WAT Topics

WAT, in fact may be on any kind of topics under the Sun like – Business, Economics & Finance, Social, Political, religious, national or international affairs, Sports related, imaginative and abstract. This section contains past topics, past solved topics and probable solved topics for WAT 2017.


Past WAT Topics
- The recent financial crisis highlights the perils of Capitalism
- Women's Reservation Bill
- Banning politicians with criminal records from contesting elections is against their right
- India versus Bharat : a divided nation
- Union Budget is a useless exercise and activities like recession puts it off-track
- Essential services like water, electricity should not be privatized
- Is disinvestment in profit making PSU's advisable?
- Should Petroleum Subsidy go away?
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Discuss the role of Public Private Partnership in India's Economic Growth
- Voting should be made compulsory
- IIM should make one year of social service compulsory for all students
- Should there be reservation for women in MBA colleges?
- Bollywood is capitalizing on people with disabilities
- In India mass mobilization can only be achieved through religion
- IPL is a death knell to Indian cricket
- Legalizing doping in sports in modern times
- Cricket is cannibalizing the space of other sports in India
- The greatest tennis star of all time
- Vishwanathan Anand is as good a brand ambassador as Sachin Tendulkar
- Pink is the new Blue
- Idiots Rule
- Sometimes wars are required to ensure peace
- An eye for eye will make the whole world blind
- World is run by conspiracy. People run by lofty ideas
- Effects of corruption; In today’s world, business and ethics don’t go hand in hand
- Foreign coaches are a waste of money in Indian sports.
- Advertising is legalized lying
- Family managed business vs. professionally run organizations
- Financial Crisis in Europe


Past Solved WAT Topics


Probable solved Topics for WAT 2017

Demonetization in India: Decision is more appreciated than criticized
On November 8, 2016, the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi announced the demonetization of all Rs.500 and Rs. 1,000 denomination banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi Series....Read more


WAT Topic for IIM: Net Neutrality; know the key facts
There is a lot of debate going on Net Neutrality in India and its pros and cons. Net Neutrality in India is one of the current hot topics and in all probability one or other session on WAT in IIMs may ask the shortlisted candidates to write on this topic. There are arguments in favour and against the concept of Net Neutrality in India...Read more


Goods & Services Tax (GST)
Present nationwide debate on Goods and Service Tax (GST) bill is one of such hot topics and an IIM aspirant should be able to present the facts on the same along with his/her views coherently. Experts at MBAUniverse.com bring forth key facts and points on the topic that would help an IIM aspirant to write a well worded essay on it...Read more


WAT 2016: "Make in India" Ground realities; India leaps to surpass China

The debate on the success of Make in India campaign attracted not only the economists, bureaucrats and politicians to weigh its pros and cons, but the top B-schools in India have also been fascinated with the project. IIMs and other top B-schools have included ‘Make in India’ as one of the hot topics in their Written Ability or Writing Skill Test...Read more


How successful would be the Climate Change Summit Paris?
One of the hot debatable global issues that called for debate and action plan to reduce global warming and how to reduce the climate changes around the world in near future has emerged as one of the most relevant topics on environment. Since IIMs and all other top B-schools would be conducting Written Ability Test (WAT)...Read more


IIM WAT 2016: Hot topic 'Rising Population of India could be turned into an asset
The ever growing population statistics of India has been a grave cause of concern for the country’s growth and IIMs have grabbed the topic on Population of India in their WAT 2016 to assess how an IIM aspirant thinks of growing population of India and whether there are more positive factors...Read more

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