NMAT 2017 Eligibility

To be eligible for NMAT 2017 exam (Now NMAT by GMAC 2017), a candidate should know the eligibility criteria of the B-school where he/she wants to apply. The eligibility criteria to appear in NMAT by GMAC have not been separately specified.


For example anyone with recognized bachelor’s degree below or above 50% marks can register for NMAT exam in 2017 (Now NMAT by GMAC 2017). But if the particular B-school needs minimum 50% marks in graduation, it will be the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that he/she is eligible to be considered for admission. Merely being eligible for NMAT 2017 exam (Now NMAT by GMAC) is not sufficient to become eligible for the B-school, which may have different criteria.


According to instructions for NMAT by GMAC 2017 “All test takers who complete the Test Registration process pay the test fee within the time specified and follow the published NMAT by GMAC exam terms and conditions may sit for the NMAT by GMAC exam. It is the responsibility of the test taker to understand the eligibility requirements of all the universities and schools to which he/she is interested in applying before registering for NMAT by GMAC exam. If the test taker registers for the test and then determine that he/she is ineligible for admission to the desired program, no test fee refund will be made. For the eligibility requirements, test takers are advised to check the websites of each university and school where they plan to apply.”