai. Under the guidance of approved research guides of the University of Mumbai, eligible students are registered for conducting the research work in different areas in Management and on submission and approval of the Ph. D. Thesis as per the university guidelines Doctoral Degree in Management is awarded.


Programme Objective

Master of Business Administration – International Business (MBA-IB)

MBA in International Business acts as a springboard to a career, while offering practical insights into the national and international dimension of different business functions. Along with the focus on the quantitative, analytical and communication skills, MBA in International Business at GITAM follows a holistic approach with a curriculum that carefully develops cross-functional abilities, proficiency in foreign language, and cross-cultural appreciation—an essential element to be successful in international business.


Master of Business Administration – Financial technology (MBA-FinTech)

FinTech is the buzz word of the day, where technology is used to enhance traditional financial systems. Per KPMG the global FinTech and software industry is projected to grow to US$45 billion industry from US$15. This would only be possible if a FinTech ecosystem is developed and nurtured by the industry. This is where GITAM comes in, to contribute to the ecosystem by providing industry ready talented academic students, by offering such certification programs.


Master of Business Administration – Human Resource Management (MBA-HRM)

MBA program will produce graduates who have attained:
- an ability to apply knowledge of management skills
- an ability to design and conduct data analysis and interpret data;
- an ability to function in multi-disciplinary teams; 
- an ability to identify, formulate, and solve management problems;
- an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility;
- an ability to communicate effectively;
- the broad education necessary to understand the impact of management solutions in a global and societal context;

Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Executive Management Programme (PGDM-EMP)

MDI’s PGDM (EMP) is a rigorous, demanding and relevant programme for the working executives who have no prior exposure to formal management education. It attracts participants from the corporate world in the National Capital Region. It is approved by AICTE, Government of India and is accredited by Association of MBAs (AMBA), UK.

Ph.D. in Management

  • The PhD programme in Management has two stages - coursework and doctoral thesis
  • Learning is based on a mix of reflections from academic readings, activities, case studies, field visits and simulations
  • Theoretical components are well complemented by practicum, and students are encouraged to apply classroom learning to various real life situations through field based projects
  • Readings in the form of research papers, articles and cases from various sources like books, journals, magazines, newspaper are prescribed


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