SNAP 2017 Exam Syllabus

SNAP 2017 will be 2 hours computer based online test. It will be first online SNAP exam. SNAP 2017 will contain multiple choice questions. The test is divided in 4 sections and proposes to comprise 150 MCQs to be solved in 2 hours. The topics covered in the syllabus are


Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension

40 questions with maximum 40 marks are proposed in this section. Topics covered in VARC are-

  • English Usage & Sentence Correction;
  • Fill in the blanks;
  • Jumbled Paragraph;
  • Vocabulary-usage;
  • How to use Idioms & phrases;
  • Analogy & Verbal Reasoning; questions on Reading Comprehension passages

Current Affairs: Last 2 years duration

SIU Pune has revamped the Current Affairs section and has made it easier for the candidates. Instead of 40 questions now there will be 30 questions limited to the current affairs of last 2 years.


Economics, finance, national and international current affairs are a few of the many topics on which questions are placed in this section. In-depth and regular reading of GK helps more as sometimes a few GK questions in SNAP appear more tricky and need intensive reading.


Quantitative Ability and data interpretation

This section will also award maximum 40 marks for 40 questions. Major topics covered in this section are-

  • Number Systems;
  • LCM and HCF;
  • Percentages;
  • Profit and Loss;
  • Interest (Simple and Compound);
  • Speed, Time and Distance;
  • Time and Work;
  • Averages;
  • Ratio and Proportion;
  • Linear Equations;
  • Quadratic Equations;
  • Complex Numbers;
  • Logarithm; Progressions; Binomial Theorem; Surds and Indices; Inequalities;
  • Permutation and Combination; Probability Functions; Set Theory;
  • Mixtures and Alligations; Geometry; Co-ordinate Geometry; Trigonometry; Mensuration.

Analytical and logical Ability

This section will carry equal weightage with 40 marks awarded for 40 questions. Since analytical skills fundamentally include areas like computing, visualization, articulation, and problem solving, SNAP focuses more on topics like-

  • Family tree,
  • Syllogisms,
  • Clocks & calendars
  • Binary logic
  • Seating arrangement
  • Logical sequence, assumption, premise, conclusion, linear and matrix arrangement,
  • Analogy, critical reasoning

The questions may be in the set form or may be individual ones depending upon the shape of the problem.