Group Discussion (GD) Topic

Top B-schools, IIMs, XLRI use several types of Group Discussion topics to test the applicants before finalizing their merit lists and offering admission. While there are some Group Discussions that test the knowledge of a candidate on a topical issue, others are designed to test the ‘lateral thinking’ of candidate. Another type of Group Discussion comes in form of a short ‘case-study’ where applicants are asked to analyze a situation and frame responses. Yet another type of a Group Discussion is a ‘group exercise’.

Group Discussion (GD) is an important testing tool of paracipants’ skills in final admission round for MBA/PGDM after getting shortlisted by the B school. Most of the top rated B schools including a few IIMs, MDI conduct GD along with Personal Interview in the final admission round.

Healthy debate on relevant topics among 8-12 candidates in a specified time period of 12-15 minutes is the Group Discussion round needs strong exchange of opinions with logical and thoughtful arguments. The discussion is supposed to be an indicator of your leadership qualities, judgement of knowledge domain and communication skill. Out of these 8-12 candidates, selection is goes in favour of the one or two while others get eliminated either due to their inadvertent mistakes or because they are not aware about the rules of the game.

To emerge a winner in GD round a candidate should speak after getting a grasp on the given topic. Irrelevant speaking is not good. You should be audible enough during the course of discussion without losing your confidence. Express your ideas at length. If you simply follow the other speaker or his ideas, remember your elimination is imminent.

There could be different types of Group Discussion topics which can broadly be covered in following categories to help the aspirants prepare better.

Group Discussion- Types and Topics



Candidates find it difficult to form better arguments and strong discussion points when it comes to group discussion on Abstract topics. The reason is that these topics are based on your personal views and opinions without any strong fact to support your view. Most top B-schools place abstract topics in group discussion round.