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May 3, 2021

DU JAT is the entrance exam for Delhi University admission to BBA/BBS 2021 and other undergraduate management courses offered by the DU affiliated colleges. DU JAT 2021 is part of DUET 2021 which covers various entrance exams for admission to different undergraduate courses offered by Delhi University. Each exam in DUET has different pattern. However, the DU JAT is the mandatory entrance exam for 3 year full time BBA degree course admission in DU colleges.


Read all the latest updates on DUJAT 2021 Exam and admission process in top Delhi University BBA colleges accepting DUJAT score


DU JAT full form is Delhi University Joint Admission Test and the exam is specifically meant for BBA/BBS admission in Delhi University and DU affiliated colleges. A weightage of 65% is awarded to DU JAT exam score in final selection process for BBA/BMS low fee high RoI programs of Delhi university colleges. The exam is held every year for the students who have passed or are appearing or have appeared in class 12 exam from any recognized Central or State Government education board in India


How to Prepare for DU JAT Exam 2021? Strategy & Key Tips

DU JAT Preparation requires a well-planned approach with time management. To help you score high in DU JAT exam, MBAUniverse.com shares below the key points and tips from experts and toppers on how to prepare for DU JAT. This will help you to perform well in DU JAT exam and get admission opportunity in Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), BBA (FIA), BA (Hons) in Business Economics offered by University of Delhi affiliated colleges


The question, how to prepare for DU JAT exam, is answered by the experts with key DU JAT preparation tips. According to the experts, the DU JAT preparation should be based on following important aspects and must be completed at least a fortnight before the DU JAT exam day.


  1. DU JAT Exam Pattern & Syllabus: Prepare as per the Latest Pattern & Syllabus
  2. Choose Best DU JAT Preparation Book: Get a comprehensive or section wise preparation Book
  3. Choose the Right Preparation Option: Make a choice between with or without Coaching
  4. Attempt Mocks to check your DU JAT Preparation Level: Take More Mocks
  5. DU JAT Exam Preparation Time Table: Prepare section wise preparation schedule


Now let’s explore each aspect to help you design your own DU JAT preparation strategy.


DU JAT Preparation


1. Understand DU JAT 2021 Exam Pattern & Syllabus


Remain confident right from the day one during your preparation journey

Don’t waste too much time on theory. If you have understood the basics, attempt sectional quiz. Practice after theory is a must. Accordingly take periodical Quiz, attempt previous years question papers Get the best preparation material with best books for preparation. Beginning your preparation early will give you time to periodically assess yourself and overcome your weaknesses.


Summarising DU JAT Preparation Strategy
DU JAT Self Preparation is the best preparation strategy for the exam. However, time is also an important factor. If a candidate gets stuck on some question due to his/her lack of conceptual clarity, the wastage of time is more and depression begins to set in. It could be a small quant formula, LR logic, or Verbal usage clarity which might need a simple push to come out of the shallow waters. This help can be provided by your mentor online or offline depending upon your preference or a mix of both.  


Most of the candidates coming from different background find it easy to get along well with Quant, DI and LR but when it comes to English section, they find the section too difficult. It is where they need an expert guidance. DU JAT preparation needs improvement in your speed and accuracy as the time to solve per question is not much. You need to solve 100 questions in 120 minutes. Ironically it will not be sufficient to score overall high in DU JAT; your section wise score should also be high to become eligible for shortlisting. DU JAT exam preparation should equip you with continuous sitting for more than 2 hours without break. To achieve this you are required to take more Mocks, previous year test papers.



DU JAT Preparation Time Table is an important factor in exam preparation. However finalizing the preparation time table depends upon your skill set also. How much preparation you need? What are your weak areas and how much time you need to improve upon them could differ from person to person.


One thing that DU JAT toppers have advised is ‘As the DU JAT preparation time goes on reducing month after month with every passing day, you need to revise your preparation time table by revisiting your preparation strategy to synchronise it with remaining preparation Time.’


According to past DU JAT toppers the time till the final exam day can be divided in two phases. First, when you spend most of the time learning new things each day, figuring out my weak spots and not worrying about the performance in mocks/test sheets etc. In the second phase, along with practicing those concepts you can constantly evaluate through mocks from different coaching institutes, sectionals, workshops and spend an equal amount of time analysingyour performance to find key areas that could help you improve.


Eight Step DU JAT Preparation Strategy: Key Tips
Step by Step DU JAT Preparation as recommended by toppers should be:


Step 1: Scan the Exam Pattern & Syllabus Step 2: Attempt a few Mock tests/previous test papers to figure out your strong and weak topics Step 3: To begin with make sure to devote a minimum of 2-3 hours a day for preparation  Step 4: Divide your time as per your skill set and requirement to build your Basics and bring conceptual clarity through books, study material as per Exam pattern & Syllabus Step 5: Consistently work to improve upon your weak areas by allotting more preparation time Step 6: Take as many Mocks as possible with low to high difficulty level, analyse errors and improve in subsequent mock test Step-7: Complete your preparation 15 days before the exam day. Don’t start anything new after that Step-8: Be ready for the exam day, treat actual exam like another Mock Test


Prepare your DU JAT Preparation Time Table


Making a Choice

There is no doubt that a good coaching institute may have high fee structure but apart from this you should look for the faculty, past results, students’ reviews about the coaching before taking a final decision of choosing a particular Coaching institute.


DU JAT Online Preparation
DU JAT online preparation can be done though online coaching as well as by taking the preparation material online. In fact, DU JAT online preparation is a good answer to the the remote area students who find it difficult to attend regular class room coaching. During the past few years preference for online coaching has gone up many times.


DU JAT online preparation is more cost effective, less time consuming and offers you more time to practice question papers and exercises. 


4. Take Mocks to check your current DU JAT Preparation Level

You now have to check your current level of DU JAT exam preparation by taking more and more Mock TestsUnless you know which are your weak areas that need your more attention and which are your strong areas where you need to prepare less for DU JAT exam, it is difficult to speed up your preparation and devise your preparation strategy. To check your current level of DU JAT exam preparation, taking DU JAT Mock Tests sectional as well as full length can help you to identify your weak areas. After that, you will be able to focus more on your weak areas in exam preparation.


According to DU JAT toppers, Mock tests help you gauge your preparation and help you to improve and focus more in the desired direction. It is therefore, very important to take Mock tests and devise your preparation strategy.


4.1 Mock Test Series: Importance

DU JAT Mock Tests and Previous Years Question Papers are the major exam preparation tools. Alongwith the Mock tests, exam quiz, sectional quiz will also play a major role in improving your speed and accuracy in DU JAT preparation.


The DU JAT Practice test papers, prepared by top experts are good tool to prepare for the exam. There are number of DU JAT online mock tests comprising replica exam questions to help in your preparation. Don’t miss them.


You may enrol for DU JAT test series at some good coaching like TIME, CL, IMS, Bullseye  among others. They will help you overcome many weak areas.


4.2 Benefits of DU JAT Test Series

Gives you the opportunity to improve upon your weak areas regularly Test Series helps to practice well on various LoD questions Equips you to manage time constraints in exam With number of tests taken, the final exam appears like another Mock Mock Tests help to get over the exam day anxiety and pressure The pressure felt during each Mock test helps in devising exam day strategy


There is no substitute of self study in DU JAT exam preparation as it does not require any coaching until and unless you are stuck. Experts therefore, recommend that you should start your DU JAT preparation without coaching and through self study and later make it a mix of self study as well as help from coaching to avoid wastage of time.


3.2 DU JAT Preparation with Coaching
If you wish to prepare with Coaching, it is important to find out the best coaching for DU JAT exam. Even the best coaching may have its draw backs in regard to imparting coaching on certain topics. So alongwith your preparation through the best coaching, you should find out an individual best coach for DU JAT preparation for the topics that need your greater attention.


Coaching helps you overcome many weak areas. Choose for the best coaching for DU JAT preparation, if you wish to prepare for DU JAT with the help of coaching. TIME, CL, IMS are considered as some of the best coaching institutes. There are many coaching institutes in India and many individual trainers also exist.


Benefits of Preparation with Coaching
If you are able to choose the best coaching as per your requirements, it can turn out to be the appropriate preparation experience. Some of the benefits of the good coaching are:


Faculty Interaction: Faculty can interact well during the session and clear your doubts Peer Learning: Facility of good peer learning is available in coaching. Many of your doubts can be cleared with peer learning only Syllabus Coverage: Complete Syllabus is covered with number of replica tests to enable you to analyse your weakness Mock Series: You can get the opportunity to take different difficulty level Mock tests for exam – sectional and full length.


You always have a choice of DU JAT preparation with or without coaching. However, it depends upon your requirements, availability of time, skills that you have and the areas you wish to improve among other factors. DU JAT Self Study with right Study material or a mix of preparation without coaching and opting for weekend coaching can be decided as per your requirement.

3.1 DU JAT Preparation Without Coaching
If you wish to opt for DU JAT self study, you need to understand first how to prepare for DU JAT exam at home with the help of right books for exam preparation and other appropriate study material. Most of the DU JAT toppers have opted for preparation without coaching.


How to Start DU JAT Preparation without Coaching?
A big question, how to start DU JAT preparation without coaching, is answered well by exam preparation experts. They are of the view that you can start preparation without coaching with the help of best books for DU JAT preparation. DU JAT preparation books, available good DU JAT exam preparation material, DU JAT Study material online, freely available DU JAT preparation online facility, DU JAT exam Quiz, DU JAT Mock test can hone your DU JAT preparation. All these will make you aware how to prepare for DU JAT without coaching and are the best tools for DU JAT preparation.


DU JAT Preparation Tips 2021
DU JAT preparation tips on how to start DU JAT exam preparation without coaching are focused on following points to guide you how and when you should start your exam preparation: 


Go through the revised DU JAT exam pattern Read thoroughly the DU JAT syllabus Pick out your strong and weak areas in all the four sections Gather the best books and DU JAT study material for preparation Improve on your weak areas and monitor the improvement regularly Take as many Mocks during your DU JAT preparation and do the analysis of each Mock. Without analysis of Mock, attempting a mock test may not be useful.


DU JAT Preparation with or Without Coaching: Choose Right Option


2.4 DU JAT Preparation Book for Business & General Awareness (GK)

Manorama Year Book- All the latest information is available, Published by Manorama Daily reading of National News papers, watching TV news General Knowledge -Published by Arihant General Knowledge Manual-Published by Pearson


2.3 DU JAT Preparation Book for Quantitative Aptitude section
Following books and study material have remained a good DU JAT preparation tool for Quant for past many years:

‘How to prepare for Quantitative for the CAT’ - by Arun Sharma, published by MGH Education ‘The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for competitive exams’- Dinesh Khattar, Published by Pearson Maths class 11 and 12th – Published by NCERT


2.2 DU JATPreparation Book for Logical Reasoning section

‘How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT’ - by Arun Sharma (Published by McGraw Hill) ‘Logical Reasoning and data Interpretation for the CAT’ - by Nishit K Sinha (Published by Pearson) A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical – Arihant Publications Verbal and Non-Verbal Aptitude – R S Agrawal


DU JAT Exam syllabus is divided into four sections.DU JAT checks student’s capability for higher studies in technical areas like Economics, Finance and Management. The best way to prepare for DU JAT exam is to devise your own preparation strategy as per the DU JAT exam syllabus and then find out whether you need to join some short term coaching to prepare on your weak areas Read More on DU JAT Syllabus


2. Best DU JAT Preparation Books
DU JAT preparation books play a major role in helping you in DU JAT self preparation and score high in the DU JAT exam. A few of the best books for DU JAT preparation recommended by experts &toppers are:


2.1 DU JATPreparation Book for English section

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT’- by Arun Sharma & Meenakshi Upadhyay ‘Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT’ - by Nishit K Sinha ‘Word Power Made Easy’ – by Norman Lewis ‘High School English Grammar & Composition’ – by Wren & Martin DU BMS entrance exam Guide by Arihant experts

No. of Questions
Maximum Marks
Quantitative Aptitude (Mathematics)
Logical Reasoning
Business & General Awareness

Read More


1.2 DU JAT 2021 Exam Syllabus
Once you know about the DU JAT Pattern, your next step for DU JAT preparation is to scan the DU JAT Preparation Syllabus. Following facts must be well understood about the DU JAT Exam Syllabus


DU JAT entrance exam syllabus is of moderate difficulty level as it is for the your students who have passed class 12 The syllabus is broadly defined by NTA and Delhi University but does not go deep into it. DU JAT exam syllabus is based on topics that appeared, added/deleted in past DU JAT exams The type of DU JAT questions, their composition, format and number may change in each subsequent DU JAT exam. There is no repetition of DU JAT questions in subsequent DU JAT exam although difficulty level of the questions in DU JAT would not go out of exam syllabus.  DU JAT syllabus for DU JAT exam preparation is based on the mentioned guidelines and current structure of DU JAT exam. Past tendencies reflect that DU JAT preparation syllabus and pattern overall covers all the major topics on Quant, Reasoning, English and GK


Unless you are aware what are the key components and sections in DU JAT exam pattern, what are the topics on which questions are asked in DU JAT exam, it is like beating about the bush as you will not be able to know how to start DU JAT preparation nor it will be possible to collect the best DU JAT Preparation study material. Besides, your focused DU JAT preparation by section and DU JAT self study may not materialize till you go deep to know about the current DU JAT pattern.


1.1 DU JAT Exam Pattern
Before moving on your DU JAT preparation, it is very important to understand the DU JAT exam pattern which has gone with perceptible changes since 2019 as now the exam is conducted by National Testing Agency and not by Delhi University. The exam has changed not only in its structure but in the content also. So, the coming months will be a crucial period to devise a well chalked out plan for your DU JAT preparation as per the current DU JAT exam pattern.


As per the revised DU JAT pattern, the DU JAT exam will consist of 4 sections with a total of 100 questions. Each section consists of 25 questions. Your plan for DU JAT preparation needs to ensure high score in each of the 4 sections as there will also be a DU JAT sectional score cut off in Delhi University colleges for shortlisting. Your DU JAT preparation has to be as per the revised DU JAT pattern which is as under:


DU JAT 2021 pattern

120 Minutes Exam: DU JATexam is a computer delivered test of 2 hours duration 100 Questions: DU JAT exam will have 100 questions divided in 4 sections of QA, Reasoning, English, Business & General Awareness (GK). DU JAT 2021 Scoring Pattern: +4 Marks for correct answer, -1 mark for wrong answer All Negative Marking Questions: The DU JAT questions are of MCQ type and will carry penalty of  -1 mark as negative marking for each wrong answer

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