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SNAP process revamped significantly: Dr Vidya Yeravdekar

| 26, Sep 2013 1040IST

In this exclusive interview, Dr Vidya Yeravdekar, the Principal Director of Symbiosis Society, speaks about the changes in the SNAP process and her views on the current status on Indian MBA education.

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We now have single personal interaction and writing ability test process for all MBA programs, at three locations: Pune, Noida and Bengaluru. SNAP will be held in 30 cities across the country.

Since 2007, candidates aspiring to join MBA programs offered by 13 B-schools like SIBM, SICSR and SCMHRD, which are part of Symbiosis International University (SIU), have had to take the mandatory SNAP Test. Starting this year, SIU has changed the SNAP process, making it more student friendly. spoke to Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, the Principal Director of Symbiosis Society, on the background of this change, and her views on the current status on Indian MBA education. Edited excerpts:

Q: What are the highlights of the new SNAP Process?

Starting this year, we have revamped the SNAP process significantly.

Until last year, a candidate used to register for SNAP Test & then apply to the institutes offering his/ her choice of program by paying separate institution registration fees. If shortlisted, he/she would then attend the Group Exercise & Personal Interaction process, conducted by each of these institutes.

SIU has from this year brought the complete admission process under one umbrella. The process has been completely revamped.

The idea is to make our exam registration process simpler, more economical and efficient for students’ community. We now have a single or common registration process for all 13 MBA institutes of Symbiosis Intentional University. This reduces the registration fees for multiple programs to which students apply.

Changes are not just in the application process. We now have single personal interaction and writing ability test process for all MBA programs, at three locations: Pune, NOIDA and Bengaluru. SNAP will be held in 30 cities across the country.

In the new system, SNAP Test Score and Academic Profile Score will form the basis for short listing candidates for Personal Interaction and Writing Ability Test. We have also eliminated group discussions/ exercises.

Q: What is the rationale behind the change? How does it help?

These changes have been made keeping in mind the students’ interest. Applicants will benefit from this.

Q: Was there a research conducted to understand students’ mindset?

 Yes, we conducted research which gave us the cue to these changes. Our research showed us that students are dissatisfied with too many exams as well as with cumbersome and repetitive application processes. 

Q: Are these changes also made keeping in mind the recent slowdown in MBA applications?

While the idea of revamping SNAP process was to help students, we also anticipate an increase in application number. If the process is simplified, it must lead to higher number applications.

Q: Moving on, how are SIU MBA programs doing…

Our MBA programs are doing really well. We are today the second choice after the IIMs. We will like to continue to improve our program quality. Ultimately, it’s the quality that counts. 

Q: While Symbiosis University is the mother brand, are individual B-schools like SBUs?

Let me explain the structure we have. Yes, SIU is the mother brand, which offers courses into many domains. Then we have our Faculty Management Studies (FMS). Each of our individual B-school like SIBM, SCMHRD are part of FMS.

Our focus in management education is hence two fold. Improve the average quality across B-schools, and create centers of excellence at each B-school.

Q: How do you see current MBA education scenario?

We all know that there was big mushrooming growth in management education. The number of institutions grew perhaps too rapidly. Now the market forces are at play. Weaker, non performing institutions are being wiped out. Market will create its own equilibrium.

Q: What should be the key focus of MBA institutes in such a scenario?

I will say that building employability skills amongst MBAs is key. Imparting theoretical knowledge is not enough. Management education must be linked with industry, as it’s the industry that is the final buyer and consumer of the MBA product.

It is unfortunate that a vast majority of our MBAs lack skills that employers look for.

At Symbiosis MBA programs, our focus is certainly to equip our students with what the employers are looking for.

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