In Spotlight: MBA Colleges in Hyderabad

MBA Colleges in Hyderabad

Top MBA colleges in Hyderabad are not many but these top 4-5 B-schools in Hyderabad are the most sought after destination to pursue the dream of doing MBA in Hyderabad. MBA colleges in Hyderabad with low fee structure offer quality MBA education leading to good placements. If we compare top MBA colleges in Hyderabad rank wise, MBA in Hyderabad is considered a better option than many other cities in India. Known as the ‘Cyberabad’, Hyderabad is the fifth largest city of India and MBA colleges in Hyderabad offer great career opportunities to MBA graduates as the city of ‘Nizams’ has now become hub of Information Technology.


Hyderabad is not only the capital city of Telangana but the top B-schools in Hyderabad also make the city a key MBA destination. There are highly ranked MBA colleges in Hyderabad. If we consider MBA colleges in Hyderabad ranking positions, one of the top MBA colleges ISB Hyderabad offers executive management programmes and admission to ISB Hyderabad is as difficult as getting into one of the top 3 IIMs.


Although admission to top MBA colleges in Hyderabad through CAT is available, the admission to MBA colleges in Bangalore through CMAT or MAT is also available. Besides, if you have not appeared in any of the national level MBA entrance exam for admission to MBA colleges in Hyderabad, you can explore admission opportunity in MBA colleges in Hyderabad without entrance exam as B-schools in Hyderabad conduct their own admission tests or offer admission through ICET, the regional MBA entrance exam also. This article gives you a complete overview of Destination Hyderabad for MBA education and MBA colleges in Hyderabad.


MBA in Hyderabad offers good Placement prospects
MBA colleges in Hyderabad offer good opportunity to get more industry exposure leading to good placement prospects. As Hyderabad is one of the fastest growing cities of India and many international & national companies have invested and opened their offices here, the demand for MBA talent is significant. With the emergence of diverse sectors like real estate, retail, health, financial services, banking, consulting, manufacturing and ITES, it is right to predict that pursuing MBA in Hyderabad would be a right decision.


Number of candidates doing MBA in Hyderabad opt for specialization in IT as Hyderabad is the hub of top IT compnies. Infosys, Microsoft, CSC, Oracle, Wipro, Kanbay, GE, Value labs, ADP, Dell, Deloitte, iGATE, HSBC, Sum Total, Intergraph, Analog Devices, IBM, Keane, Satyam, Baan, InMage, SatNav Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, Amazon, Google among others have large set ups in Hyderabad. MBA Placements in Hyderabad have been high and the MBA colleges in Hyderabad offer career oriented MBA education.


Universities like Osmania University, Mahatma Gandhi University, Telengana University, JNT University, Andhra University also offer MBA programs in Hyderabad.


Leading MBA Colleges in Hyderabad
MBA colleges in Hyderabad have played vital role in the growth by providing quality human resources for the industries and as the city grows, the number of aspirants looking forward to do MBA from MBA colleges in Hyderabad has risen tremendously.For MBA aspirants looking for admissions, MBA Colleges in Hyderabad are either AICTE approved or offer UGC recognized University MBA Programs.


MBA colleges listed below are some of the top B-schools in Hyderabad with all the information regarding their rank, MBA programmes offered, intake, acceptable exam for admission, fee structure, average placements and key USPs. Also you can find detailed information and contact details of your favorite MBA colleges in Hyderabad by clicking on the respective MBA College.

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