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GD Topper Mantra
Subham Bhowmick
NITIE Mumbai
CAT 2015 - 99.46 %tile
Be confident throughout: Subham 99.46 in CAT 2015
Subham Bhowmick CAT 2015 99.46 percentile & NITIE student who faced GD round at MDI and NITIE shares his experience that he remained confident throughout the GD process and used it as the opportunity to share his knowledge on expressing systemic views on the given topics. Sharing the topics in GD round at the two B-schools, Subham says “ My GD topic at MDI Gurgaon was “Should hiring and firing policy be followed in selecting a cricket team” and at NITIE where I took admission finally was “Whistleblowers. Are they good or bad for the society?”

Vaibhav Gaur
NITIE Mumbai
CAT 2015 - 99.51 %tile
Make in India & Women’s bill: Vaibhav Gaur shares GD experience
Vaibhav Gaur who scored 99.51 percentile in CAT 2015 converted MDI, NITIE, IIFT, IIM Udaipur, Rohtak, Raipur, Kashipur. Finally, he joined NITIE because Vaibhav was interested in doing MBA in operations and in his view NITIE is one of the finest in India for Operations. The GD round he attended at MDI, NITIE had topics mainly on current events. His GD was on Make in India and Women’s bill passed in parliament. The experience in GD round at all these B-schools remained good and Vaibhav says he expressed well his views and opinion on all the topics as well as on their effects and importance.

Abhirup Mukherjee
DMS - IIT Delhi
CAT 2015 - 99.11 %tile
Current Affairs – mainstay in my GD round: Abhirup 99.11 in CAT 2015
Abhirup Mukherjee CAT 2015 topper with 99.11 percentile who preferred to take admission in Department of management Studies (DMS)-IIT Delhi shares his GD experience “My GD/WAT topics mostly concentrated on current affair topics ranging from business to politics to economy etc. For successfully cracking this round, one should know about himself entirely. Do proper self-retrospection and find out the aims/goals you want to achieve in your life.”

Sourav Dutta
SNAP 2015 - 99.994 %tile
Role Based GD at SIBM Pune: SNAP topper Sourav Dutta
SNAP topper Sourav Dutta who scored 99.994 percentile in SNAP 2015 and opted for MBA at SIBM Pune shares his GD experience “At SIBM Pune, we got a role based GD. We had to organise an event and we were divided into different roles. We collectively had to discuss for fifteen minutes and had to come to a conclusion with the final budget for the event.”

Abhishek Agarwal
IMI Delhi
CAT 2015 - 99.34 %tile
Reading for GD – very important: Abhishek, IMI Delhi student

Abhishek Agarwal, CAT 2015 topper with 99.34 percentile and student of PGDM 2016-18 batch at IMI New Delhi I appeared for CAT, XAT, NMAT & SNAP. The sole purpose of appearing in these exams according to Abhishek ‘was to challenge my skills to get acquainted to as many questions as possible, of different levels of difficulty’.

Sharing his GD experience Abhishek informs “The topics I faced in the GD round were ‘Digital India – Boon or Bane?’, ‘Rohit, Kanhaiya Kumar – Students and Politics’ and ‘Do engineers make good managers?”

Sharing his strategy to crack the GD round, Abhishek suggests “I think it is very important to read when it comes to GD/PI preparation because reading will keep you in good stead during the time of GDs and PIs. Try reading newspapers daily and keep up with the current affairs throughout the globe. Be well versed about yourself and about what’s happening around you.”