XAT 2017: How to extract most from Mocks in 4 days; Last minute tips by XAT toppers

Tuesday, January 03 2017, 02:10 AM
Last minute tips by XAT toppers on how to best utilize the Mocks for XAT 2017 test day will be of great help to improve your score in the exam
Strategy I used was to take the tests on weekends, and then analyse them in the night after work when I could not do new things and this helped me utilize my evenings effectively Nishant Gupta XAT topper with 99.934 percentile

With XAT 2017 only 4 days away, the last minute strategy by XAT toppers on how to best utilize the Mocks being taken by you for XAT 2017 preparation on the XAT day may be of great help to improve your score in the exam.

The guidance and tips from XAT toppers for XAT 2017 aspirants at this eleventh hour aim to keep your confidence level high and keep you remain motivated.  In view of the XAT toppers “Mocks help you find new and faster ways to solve those questions which consumed most of your time. Apart from this, there can be n number of problems specific to each candidate and answer to all those problems lies in the analysis of Mocks.” Take XAT 2017 Mock to assess your preparation in revised XAT 2017 exam pattern with reduced number of questions. 

Each Mock test that you take is supposed to provide sufficient grooming and lift to your preparation level. Toppers share their experience and advise the aspirants how they used the Mock tests from different sources as a tool to score high in the actual XAT exam without getting any feeling of nervousness and ensuring that the actual XAT could become just like another Mock. Attempt previous XAT test papers

3 key benefits of taking Mocks
XAT toppers emphasize that XAT 2017 aspirants should take Mock in actual test conditions. The 3 key benefits of this strategy will be reflected on XAT 2017 exam day and they are-

-Taking Mock in actual test condition will eliminate nervousness;
-It will help greatly in time management;
-It will give you a lot of confidence.

Divide mock time in 3 chunks: Shekhar Kapoor SPJIMR student & XAT topper
Shekhar Kapoor who scored 99.058 in XAT 2016 and is a student of SPJIMR advises the high scoring test taking strategy which he adopted while preparing for the exam “I divided the allotted time in 3 chunks. The first chunk was of 30 minutes where I started with the first question and kept on attempting only those which I felt were sitters. I simultaneously kept on marking the questions which, though a bit lengthy, were easy to solve. At the end of 30 minutes I reached the end of the section with all the questions to be attempted in the second chunk. Then, I started attempting these questions spending not more than 2 minutes per question. This chunk was for 20 minutes. In the last 10 minutes, I tried to attempt at least 3 to 4 questions among the ones I had previously thought that they were difficult.” http://www.mbauniverse.com/xat-mock-register-2017.php

Take Mocks and analyse them in night: Nishant Gupta, XAT 99.934 percentile
In view of Nishant Gupta who scored 99.934 percentile in XAT 2016 taking mocks and analyzing them properly is a must. Sharing the last minute tips Nishant advises “Mock tests were very important for me. One strategy I used was to take the tests on weekends, and then analyse them in the night after work when I could not do new things and this helped me utilize my evenings effectively analyzing the mocks.”

Mocks remove Surprise element: Siddharth R., XAT 98.76 percentile
Siddharth R. with 98.76 percentile in XAT shares that taking mocks will provide tremendous help and says “I had taken enough mock tests in advance so I knew that almost nothing could surprise me. I kept track of time and kept a level head while solving the paper.”

Sharing key benefits you could reap on XAT day after taking mocks, he says “A candidate must develop multiple strategies of test taking to account for all scenarios that could occur during an examination. This is the most important aspect because a lot of well-prepared candidates lose out due to stress during the exam. Taking multiple mock tests can help avoid this. Apart from that, mock tests help one to identify their strengths and weaknesses and give the candidates an idea of where to dedicate their time and effort.”

“Do post mock analysis as it is extremely important, or else you won’t improve. Lastly, you should give the same mock untimed (without the 3-hr restrain) to realize whether to work on speed or content.” http://www.mbauniverse.com/xat-mock-register-2017.php

Mocks; way to crack XAT: Disha Gupta XAT 97.26 percentile
Disha Gupta who scored 97.26 percentile in XAT 2016 devoted sufficient time to prepare for all the sections of  XAT and did not just focus on one, and to achieve this goal she solved lots of questions daily because to crack XAT you need to practise more and not just read the theory.

Sharing the strategy to take Mocks, Disha advises “Mock tests are the way to crack XAT. Before sitting for actual XAT exam, I feel one should have attempted at least 15-20 full length Mock tests. By taking full length tests, one gets to know one’s strengths and weaknesses. And by analysing the attempted mocks, the student gets better idea as to which question he/she should attempt first, so that the score could be maximized by maximizing the attempts.” Take XAT 2017 Mock

XAT toppers agree that Mock helps you get a good idea about where you stand amongst all your peers. It is very much important that you take the test, then revise the results and work on the topics where you fell short of the mark.

All the XAT toppers suggest to take as many full length mock tests as you can. That will help out on your overall performance as it gives you an idea of time management and difficulty of all topics.

Motivating the XAT 2017 aspirants,  previous XAT toppers share key last minute tips on taking Mocks-

-Review all the tests you give to identify your weaknesses. That is important so that you can work on those weaknesses specifically.
-Give more focus to your weak topics because in the end, you are required to perform almost equally well on all the sections.
-Keep communicating with your peers and others around you who are also preparing for XAT and make sure you are caught up with the latest trend and advice too.
-The exam only requires one to think logically, be it DI, LR, Verbal or QA.

In view of the XAT toppers, the mock tests are literally the biggest help you can get in your preparation. Considering your performance in XAT is relative, at the end of the day that can only be simulated through mocks. So it is advised to take Mocks seriously, and attempt them as you would in your final exam. Also important is to analyse your results post the exam, and then keep improving continuously. Take XAT 2017 Mock

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