CMAT Exam Analysis

Common Management Admission Test CMAT 2017 was held on January 28 from 9.30AM to 12.30PM. CMAT Exam Analysis by reveals that overall the paper was easy, with expected questions and pattern. General Awareness however was relatively tough and tricky. A total of 59433 candidates appeared in CMAT 2017.


In the General Awareness Section, questions were related to current economic developments and government policies like Demonetization, Digital India initiatives, Ease of Doing Business. One of the questions was on Noble Prize 2016 awarded for Music.

CMAT 2017 exam had easy questions on mix of all the Quant areas like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Number system, Modern Math among others.

Reading Comprehension had the major share in Language comprehension section with 15 questions. In Logical Reasoning section, all questions were independent, and not set based.


Section Total questions Marks for each correct answer Total marks Negative Marks for each wrong answer Difficulty level
Language Comprehension 25 4 100 -1 Easy
Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation 25 4 100 -1 Easy
Logical Reasoning 25 4 100 -1 Easy
General Awareness 25 4 100 -1 Easy



Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation (Quant & DI)

Total questions Difficulty level Major Topics Good attempts for 96-99 sectional percentile
25 Easy to moderate Arithmetic – Profit & Loss, percentage; Number system; Algebra; Geometry; Modern Math 20-22


The share of questions on Data Interpretation in CMAT remained low again with 4-5 questions out of total 25 questions. Those who attempted the easy questions first and then moved to difficult questions in this section would emerge as winner.


Logical Reasoning

Total questions Difficulty level Major Topics Good attempts for 96-99 sectional percentile
25 Moderate Individual questions not based on sets 19-21


Language Comprehension

Total questions Difficulty level Major Topics Share of RC passages – 15 questions Question types Good attempts for 96-99 sectional percentile
25 Moderate RC Passages, Grammar, Fill in the blanks, vocabulary usage 3 Short RC passages with 3 questions each 1 Long RC passage with 6 questions Directly related to RC passage 20-22


Language comprehension in CMAT had questions on Verbal Ability as well Reading Comprehension. CMAT had 4 passages with a total of 15 questions. Overall the section was easy but a few of the questions were of higher difficulty also.

Most of the questions were easy to answer but a few questions following the short passages were difficult. Remaining 10 questions focused on vocabulary; grammar; fill in the blanks, statements.


General Awareness (GK)

Total questions Difficulty level Major Topics Good attempts for 96-99 sectional percentile
25 Moderate to difficult Current affairs, static GK 14-18


Going by its reputation of being a game changer, GK had mix of questions on current affairs and on conventional topics.
There were questions on Brahmos Missile; Brahmaputra River; which country apart from India resorted to Demonetization and later withdrew it; Ease of doing business; Nobel Prize awardee in the field of Music; pillars in the digital India logo among others.


Expected sectional cut offs

Section Total attempts Percentile at 90% accurate attempts Percentile at 80% accurate attempts Percentile at 70% accurate attempts
Quant & DI 20-22 99 98 95
Language Comprehension 20-22 99 98 95
Logical Reasoning 19-21 99 98 95
General Awareness 14-18 99 97 95


Expected overall percentile cut offs

Overall score Cut off percentile
220-230 99
180-190 95
160-170 90
150-160 85
135-140 80


It is advisable to check your CMAT score on percentile predictor now as you are fresh with your memory how you performed in CMAT and can assess how many of total attempted questions are correct and incorrect. The percentile predictor will help to predict the nearest percentile you will get in CMAT exam which will further help you decide which B-school you can get based on your CMAT percentile.


CMAT Scoring pattern: Low scores leading to high percentile
At a score of 225, more than 99 percentile can be scored in CMAT exam. Similarly with the score, as low as 185, candidates could score 85 percentile in CMAT