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Updated on
September 11, 2021

MAH CET 2021 Sample Paper to guide about the MAH CET question paper 2021 is released by DTE Maharashtra. The exam dates are September 16, 17 & 18, 2021. The sample paper is released along with the release of MAH CET Notification and beginning of registration process. You can download MAH CET sample paper from the official DTE Maharashtra website for MAH-MBA CET exam. With MAH CET 2021 delayed by more than six months, sufficient time is available to practice for MAH CET exam.  MAH CET Practice Paper 2021 download is made available at DTE website.


Besides, with the help of MAH CET Sample paper or Model MAH CET Question paper, you can well familiarize yourself with the exact nature and pattern of MAH CET actual test paper.


The MAH CET 2021 sample paper or the MAH CET question paper released by DTE Maharashtra is the best preparation guide for the MAH CET exam 2021.  The Actual MAH CET 2021 exam will be based on official MAH CET Sample paper. This MAH CET Sample Paper 2021 or MAH CET practice paper will not only help you to understand the changes and the MAH CET expected question paper pattern, but will also help you a lot in devising your MAH CET preparation strategy.. 

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Key Changes in MAH CET 2021 Sample paper
DTE Maharashtra has made three important changes in release of MAH CET Sample paper:

  • Fewer questions in MAH CET Sample Paper than in actual test paper
  • No login link provided for candidates, MAH CET sample paper download can be done from home page
  • All the released MAH CET Sample questions are not followed by answer options

Section-wise Questions in MAH CET 2021
MAH CET exam paper will consist of following 4 sections with 200 questions:

Test Section
Number of questions
Mark for each correct answer
Maximum Marks for the section
Logical Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning
Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability/Reading Comprehension

MAH CET Question Paper with Answer Pdf
DTE Maharashtra does not release MAH CET question paper with answer Pdf. Besides, the MAH CET practice paper consists of fewer questions than actually appear in the exam. Out of the 200 questions in actual MAH CET exam, there are less than 100 questions in MAH CET Sample Paper.


However, experts at share below some of the MAH CET sample questions with their answers to familiarize the candidates about the type and difficulty level of questions in the exam: 

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MAH CET Sample questions


Logical Reasoning Questions

Q.1.     In a certain code ‘A + B’ means “A is the mother of B” and ‘A – B’ means “A is the father of B”. Which of the following means “P is the grand-mother of R” ?

  1. P – Q + R                                 
  2. Q – R + P                    
  3. P + Q – R (4) Q + R – P                                            
  4. Other than those given as options

Q.2.     In question below are given two statementsfollowed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the two given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts, consider the two conclusions; together and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the two given statements, disregarding commonly known facts.


Statements Conclusions: I. All machines are windows. All windows are clouds.

I. All machines are clouds.

II. All clouds are machines.

  1. None follows  
  2. Only I follows 
  3. Both I & II follow 
  4. Only II follows 
  5. Either I or II follows

Q.3.     In a certain code language, ‘1, 2, 3’ means ‘bright little boy; ‘1, 4, 5’ means ‘tall big boy’ and ‘6, 3, 7’ means ‘beautiful little flower’. Which numeral in that language means ‘bright’?

  1. 1                     
  2. 6           
  3. 3           
  4. 4           
  5. Other than those given as options

Q.4-6.   Read the information given below and answer the questions.

Six plays A, B, C, D, E and F of a famous playwright are to be staged one on each day from Monday to Saturday. The schedule of the plays is to be in accordance with the following.

  1. A must be on the immediately previous day of the on which E is staged.
  2. C must not be staged on Tuesday.
  3. B must be on a day which immediately follows the day on which F isstaged.
  4. D must be staged on Friday only and should not be immediately preceded byB.
  5. E must not be staged on the last day of the schedule.

Q.4.    Which of the following is the schedule of plays, with the order of their staging from Monday ?

  1. E A B F D C                      
  2. A F B E D C                           
  3. A F B C D E
  4. F A B E D C                                
  5. Other than those given as options

Q.5.      Play C cannot definitely be staged on which of the following days in addition to Tuesday ?

  1. Monday         
  2. Wednesday         
  3. Thursday            
  4. Friday                   
  5. Saturday

Q.6.     Play D is between which of the following pairs of play’s ?

  1. (1) C and E              
  2. (2) E and F       
  3. (3) A and E         
  4. (4) B and E         
  5. (5) C and F

Abstract Reasoning Questions
These are the non-Verbal questions in MAH CET 2020. Their number is 25 questions in MCQ format. 


Figures given at the left are called Problem Figures. The figures given next are called Answer figures. The Problem Figures make a series. The question is “if the figures continue to change in the same order, what should the next figure be?








MAH CET Quant Syllabus 2020: Type of Questions


Q. 1-2 Directions: These questions are based on arithmetical computation, percentages, ratio proportion, problems of application of basic principles in arithmetic, algebra, mensuration and geometry. Some sample questions are given below:


Q.1.     If n is an odd integer, which of the following must be odd ? I. 2n + n        II. n + n + n  III. n x n x n

  1. I only      
  2. II only     
  3. III only   
  4. I and III only            
  5. I, II and III.

Q.2.     Manu walked from Pali to Roha and back. The distance between Pali and Roha is one km. His speed while going to Pali was 5 km. per hour and it was 4 km. while returning from Roha. What was Manu’s average speed in km. per hour for the entire two-way trip ?

  1. 5          
  2. 4            
  3. 4            
  4. 4          
  5. Other than those given as options

Q.3.-5. Directions : Given below is a table showing percentages out of a total of 700 employees ranking six attributes that help promotion. Rank I is the highest. Study the table carefully and answer questions that follow:

% of Employees Giving Different Ranks


















































Q.3.   Which attribute for promotion has received the highest rank ?

  1. Perseverance                           
  2. Seniority        
  3. Honesty        
  4. Sociability     
  5. Efficiency

Q.4.   How many employees gave rank III to intelligence?

  1. 119               
  2. 98                 
  3. 77                  
  4. 70                 
  5. 10

Q.5.     Which attribute is considered the least important for promotion?

  1. Honesty
  2. Intelligence   
  3. Perseverance
  4. Efficiency   
  5. Sociability

MAH CET Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension Syllabus 2020: Type of Questions
Q. 1-3 Directions: The passage below is followed by questions based on its contents. Read the passage, and choose the best answer on the basis of the passage content, stated or implied.




Adversity like that faced by the Swiss watchmakers has the virtue of starkly limiting the alternatives. A company that decides to expand by acquisition has the wide world of commerce before it, subject only to availability and price. The plethora of choices is one explanation of the many poor selections. The best decisions follow when the purpose is most clearly defined. At least the decision maker then knows exactly what he is trying to achieve and why.


The Swiss were trying to achieve survival - an aim so ‘transcendent’ that the “why” needn’t be asked. The only important question was “How,” and the only answer (which their Japanese rivals have always chosen as the most rewarding approach) is to probe for weakness of the opposition, and then to kick the Achilles heel with steel-tipped boots. In this instance, the weakness (to which Japanese business is strangely prone) was lack of modern fashion sense. The electronic timepieces were being sold as wrist machinery; that gave Swiss Company its opportunity.


Q. 1 In the context of the passage which of the following is closest in meaning to the word “plethora” as given in bold.

  1. Paucity
  2. Nature 
  3. Quanlity
  4. Excess
  5. Other than those given as options

Q. 2 Which of the following was true in the case of business difficulties of the Swiss watch makers as per the passage ?

  1. The Swiss watch maker had virtually no limitation of available choices for taking decision in the instant case of difficulties.
  2. A large number of available alternatives would have probably made the Swiss Watch makers’ decision making process better.
  3. The limited number of available choices in the instant situation made the Swiss Watch makers’ decision making process easier.
  4. The Swiss watch makers lacked clarity about the objective to be achieved.
  5. Other than those given as options

Q.3.  Which of the following holds good in the case of Swiss or Japanese watch making companies ?

  1. Japanese watch making companies had rewarding experience in regard to wristwatches because of their modern fashion sense.
  2. In the past, Swiss watch companies were always probing for the weakness of their rival Japanese companies to succeed in competition.
  3. The Japanese watch companies were having tough time from their strong Swiss rivals.
  4. The solution to the problem of Swiss Companies was in the weakness of Japanese companies lacking in modern fashion for wristwatches.
  5. Other than those given as options

Q.4. The following sentence is broken into 4 parts. Find out if any of the part has an error, and the number of that part is your answer. If no part has an error, your answer is ‘No error’. (Please, do no look for an error in punctuation).

  1. Dara, being an excellent football player,
  2. Received a fabulous offer
  3. To join the popular football club
  4. Of the football-fan country, Italy.                                                        
  5. No error

Q.5-6. Directions: In the questions given below, either a part or the entire sentence is printed in bold. The sentence is followed by five ways of writing the bold part. Answer choice (1) repeats the original or there is no change; the other answer choices vary. If you think that the original phrasing is the best i.e. no change is required; choose (1) as your answer. If you think that any other answer choice is the best, select that as your answer and indicate it on your answersheet properly. 

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Q.5. After having finished the lecture, the speaker asked if there were any questions.

  1. No change                                
  2. Finishing the lecture       
  3. Having finished the lecture
  4. When the lecture finished
  5. Having been finished the lecture

Q.6. My train was detained for one hour at Waltair, which made me miss my connectingtrain.

  1. No change
  2. My train was detained for one hour at Waltair, making memiss
  3. My train was detained for one hour at Waltair, because of which I missed
  4. Because my train was detained for one hour at Waltair, Imissed
  5. Because my train was detained for one hour at Waltair, it made memiss.

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