CAT 2018 Admit Card

CAT 2018 Admit Card download is the first activity which the CAT test taker should do immediately after release of CAT Hall Ticket 2018 by IIM Calcutta.


CAT 2018 Admit card is the mandatory document to appear in the IIMs Common Admission Test (CAT) 2018 exam on November 25, 2018 in the designated slot-1 or slot-2 of CAT test day. IIM Calcutta will issue CAT 2018 Admit card on the CAT website and no hard copy of the CAT Hall Ticket 2018 will be sent to any candidate. You need to login on CAT website for CAT Admit card 2018 download. At least 2-3 prints of CAT Admit card 2018 should be taken after the CAT Hall ticket is downloaded. The CAT Exam 2018 Admit Card download facility will remain available till CAT 2018 exam date, November 25, 2018.


CAT 2018 Admit Card by October 25 
It is expected that IIM Calcutta will release the CAT Admit Card 2018 on or before October 25. The CAT Admit Card is released by IIMs around 12Noon. Last year, IIM Lucknow released the CAT  Admit Card at 12.30PM on October 25, 2017 on CAT website with some changes simplifying the process to download the CAT Admit Card.


This page contains the process how to download the CAT 2018 admit card, important details to check in the CAT Admit Card 2018, documents and articles you are permitted to take to the CAT exam centre, Important instructions for the CAT exam day and the advisory from IIMs.


How to view and download CAT Admit Card
The process to view and download the CAT admit card has been slightly changed:

  • Candidates have to go to the icon window ‘Download Admit Card’ on the main login page of CAT 2018 website
  • Click on the icon ‘Download Admit card’ 
  • Enter your registered CAT 2018 user ID and Password in the space provided
  • All your application details are displayed alongwith the icon ‘Admit Card’
  • Click on ‘Admit Card’
  • Click on the word ‘here’ as mentioned in the one line message from IIMs - Please click here to download your Admit Card .
  • The Admit Card is downloaded now
  • Take print of CAT 2018 Admit Card now
  • Paste one identical photograph of yours in the given space on the CAT Admit Card
  • Remember to carry your CAT Admit card to the CAT Exam centre with at least one original photo ID proof as mentioned in CAT 2018 Admit Card.

CAT 2018 Admit card: Important don'ts for the exam day:

  • No Jewelry allowed inside the testing room
  • No shoes allowed inside the testing room
  • Pen, Pencil, sharpener, watch, Mobile phones etc. not allowed
  • No break during the test duration of 3 hours
  • No documents except Admit card and photo ID allowed 

  CAT 2018 Admit Card: Important Do's

  • Same photograph as appears on Admit card to be affixed on hard copy of CAT Admit Card
  • CAT 2018 Admit card and one original photo ID proof required to take CAT exam
  • Report 90 minutes before at the CAT testing venue
  • Test system number applicable only to identify the floor/wing and the seating place on the CAT exam day 

Scroll down to view how the CAT Admit Card looks like

CAT 2017 Admit card download process is much simpler. Now you can download your CAT Admit card in 3 steps shared below:

Step-1: Go to CAT 2018 website and click on the icon ‘Download Admit Card’

Step-2:  You are at Login window. Enter your CAT user Id and password and you will be led to the CAT Admit card

Step-3: At the bottom is the message Please click here to download your Admit Card. Click at the ‘here’ and your admit card is downloaded





Details to check in the CAT Admit Card
You need to check the following mandatory details in your CAT 2018 Admit card when you download it from CAT website

  • Your Name – Is it correct as per your documents?
  • Test date – Correct test date of November 26 should be mentioned.
  • PWD status – In case the candidate is physically challenged, it should be mentioned in the CAT Admit Card.
  • Test center Details- Your test city, test site with address should be mentioned
  • Exam Time- your Morning or Evening time slot, as the case may be, should be mentioned on the CAT Admit card.


Please note that, you can view, download and print the CAT Admit Card till the CAT 2018 exam day. After the CAT exam date Admit Card will not be available for download. IIMs advise that the CAT Admit card will appear only if your online application form is submitted successfully. 


How to correct CAT Admit Card errors
Many CAT 2018 aspirants who register for the exam and eagerly wait to view and download their Admit cards may not be able to view and download the same, although the CAT 2018 admit cards are made available for all the candidates on CAT website on the due date.


Many CAT 2018 aspirants who do not receive their CAT admit card or receive it blank or the CAT admit card has errors, are worried as to how they would be able to get their CAT 2018 admit cards even after making payment of the fee.


However, there is no need to panic. There could be multiple reasons for not receiving the CAT 2018 Admit card or for receiving it blank. Better to understand why you have not received the CAT Admit card, received it blank or why it has errors and then decide whether any action has to be taken in this regard. Following are the action points for different situations:


If CAT Admit card is Blank…
CAT 2018 aspirants who find that their admit cards are blank and are without any information in it, need not worry.


If the candidate registers multiple times, CAT Centre 2018 will consider only the most recent (last) registration as the official application for CAT 2018. Admit Card generated for you is for the most recent (last) registration. Thus, if you login by using User ID of earlier registration attempts, you may find your CAT Admit Card as blank.


So, do not login with your user id of earlier registration attempts. It may produce only blank CAT admit card or no CAT Admit Card.


CAT 2018 Admit card, if not received… 
Don’t think that you have not received the CAT Admit card. The fact is that you do not receive the CAT admit card for incomplete or erroneous registrations done earlier. Now find out whether after erroneous registration, you reported the matter to CAT helpdesk, in case you paid your CAT registration fee twice or multiple times. If not, report it promptly so that in case of any anomaly, the correction could be made by IIM Calcutta.


Number of candidates report that they have not been able to view or download their CAT admit cards on IIMCAT website. There is nothing to worry about it.  CAT Centre 2018 may not issue the CAT admit card for the registrations which are not valid or faulty or if the candidate has registered multiple times. CAT Centre 2018 will issue the Admit card only for the valid and most recent successful registration. Therefore, the CAT Admit Card generated for you is for the most recent registration. Thus, if you login by using User ID of earlier registration attempts, you may not be able to view and download your CAT Admit Card.


CAT Centre advises to use only the most recent CAT 2018 registration user ID. This will enable you to view the Admit card with details since CAT Centre 2018 recognizes only the most recent (last) successful registration as the official application for CAT 2018.


Check your CAT Admit card using right browser
It is recommended that you should view the CAT Admit Card only using the recommended browsers and not from your mobile phone. Check whether the recommended versions are running well in your system. Ensure that you are using the correct versions of the recommended Internet browsers-Internet Explorer – 7,8,9 version; Mozilla Firefox – 14 to 28; Google Chrome 20 to 33. The best viewed as recommended by CAT Centre 2017 are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. 

Check mail from IIM for successful submission of CAT 2018 application
Please check whether you receive the mail of successful submission of CAT 2018 application. If yes and still you don’t receive the CAT Admit Card you should immediately contact the CAT 2018 help desk.


In case you don’t  receive the confirmation mail of successful submission of CAT 2018 registration and application and your fee amount has been deducted from the account you should contact the CAT help desk on mail or phone to know the facts so that your admit card, if stuck due to one or other reason may be received by you at the earliest 


CAT Admit Card has errors…
If you are unable to view your Admit Card post log in, or find your details mismatch to your application details which you can view along with the Admit card details, there is no need to panic. CAT Centre 2018 advises you to refer to the help desk over phone or on mail to get necessary corrections done.


Match the details with your application summary
Take at least 2-3 prints of the admit card after checking the details given in the CAT 2018 Admit Card. Please also ensure to check that all the details are available in it.  If you find any information missing, please immediately contact the CAT 2018 help desk.


Name: Your name as entered in the registration/application form of CAT 2018

Registration Number : The registration number is same as your registered user id for CAT 2018

Date of Birth : Your date of birth as you entered in the application form

Birth Category : Whether General, SC/ST, OBC etc.

PWD/DA : In case the candidate is differently abled/physically challenged, it will have ‘yes’ else ‘No’

Date / Day of test: Date of your CAT 2018 exam

Time / Session: Examination session (Before noon or after noon)

Test City: Name of the test city where you should appear in the test

Test Center: The exam centre in the city where you will be required to appear in the test

Test System Number: The Test System Number is provided only for the limited purpose of identifying the floor/wing and the computer at the test venue on the day of the test. Please note that for any correspondence with CAT Centre you must provide your registration number.


You will have to affix a recent coloured passport size photograph on the hard copy of the CAT 2018 Admit Card in the given box. CAT aspirants can view, download and print the admit cards till their CAT 2018 exam date without any hurdle.


Test takers will have to carry the printed copy of their CAT Admit Card alongwith a valid and original photo id proof for verification to the test venue at the time of taking the CAT 2018 test on November 25, 2018.


Delay in CAT Admit Card: Last 4 year trends 
Since 2014, CAT Admit card could not be issued on announced scheduled date and the issue date is delayed by a few days. The CAT 2017 Admit card may also be delayed by the IIMs by a few days.  The delay in CAT admit card issue results in the delay in making your travel plan as you would not know the your CAT exam centre and the CAT exam session before getting your CAT Admit card

CAT exam year
Scheduled date of CAT Admit Card Release
Actual Date of CAT Admit Card release
CAT Convening IIM
CAT 2014
October 16, 2014
October 19, 2014
IIM Indore
CAT 2015
October 15, 2015
October 25, 2015
IIM Ahmedabad
CAT 2016
October 18, 2016
October 24, 2016
IIM Bangalore
CAT 2017
October 18, 2017
October 25, 2017
IIM Lucknow


CAT Admit Card: Mandatory document
The CAT Admit Card is a mandatory document required to take the exam. IIMs clearly advise that you must print the Admit Card and bring it to the exam centre on the day of the exam along with your photograph identical to the image used in the CAT 2018 registration and application form.


Without Admit Card entry to test centre will not be permitted and an aspirant has to ensure to carry the print out of his CAT 2018 Admit Card with him


No Admit card issued, if not eligible
The candidate will be eligible for an Admit Card only upon submission of online application form. The candidate should have received an automated email confirmation upon successful submission. 


No hard copy of CAT Admit card by IIMs
The admit card will be only available on the CAT Website when you log on using your CAT 2018 User ID. No hard copy of CAT 2018 Admit card will be sent to you.


Details in CAT Admit Card
The Admit card for CAT 2017 should contain following information.

  • Your name as entered in the registration/application form of CAT 2018
  • Date of CAT 2018 exam along with slot of exam
  • User ID/registration number
  • Test System Number (Very important as you are authorized to use only the particular test system. This system will display your particulars which no other computer system can.)
  • Address of CAT 2018 test city and centre
  • PWD/DA status

If you are unable to view your CAT Admit Card, you should immediately refer and report to the CAT 2018 help desk.


Important Instructions in CAT Admit Card
CAT Admit Card contains various exam related instructions. Most important instructions in CAT Admit Card are:

  1. Admit Card is valid only if the candidate's photograph and signature images are legibly printed.
  2.  The Admit Card is to be produced for verication at the time of the test.
  3. At least one original (not photocopied or scanned) valid (not expired) photo identification card (such as College ID, Employer ID, Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Identification Affidavit) should also be presented.
  4. Candidates should report at 7:30 a.m. for the forenoon session and at 1:00 p.m. for the afternoon session.
  5. Mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets such as watches, calculators and stationary items like pen, pencil, and paper are NOT ALLOWED inside the test centre.
  6. Only Admit Card & Photo ID Card will be allowed inside the test hall.
  7. Rough sheet(s) and pen will be provided to the candidate for rough work, which will have to be returned after the test.
  8. The Test System Number is provided only for the limited purpose of identifying the  floor / wing and the computer at the test venue on the day of the test.For any correspondence with CAT Center you must provide your Registration Number.