MAT 2017 Exam Analysis

MAT exam analysis reveals that MAT exam has remained a steady and no surprise throwing test over the years. Around 20000 candidates appear in MAT exam every 3 months since it is conducted 4 times in a year. Next MAT exam is scheduled to be held on December 3, 2017 as paper based test and on December 9 as online MAT computer based test. 


December MAT 2017 paper based test does not propose to have any surprise element. However the past MAT exam analysis shows that the Data Analysis & Sufficiency and Critical Reasoning sections are reported a bit tricky and consume more time than expected. 

Not only this, the MAT exam analysis of Indian & Global Environment section reveals that a few of the questions in GK section in MAT exam also turn to be a little trickier and time consuming. The overall MAT exam analysis makes it clear that MAT in paper based form and MAT in online computer based format remain moderate and of same level of difficulty exam MAT after MAT.

MAT exam analysis based on the feedback from the test takers indicated that MAT 2017 December exam was moderate test with Data Analysis & Reasoning being on tricky side. Candidates needed higher scores as there remained a tough competition in getting the well ranked MAT college.


Expected difficulty level in December MAT 2017 exam 
There were 200 questions divided in 5 sections in MAT 2017 exam held on September 3, 2017 from 10AM to 12.30 PM in 51 test cities in the country. The 200 questions had to be answered in 150 minutes. Less than 1 minute was available before the MAT test takers to answer each of 200 questions in MAT exam. Candidates were seen struggling for Time management to maximise their attempts.


Same number and pattern will appear in December MAT 2017 exam in paper based and MAT online computer based test.


All the questions in MAT exam carry equal marks. Every right answer will be awarded with a credit of 1 mark in MAT December exam while every wrong answer will attract a penalty of ¼ negative marking (0.25 mark) deducted from the awarded score for right answers. All the questions in September MAT 2017 will be in MCQ format followed by 4 answer options. Below is shared the quick view of MAT 2017 exam

MAT 2017 September PBT exam date & time Paper based on Sunday September 3, 2017 from 10AM to 12.30PM
MAT 2017 September CBT exam date Computer based on Saturday September 9, 2017 onwards
Number of test centres for PBT 51
Total number of questions in the exam 200
Number of sections in the exam 5
Number of answer options per question 4
Maximum Marks per question 1
Negative Marking 0.25 mark for every wrong answer
Total maximum raw score 200
Total maximum raw score for percentile calculation 160 (Score of Indian & Global Environment section not included in percentile calculation)
Total maximum scaled score out of which percentile score will be awarded 800 (score of 160 for 4 sections scaled to 800)


Ideal attempts based on last MAT 2017 exam
The test takers who maximised attempts in MAT 2017 September test could score higher than their peers as it remained the key to success. Giving time to each of the sections and not get down by any one section remained an important factor to help you score high. MAT 2017 December exam aspirants are advised to follow the similar strategy as the MAT exam pattern will remain the same

The suggested time limit to solve each of 5 sections and attempts needed per section to score high in MAT 2017 should be –

Section Total Questions Ideal time (in minutes) Ideal attempts
Language Comprehension  40  25  28
Intelligence and Critical Reasoning  40  40  25
Data Analysis and Sufficiency  40  35  23
Mathematical Skills  40  40   25
Indian and Global Environment  40  10  20
Total  200  150  116 has repeated suggested to focus on first 4 sections. Even if you do not attempt the Indian and Global Environment section, it won’t impact your score. However, you need to adhere to the time limit to solve questions in each section. This could help you to do better in the exam as with this strategy more number of questions could be attempted with accuracy.

The biggest problem with December MAT 2017 test takers would be to struggle against time. Therefore it is advised to adhere to the suggested time limit else it happens that you are unable to attempt the questions despite knowing their answers.


Sectional analysis

Language comprehension

There are 40 questions in the section. The test has more number of questions based on jumbled words and picking odd man out of them, inserting correct words to fill in the blanks, vocabulary words to pick out correct synonyms-antonyms.


The short comprehension passages are followed by 4 questions each. Other questions are based on jumbled sentences, basic grammar corrections, main idea of paragraphs. Except a few questions the questions have moderate difficulty level and can be answered in time.


Key topics & goods attempts for high percentile
The division of questions is broadly 20 Verbal Ability and Verbal Reasoning questions and 20 questions based on Reading Comprehension passages. All RC passages are followed by 5 questions each. 2 passages are slightly longer with around 600 words and 2 are of around 400 words each.


Past RC passages topics
1.Current safety care regulatory regime, how to restructure and what will be the advantages
2.Demonetization and its effects
3.The technique, applications and effectiveness of Fibroscan for liver diseases
4.Shortage of supply of right talent, how we can use training and improve effectiveness of productivity from low level to executive level employees.

Topics in the section Number of questions Level of difficulty
4 RC Passages  20 Easy to moderate
Jumbled paragraphs  4 Moderate to a little difficult
Para summary  4 Easy to moderate
Organize the scrambled word and find the antonyms   2 Easy to moderate
One word/synonyms for phrases  3 Easy, moderate and 1 difficult
Picking out the odd man out for the scrambled word  3 Moderate to difficult
Finding the synonyms and antonyms for underlined words  4 Easy, Moderate and 1 difficult


The section can be attempted in 35-37 minutes. 25 questions with 90% accuracy can get a high percentile in this section.


Intelligence and critical reasoning

The section has more number of questions on Analytical and logical reasoning and fewer questions are there on Critical reasoning. Questions in this section are based on calendar, distribution, assertions reasons, blood relations, analogies, direction, series, statements.


The questions in this section of MAT exam are formed in sets as well as are individual questions. The section is sometimes a little lengthy but has moderate level of difficulty.


Key topics and good attempts for high percentile
This section in last MAT exam included 5 course of action questions, 5 Syllogisms (Venn diagrams) and 5 strong and weak arguments questions. There were 10 individual non-verbal questions consisting of The Non-verbal questions included 10 standalone questions with 5 on coding-decoding and out of the rest 5 questions, 2 were standalone linear arrangement questions and remaining 3 were miscellaneous (the topics like numbers and ages).


There were 3 sets on arrangement with 2 sets on matrix arrangement and 1 set on directions. There were no questions on family tree, complete the series, Venn diagram or cubes in non-verbal reasoning. A good attempt of 22-24 questions with 85% accuracy in this section could fetch a high percentile.


Mathematical Skills

Out of the 40 questions in the section, around 18 questions are based on Arithmetic like Interest, Percentages, Time and Work, Averages Percentage, Profit, Loss, Partnership. The questions are a little time consuming although in last MAT exam they were slightly difficult.


Other questions consisted of Venn diagrams, Equations, Ratio, Proportion & Variation, Geometry & Mensuration, Permutation and Combinations, Probability.

The questions were moderate and those who practiced more could attempt more questions in this section. Higher percentile would be waiting for those candidates who can do this section well.


Key topics and good attempts for high percentile
This section in last MAT exam had 29 Arithmetic questions out of total 40 questions. There were 5 questions on Numbers, 4 on Geometry and 2 on Modern Math. 3 questions could be classified as difficult, out of them 1 was from Geometry (Mensuration), 1 from Time and work and 1 from Mixtures and Alligations Many Arithmetic questions involved lengthy calculations.

The section usually has moderate difficulty level. The composition of questions in MAT May exam can be classified as under:


Topics in the section Number of questions Level of difficulty
Arithmetic-Time speed-distance  7 Moderate
Time & work  5 Moderate to difficult
Simple & compound interest  4 Moderate to difficult
Mixtures & Alligations    4 Moderate
Percentage; Profit & Loss  9 Easy, moderate and difficult
Geometry-Mensuration  2 Moderate to difficult
Quadrilaterals  2 Moderate
Probability  2 Moderate to difficult
Number system-HCF/LCM; divisibility  5 Moderate

Good attempt of 22-24 questions with 90% accuracy could lead to high percentile in this section.


Data analysis and Sufficiency

This section in MAT is marked with maximum questions on data interpretation. In last MAT exam, more prominent in this section are Pie charts, bar diagrams, charts, line graph, data comparison. Time remained the main factor to solve these questions with speed and accuracy.

While questions on Data Interpretation (DI) occupied more than 50% of the section, rest of the part covered questions on data sufficiency and data comparison.


Key topics and good attempts for high percentile
In last MAT exam, this section had 30 questions on Data Interpretation with 6 sets of 5 questions each; 5 questions on Data Sufficiency and 5 questions on Quantitative Comparison. 3 sets were difficult, one of them involved 2 pie charts, one of them had a bar chart and a pie chart combined and one was on Venn diagram involving 5 parameters. The rest 3 sets appeared to be easy but were calculation intensive. There were 5 questions on Quantity Comparison and 5 on Data sufficiency, all of them were moderate. A good attempt of 24 questions with 85% accuracy could fetch a high percentile. 


Indian and Global environment

The suggested time limit to answer the 40 questions in this section was 15 minutes but we advised 10 minutes to attempt this section. There is no point to go on re-thinking or recalling what you do not know or are confused on it. One question therefore, could be attempted in less than 30 seconds.

The questions were based on conventional GK, business and economics, current affairs, although this section would not count for calculation of percentile. Candidates could answer this section well within the time limit but many of them continued struggling in this section instead of moving forward without wasting the time as there was nothing to solve.


Key topics and good attempts for high percentile
Most of the questions in this section were on current events of last 1 year. 23 questions were based on national events and 17 on international events. A good attempt of 16-18 questions in 15 minutes could get you high percentile in this section. It should be noted that this section is not taken into account for calculation of MAT percentile.


MAT score you need 
Admission to good B schools out of the list of B schools available at the AIMA site could only be explored with a percentile as high as 80 and above. MAT awards scores keeping the Indian and Global environment section out. Accordingly the test takers will get their merit position where their scores are sent by AIMA or they apply to the desired B-schools on their own.