Cricket Vs Other Games in India: Is Cricket killing other Sports?

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MBA Admission Process includes Group Discussion (GD), Extempore, Essay Writing, Interview and other Group Exercise. Read this article to understand important GD/Essay topic -- Cricket Vs Other Games in India - Is Cricket killing other Sports? By reading this article now, you will be better prepared for MBA admission and job interviews. Also read Latest GD Topics at the end of this article. Let’s get started!


Cricket and other Games in India: An Overview  
First it was the famous 1983 World Cup win by Kapil Dev and his team that made Cricket so famous in India. Then came popularity of ODI and recently IPL that ensured that Cricket remains the most popular sort in India. Indeed, Cricket is by far the most popular sport in India, with a massive following and an unparalleled cultural significance.


Other sports, while still enjoyed and played by many, generally have a smaller following and less national prominence. Football, for example, has a growing fan base in India, with the Indian Super League (ISL) becoming increasingly popular in recent years. However, it still doesn't come close to cricket in terms of overall popularity or media coverage. Hockey, which was once India's national sport and brought Olympic Medals for India, has seen a decline in popularity in recent years. Badminton, Tennis and Boxing have also gained some popularity in India, with players like PV Sindhu and Sania Mirza achieving international success.


Is Cricket Killing Other Sports in India
The massive popularity of Cricket begs the question -- Is Cricket Killing Other Sports in India. It is difficult to say that cricket is killing other sports in India. While cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the country, other sports still have their own dedicated fan bases and participants.


The lack of funding and infrastructure for other sports is often cited as a major obstacle to their growth and success in India. Many non-cricket sports struggle to attract the same level of investment and sponsorship as cricket, which can limit their development and exposure.


Additionally, cricket is deeply ingrained in Indian culture and has a long history of success, with the Indian cricket team consistently ranking among the top teams in the world. This success has helped to cement cricket's position as the most beloved sport in India and has made it difficult for other sports to compete for attention and resources.


However, it's important to note that efforts are being made to promote and develop other sports in India. The government has launched various initiatives to support non-cricket sports and improve their infrastructure, and athletes from other sports have achieved international success and brought attention to their respective sports. Overall, while cricket's dominance in India may be a challenge for other sports, it's not necessarily killing them. With the right support and investment, there is still the potential for other sports to grow and thrive in India.


Why Cricket Is More Popular Than Any Other Sports in India
Cricket's popularity in India can be attributed to a combination of factors, including cultural significance, historical success, and media coverage.

  1. Cricket has become part of Indian Culture: Cricket has become deeply ingrained in Indian culture, with many Indians growing up playing the sport with friends and family. Cricket has been a part of Indian society for over a century, and has become a way for people from all walks of life to come together and share a common interest.
  1. Success of Indian Cricket pulls fans: Indian cricket team has achieved significant success on the international stage, including winning the Cricket World Cup in 1983 and 2011, as well as multiple other major tournaments. This success has helped to further cement cricket's position as the national sport and has inspired generations of young players to take up the sport.
  2. Unparalleled Media Coverage: The media coverage of cricket in India is unparalleled, with matches and players receiving extensive coverage in the news, on social media, and in other forms of entertainment. This coverage helps to create a sense of excitement and anticipation around cricket matches, and helps to keep the sport at the forefront of the public consciousness.
  3. Big Investments: Cricket has also received significant investment from both private and government sources in India, which has helped to improve the infrastructure and facilities available to players and fans. This has made it easier for people to access and participate in the sport, further contributing to its popularity.

We can say that cricket's popularity in India is the result of a combination of cultural, historical, and media-related factors, as well as investment in the sport's infrastructure and facilities.


Rise of non-cricket sports in India
But things are changing… Last decade has seen rise in the popularity and success of non-cricket sports in India, such as badminton, kabaddi, football, and hockey. This can be attributed to a variety of factors, including increased investment in these sports, better infrastructure, and the success of Indian athletes on the international stage.


One major factor contributing to the rise of non-cricket sports is the increased investment in these sports by private entities, such as the Indian Super League (ISL) and Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), which have helped to bring in more fans and resources to these sports. Additionally, the government has launched various initiatives to support non-cricket sports, including the Khelo India programme, which provides financial assistance and training to young athletes.


Another important factor is the improvement of infrastructure and facilities for non-cricket sports, which has made it easier for athletes to train and compete at the highest level. Finally, the success of Indian athletes in non-cricket sports on the international stage has also helped to boost the popularity and visibility of these sports in India. Athletes like PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, and Mary Kom in badminton and boxing, and Sunil Chhetri in football have achieved significant success at the international level, inspiring a new generation of young athletes to pursue these sports.


Conclusion: Crickey here to stay, but other Sports to grow too
We can conclude that while cricket will continue to remain popular, other sports like badminton, boxing, football will also rise. While cricket remains the most popular sport in India, the growth of other sports is a positive development for Indian sports fans and athletes. A healthier population will also benefit Indian demographics and economy. 

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