'Practise more as XAT questions are simple but tricky'

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Monday, August 13 2012, 05:31 AM
To get aspirants' doubts and queries answered, MBAUniverse.com conducted a Live Chat on XAT 2013 with Prof. Vishwa Ballabh, admission chairperson of XLRI, on September 12.
To get aspirants’ doubts and queries answered regarding XAT 2013, the registration process for which is currently underway with the examination being scheduled in the first week of January, MBAUniverse.com conducted a Live Chat with Prof. Vishwa Ballabh, admission chairperson of XLRI, on September 12.

Aspirants asked questions not only on XAT but also on the admission process of XLRI.

Excerpts from the chat:

Q: Bhavesh: I have submitted my XLRI form and opted for general management as my first preference. But now I want to change my preference order. Is that possible?
Yes, it is possible. You can send your request via an email to [email protected].

Q: Satyajit: XAT papers are famous for being tough! So does it make sense for non-engineers like me to give it a try, as the Quant & DI sections are out of my reach? What are your views?
You should not give up. Most questions are simple but tricky. Questions are intelligently asked to test candidates’ knowledge in arithmetic, number system, algebra and geometry including understanding of data relationship. You should practise a little more than usual. We are giving more time this year to help candidates particularly from the social sciences background who need more time. There will be questions related to social sciences in this section as well.

Q: Parul: How much weightage is given to the essay in XAT exam. Is it considered to decide the percentile or is judged only if one is called for GD/PI?
We have weightage for all the sections including essay. Different institutes use it at different levels -- some give 20 per cent weightage while others give it weightage during interview.

Q: Anu Shah: Please specify quotas for students of the reserved category, OBC and ST? Is there any scholarship facility for poor students?
We don't have quota for OBC, but SC and ST candidates are positively favoured. We organize bank loans for needy candidates.

Q: Prabha: My seniors say only engineering students are there in XLRI. Is it true? In the GK section, what type of questions can we expect? What is the number of questions in each of the sections?
We have more than 20 per cent students from social science streams besides science and engineering graduates. We would like to make our classes more diversified. For this, the question pattern will be changed in a manner so that no one has any disadvantage. General awareness (GA) questions will be related to business economics and politics related to business environment.

Q: Neelima: Will the marking scheme remain the same?
Our test is innovative and we try to test candidate's ability and aptitude from a variety of angles. A committee determines the process of evaluation as well as selection.

Q: Jaideep: As I read in MBAUniverse.com, the essay writing and GK sections will have 40 minutes. Will it be 20 minutes each or any other duration division will be there?
Yes, 20 minutes will be allotted for each of essay writing & GA questions. You have to use the time wisely as both these sections are important. You will have choice to allocate your time, but have to answer questions from both the sections.

Q: Jaideep: What would be the cut off for this year? What is the fee?
Fee is same as the last year. For cut off, I would not be able to comment at this stage.

Q: Narayanan: I am preparing for XAT 2013. My B.Tech score is 7 CGPA but my 12th score is 59 per cent. Am I eligible for XAT 2013 and XLRI?
You are eligible to appear for XAT as well as be admitted to XLRI. If you score high marks and perform well in interview, you may get admission to XLRI. In addition to XLRI, there are other top ranking institutes which use XAT scores for their admission process.

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