New IIMs Common Admission Process (CAP) 2017: 7 key steps by 9 participating IIMs, CAT 2016 cut offs, important dates

Wednesday, January 11 2017, 05:00 AM
The new IIMs CAP 2017, being conducted by IIM Rohtak is a 7 step process and is to begin in mid February, know the key dates, CAT cut offs, participating IIMs and more
7 step Common Admission Process (CAP) 2017 is to begin by the mid February 2017 and would continue for around 20 days

The Common Admission Process (CAP) 2017 being conducted by IIM Rohtak is to begin shortly after each of the 9 participating IIMs announce the 1st stage shortlist. CAP 2017 process that is being adopted for selecting the students for PGP 2017-19 at each of the 9 IIMs involves 2 stages: Stage 1 applies to all eligible candidates who have appeared for CAT 2016 and have applied for admission to the said IIM at the time of CAT 2016 registration. Stage 2 applies to shortlisted candidates from Stage 1 and preparation of final merit list after CAP 2017. Sufficient numbers of candidates belonging to different categories are shortlisted in Stage 1 for meeting the Government of India norms on reservation. Will you get IIMs CALL? Check now in 5 mins…

Common Admission Process 2017 is the WAT and PI round for the shortlisted candidates of 9 IIMs.

CAP 2017 will consist of Written Ability Test (WAT) of short duration say 20 to 30 minutes followed by Personal Interview (PI).

The 9 IIMs (IIM Amritsar, IIM Bodhgaya, IIM Kashipur, IIM Raipur, IIM Ranchi, IIM Rohtak, IIM Sambalpur, IIM Trichy and IIM Udaipur) have decided to adopt a common process of WA&PI to be coordinated this year by IIM Rohtak. In case any of the older IIMs (Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore,Kozhikode, and Lucknow) are willing to share their WA & PI score with the 9 IIMs, the common candidates who have applied to new IIMs, need not to appear for WA & PI process separately, else they have to appear. The common candidates will be intimated the names of older IIMs sharing WA & PI scores with new IIMs.

The six new IIMs coordinating the PA process 2017, viz., Kashipur, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak, Trichy and Udaipur, are together likely to call candidates for the PA process about 10-12 times (or more if decided so later) their total number of seats. However, in case any of the six older IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Indore, Kozhikode and Lucknow) are willing to share their PA scores with the six new IIMs, wherever IIM Rohtak’s (and other five new IIMs) shortlist is common with the sharing older IIMs, the common candidates will not be required to appear for PA process separately with IIM Rohtak (and five other new IIMs). The common candidates will be intimated in due course of time, on the names of older IIMs sharing PA scores with IIM Rohtak (and five other new IIMs).

CAP 2017: Important dates
7 step Common Admission Process (CAP) 2017 is to begin by the mid February 2017 and would continue for around 20 days. CAP 2017 is proposed to be conducted at New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata. Candidates will be able to check their admission status and CAP 2017 date on IIM Rohtak website.

CAT 2016 cut offs for CAP 2017
The 9 IIMs have announced their minimum required CAT 2016 percentile score to shortlist the candidates for CAP 2017 round-

IIM Kashipur: 90 Percentile
IIM  Raipur: 90 percentile
IIM Ranchi: 90 Percentile
IIM Rohtak: 90 percentile
IIM Tiruchirappalli: 90 percentile
IIM Udaipur: 90 percentile
IIM Amritsar: 90 percentile
IIM Bodhgaya: 90 percentile
IIM Sambalpur: 90 percentile

Please however note that actual CAT cut offs could go much higher than the minimum required percentile. Will you get IIMs CALL? Check now in 5 mins…

7 key steps in CAP 2017
Common Admission Process 2017 is although conducted by IIM Rohtak, the 9 participating IIMs will have a key role to play in shortlisting the candidates and generating the final admission offer for PGP 2017-19

Step-1: Shortlist by Individual IIMs
Each of the 9 IIMs will shortlist the candidates for CAP 2017 round independent of each other. It is expected that the candidates will be shortlisted at the 1st stage around 10 to 12 times of the intake for batch 2017-19 by each IIM. It may create the multiplicity  of calls for the same candidate if he/she meets the shortlisting criteria of the each IIM.

Step-2: Shortlist sent to CAP 2017 coordinating IIM Rohtak
Each CAP participating IIM will then forward its list of shortlisted candidates to the CAP 2017 coordinating IIM Rohtak, who will further coordinate it with the lists of other IIMs to prepare the common list of shortlisted candidates for CAP round.

Step-3: Shortlisted candidates getting call for CAP 2017
All the shortlisted candidates will be able to check their CAP 2017 call status at IIM Rohtak website along with the names of the IIMs who have shortlisted them for CAP 2017 round.

Step-4: Participate in PI-WAT in CAP 2017
On getting the call to participate in CAP 2017 at the preferred centre out of the 5 CAP centres, the candidate will have to participate in CAP round on the scheduled date. In case of any change, the candidate will have to advise the IIM Rohtak to get other time slot, date, or centre well in advance.

Step-5: CAP 2017 Merit list sent to Individual IIM
The CAP 2017 conducting IIM Rohtak will send the merit list of candidate to all the participating IIMs after CAP round is over to take the call.

Step-6: 9 IIMs to prepare their own merit list
After assigning weights to other components of final selection round like academics, work experience, diversity, the IIMs will need to individually prepare the final merit list as per the weights assigned for different components.

Step-7: Generate final admission offer
The candidate will come to know about the final admission offer by the individual IIM. Each IIM has its own final selection components like academics, diversity, work experience among others. It is very much possible that one of the new IIMs may not send you final admission offer while others offer you admission based on your CAT 2016 scores and other parameters.

Usually candidates are apprehensive of getting a tough time during CAP round. But IIM Rohtak proposes to turn it into a different and stress free experience by making it more smooth.  IIM Rohtak has taken extra care to make the process as smooth as possible for the candidates and the participating institutes.

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