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WAT Topper Mantra
Prateek Bajpai
IIM Ahmedabad
CAT 2015 - 100 %tile
Introspect yourself: Prateek Bajpai IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad student of PGP 2016-18 and CAT topper with 100 percentile Prateek Bajpai shares how candidates should prepare for WAT & PI for personal assessment stage and advises “

I think this last hurdle is all about knowing yourself very well.

I focussed on introspecting myself. The preparation strategy could be different for different people but I suggest to dig deep into one’s own self to prepare for facing IIM interview panel. I remained online all the time to prepare for current affairs etc.”

Pranjal Agarwal
IIM Ahmedabad
CAT 2015 - 100 %tile
Attend all the WAT & PI rounds: Pranjal Agarwal IIM Ahmedabad

CAT topper with 100 percentile and IIM Ahmedabad student of PGP 2016-18 batch Pranjal Agarwal shares his experience and success mantra in PI-WAT round “I took part in the PI/WAT process of IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Calcutta only. On the contrary, I would advise people to give as many as possible.

I was unable to attend many WAT/PIs owing to travel restrictions (I was doing an internship in Delhi and I had chosen Mumbai as my location for PI).

The WAT topics were as follows-
IIMA – We should not donate to charities. There was a paragraph of an author stating his disdain for charities with some valid arguments. I had to respond to some questions in the form of an essay.
IIMB – India is too ambitious with projects like smart-cities and bullet trains whereas there is still a large portion of the population without adequate housing or transport facilities.
IIMC – Urban air pollution is a menacing problem (Causes/Effects/Solutions).”

Saransh Garg
FMS Delhi
CAT 2015 - 99.98 %tile
Attended WAT at IIM A, C, L also: Saransh Garg FMS Delhi

FMS Delhi student of MBA 2016-18 batch and CAT topper with 99.98 percentile Saransh Garg shares his WAT experience “ At IIM Ahmedabad it was a case study to be attempted in 30 minutes.

“IIM Calcutta asked me to write on ‘How do you feel about people walking on street whilst talking to mobile phones’ in 20 minutes. The topic at IIM Lucknow was ‘How much do I love my country?”

Shashank Heda
IIM Bangalore
CAT 2015 - 99.99 %tile
5 WAT & PI rounds at different IIMs: Shashank Heda IIM Bangalore

IIM Bangalore PGP 2016-18 student and CAT topper with 99.9 percentile Shashank Heda shares “For the five interviews that I appeared for, GD/WAT/PI topics were from following domains-

IIMA (Interview form is very important):
WAT - related to conflicts involved in decision making process for a manager (IIMA)
PI - Related to work experience, detailed explanation of technical aspects of work experience to a layman, why MBA, questions related to WAT topic and hobbies.

IIMB (SOP is important): WAT - Free basics and its impact
PI - Banking industry collapse, NPA declarations, Oil prices, Mr. Rajan’s policies, technical aspects of work-experience, why MBA, profit analysis of banks, recent developments/news in athletics.

IIMC (Interview form is important):
WAT - Related to a financial event that happened probably in January
PI - Quant questions, probability, explain differentiation and the reason it is used to a five-year-old kid, Marketing campaign design to promote organ donation among school-kids, recent news related to blood/organ donation, why MBA, about relevance of air-crash investigations, recent news in athletics.

GD and WAT- Relevance of reservation for girls at top academic institutions in today’s context
PI - Related to work-experience in detail, reasons behind air crashes and technical aspects, recent news in athletics, interview performance at other IIMs, questions on GD topic in detail.

WAT - an abstract topic
PI - Related to M.K.Gandhi and his philosophy, Dandi march, why MBA, role of ethics in day-to-day life, aspects involved in decision making as a placement team member”.

Divya Subramoniam
CAT 2015 - 99.36 %tile
Start WAT preparation immediately after CAT 2016: Divya Subramoniam SPJIMR Mumbai

Divya Subramoniam who cracked CAT with 99.36 percentile and opted to study in SPJIMR, Mumbai shares how she prepared for WAT & PI and suggests the same strategy for CAT 2016 aspirants “For the PI and WAT rounds, I started preparations right after the CAT exam.

“I started by reading newspapers, and articles. I also started practicing essay writing. The editorial section of prominent newspapers like The Hindu and The Indian Express are very informative, and helped me improve my knowledge. I also attended the preparation classes which were really informative, and helped me evaluate my performance.”

Sharing her WAT experience Divya says “My essay topic at SPJIMR was ‘What alternate world would you live in, if given a choice?’ I structured my write in a way that there was a flow from the beginning to the end. I began by describing the world I would choose, and then went on to explain what attracts me to that world. I then wrote about why this world is my primary choice, and ended by saying what I will do in that world to improve mine and others’ lives.”

Amritansh Ahuja
IIM Kozhikode
CAT 2015 - 99.26 %tile
More WAT sessions hone your skill: Amritansh Ahuja IIM Kozhikode

IIM Kozhikode student of PGP 2016-18 batch and CAT topper with 99.26 percentile Amritansh Ahuja shares “I had 99.26 percentile and thus I had decent calls from IIM L, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Shilliong, All new IIMs , SPJIMR, FMS Delhi, IMT, MDI, XIMB, NMIMS(Based on NMAT), NITIE, IITB, IITD, IIT Kharagpur.

Some of my GD/WAT topics were-
IIML: WAT on Swach Bharat Abhiayn based.
MDI: A GD based on Cricket killing other sports in India
NITIE: Asked to discus on work life balance
IIM K: GD + WAT on ‘Originality is about hiding your source’

Mohit Sharma
IIFT Delhi
IIFT 2015 - 99.98 %tile
Coherent sentences must in WAT: Mohit Sharma IIFT Delhi

Mohit Sharma student of MBA (IB) 2016-18 batch and IIFT exam topper with 99.98 percentile shares WAT strategy for the benefit of CAT 2016 aspirants and suggests.

“The important thing while writing the essay is to make sure that your sentences are coherent and your change of paragraphs is smooth and flawless.

My essay topic was ‘Public-Private partnerships: a boon or bane’. I first introduced the subject and mentioned some of the latest happenings in the field that might have triggered this topic. I then went on to enunciate the benefits of PPP by giving examples. I also mentioned some of the projects that were not able to achieve the desired results and concluded by mentioning how PPP were the way to go and though there are still some creases, it will not be beneficial to term PPP as a bane.”

Abhishek Agarwal
IMI Delhi
CAT 2015 - 99.34 %tile
WAT preparation needs good reading: Abhishek Agarwal IMI New Delhi

Abhishek Agarwal student of PGDM 2016-18 batch at IMI New Delhi and CAT topper with 99.34 percentile advises “I think it is very important to read when it comes to GD/PI preparation because reading will keep you in good stead during the time of GDs and PIs. Try reading newspapers daily and keep up with the current affairs throughout the globe. Be well versed about yourself and about what’s happening around you. ‘Digital India – Boon or Bane?’, ‘Rohit, Kanhaiya Kumar – Students and Politics’ and ‘Do engineers make good managers?’ were some of the GD topics I got.”