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Updated on
March 27, 2020

Your CAT 2020 Score Card will contain two major scores – CAT Scaled Score and CAT percentile corresponding to these CAT scores. The core marks that you obtained in CAT are not visible in the CAT score Vs Percentile display on your score card.


You therefore need to know the process of Raw CAT marks vs percentile calculation and the Scaled CAT score vs Percentile calculation.


CAT Score Vs Percentile: 3 Key Components
Before knowing how much of your CAT score is required for 99 percentile in CAT, it is better to understand the key components in the process to convert your CAT score into percentile score.


CAT Marking Scheme Vs Percentile Score

Raw Marks in CAT Exam
Scaled Score in CAT Exam
CAT Percentile Score
+3 Marks for each right answer
-1 Mark for each wrong answer (only for MCQs)
Maximum marks in CAT-300
You can check your CAT marks with the CAT answer keys released by IIMs with the help of above calculation
IIMs conduct CAT in Two Slots
CAT question paper difficulty Level in Both the Slots may differ
IIMs use Score Equating and Normalization process for both slots on the basis of  different sets of test papers
The scaled score is arrived on the basis of this normalization process
CAT Scaled score may be more than your raw CAT marks or it may remain below your raw CAT marks
Percentile Score in CAT is the total percentage of the candidates who score equal to or less than the candidate in question.
CAT percentile is related to relative performance of the candidate in CAT exam and not the actual performance
Thus, the candidates scoring 80 percentile & above refer to the candidates who are top 20% CAT test takers

While most of the IIMs and other top B-schools consider CAT percentile score in shortlisting, they award weightage to CAT score in final selection process.


Candidates are keen to know your CAT score and the corresponding CAT percentile to get admission in top IIMs. Besides, please note that it is not only the overall CAT score and percentile, but also the CAT section wise score and required minimum percentile which is also very important to clear the sectional cut offs in IIMs. Experts at and other top CAT preparation institutes have prepared the overall CAT score Vs percentile and CAT section wise score vs percentile for different range of score on the basis of the conversion formula of CAT score to percentile.


99 Percentile –Overall & raw Score in CAT 2020
The overall and section wise CAT score for 99 Percentile as predicted by experts are:

  • Your overall CAT 2020 score of 160+ gets you 99 percentile
  • Your VARC score of 65-70 gets you 99 sectional percentile in VARC
  • Your DIlR score of 50+ gets you 99 sectional percentile in DILR
  • Your QA score of 55+ gets you 99 sectional percentile in Quant

Overall CAT Score Vs Percentile by
we present below the CAT score vs percentile range prepared by experts:

CAT 2020 Percentile Range
CAT 2020 Overall Score

CAT Score and Percentile by IMS Learning
Section-wise CAT score for 99 Percentile, 95 Percentile, 90 Percentile, 85 Percentile as predicted by IMS Learning for last year CAT:

Score VA-RC
Score DI-LR
Score QA
Overall Score
99 %ile
85%ile (CUT-OFF)

Source: IMS Learning


Section-wise CAT score for 99 Percentile by Career Launcher (CL): Last year prediction

Section Expected score for 99%ile
VARC 65-67
DILR 48-50
Quant 55-58
Overall 157-160

CAT Scaled Score Vs Percentile
It may be noted that CAT score card does not display your CAT score Vs percentile and only the scaled CAT score Vs percentile is mentioned in CAT Score Card. Read here to know about the CAT Scaled Score and Percentile conversion process. Read More



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