BBA Syllabus

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Updated on
August 27, 2019

BBA Syllabus for the BBA/BMS courses is very wide. Almost all the top BBA colleges have similar syllabus for BBA courses offered by them. The colleges that offer 5 year integrated BBA+MBA also have more or less same syllabus for first 3 years of the undergraduate programme.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a 3 year course leading to bachelor's degree. Since it is the degree programme it is offered by Central, State or Private universities in India or such autonomous institutes who can award bachelor’s degree. However, the formation of BBA syllabus is done by the respective university or the BBA college in regard to pattern and curriculum to decide on BBA semester system or annual evaluation process.


BBA Syllabus

Career Opportunity with BBA
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) over the years has emerged as one of the preferred undergraduate management courses that offers good career opportunity in corporate sector. The BBA placements have also gone up substantially during past many years. It enhances and broadens the ability and skills of management, analysis, thought process and business problem solving skills.


BBA Syllabus: Key Highlights
Following are the courses, subjects and topics covered in BBA syllabus in top MBA colleges and Universities:

  1. Economics
  2. Financial Management
  3. Principles & Practices in Management
  4. Marketing Management
  5. Taxation in Business
  6. Accounts Management
  7. HRM: Human Resource Management
  8. MIS: Management Information System
  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Business Communication Management
  11. IB: International Business Management
  12. Operations Management

BBA Syllabus in top BBA colleges offering the 3 year BBA courses or 5 year Integrated Management Programme comprising first 3 year for BBA and next 2 years for MBA could be a little different in accordance with the course requirement.


BBA Pedagogy
Teaching and learning in BBA is not confined to class room lectures only. Good BBA colleges, apart from class room study, include industry interface, industry training, case studies in BBA courses. Accordingly, BBA pedagogy may include the following three areas in its curriculum:


Classroom Study & Discussion

  • Class room study & discussions include case presentations, Lectures which enhance the leadership qualities
  • Teams & Groups are formed to enable the students to understand the value of team working. It leads to build up the high level of confidence among the BBA students
  • With various types of Case presentations and global case studies, students get ready to face the corporate sector and Multi-National companies.

Industry Connect
Industry and Corporate leaders are invited to interact with students Field visits and industry visits are organized. Students are given the opportunity to visit different types of industries, understand their working culture and process to get the idea how a business establishment works


Internships: Summer Training
BBA Course syllabus and pedagogy includes around 2 months of internship or summer training at a reputed industry/corporate house. This training helps the students to get practical experience in the organization that makes them industry ready.


BBA Syllabus Subjects Semester Wise: Similarity in Most Colleges
It may be noted that BBA degree is awarded by University affiliated BBA colleges as it is UGC recognized 3 year degree course leading to award of bachelor’s degree. Accordingly, the BBA subjects semester wise in BBA syllabus are quite similar although a slight difference in curriculum may occur in the BBA subjects semester wise. However, out of the six BBA semester syllabus, the syllabus of BBA 1st semester is almost common in all the BBA colleges.   


BBA Syllabus Different for 3 Years & 5 Years Programme
One of the key differences between the BBA syllabus for 3 years programme and for 5 years integrated programme is that the respective BBA syllabus changes only after the completion of three years.


Exit Option after Completion of BBA Syllabus
Most of the colleges offering 5 year BBA + MBA like NMIMS, IIM Rohtak permit exit option after completion of BBA course curriculum with the award of BBA degree for the candidates who dot wish to pursue further the remaining 2 years of MBA. 


BBA Semester wise Syllabus in IIMs and Top BBA Colleges
BBA course syllabus is divided into six semesters of six months each. Mostly the BBA syllabus of 1st semester remains same. IIM Indore, IIM Rohtak, NMIMS Mumbai offer 5 year intergrated programme in management. There are 20 Delhi University BBA colleges which offer BBA/BMS and other undergraduate management programmes. The BBA subjects semester wise and complete BBA Syllabus of Delhi University colleges is same for all three years. The BBA syllabus can differ from university to university but in case the colleges are affiliated to one university like DU BBA colleges, the BBA syllabus would remain common for all such BBA colleges.  


We share below the BBA Syllabus 2019 as announced by top BBA colleges and universities in their curriculum for BBA programme 2019-22 and for 5 year integrated programme in management


BBA Syllabus Delhi University
Delhi University BBA syllabus for BBA/BMS in Shaheed Sukhdev College (SSCBS), Deen Dayal Upadhyay College, Keshav Mahavidyalaya among others affiliated to University of Delhi is common for all semesters.


BBA Syllabus Delhi University requires the students to make a choice in semester V of One Area from the following Elective Subjects - FINANCE, MARKETING, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, MANAGEMENT OF GLOBAL BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT OF SERVICES, TOURISM MANAGEMENT


The Syllabus of BBA 1st Semester and the BBA Subjects Semester Wise including electives at SSCBS and other colleges of Delhi University


BBA Syllabus DU Semester-I

Mathematics & Statistics for Business

Organisational Behaviour


BBA Syllabus DU Semester-II

Accounting for Managers

Principles of Marketing Management


BBA Syllabus DU Semester-III

Human Resource Management

Managerial Economics

Operations Research

Corporate Finance


BBA Syllabus DU Semester-IV

Research Methodology

International Trade and Finance

Macro Economics and Global Environment

Legal Environment for Business


BBA Syllabus DU Semester-V

Apart from main course, choice of one elective is also available:


Main Course

Operations Management

Tax Planning for Business



Management of Financial Institutions

Corporate Analysis & Valuation



Consumer Behaviour

Integrated Marketing Communication


Human Resource Management

Training Management and Development

Management of Industrial Relations


Management of Global Business

International Accounting and Reporting System

Trans-National and Cross Cultural Marketing


Management of Services

Services Management

Marketing of Services


Tourism Management

Concepts and Impact of Tourism

Tourism Marketing


BBA Syllabus DU Semester-VI

Main Course

Corporate Strategy

Research Project



Financial Modelling and Derivatives

Behavioural Finance



Sales & Distribution Management

Retails Management


Human Resource Management

Performance and Compensation Management Systems

International Human Resource Management


Management of Global Business

International Supply Chain Management

Multinational Business Finance


Management of Services

Managing Insurance Services

Managing Information Technology enabled services


Tourism Management

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Travel Agency, Tour Operations and Business Tourism


IIM Indore Syllabus for BBA

IIM Indore syllabus for BBA is a part of 5 year Integrated Programme in Management finally leading to MBA in its 5th year. The BBA syllabus of IIM Indore is divided in 7 terms. The term wise syllabus is as under:

Term I
Differential Calculus
Statistical Methods-I
Language Skills in English-I
Introduction to Algorithms
Physical Training + Sports/ Social Work
Term II
Integral Calculus
Language Skills in English I (Part B)
Introduction to C
Physical Training + Sports/ Social Work
Term III
Microeconomics II
Linear Algebra
Sampling Distribution & Statistical Inference
Political Science I
Philosophy II
Presentation Skills
Introduction to Data Structure
Introduction to Databases
Drama III
Music III
Dance III
German III
French III
Spanish III
Physical Training + Sports/Social Work
Term IV
Macroeconomics II
Numerical Analysis
Statistical Methods II
Psychology II
Political Science II
Language Skills in English II
Critical Thinking and Writing Skills-I
Drama IV
Music IV
Dance IV
German IV
French IV
Spanish IV
Term V
Linear Programming
Economics Statistics
Sociology II
Philosophy III
Language Skills in English II
Research Methodology
Critical Thinking and Writing Skills-II
Drama V
Music V
Dance V
German V
French V
Spanish V
Term VI
Development Economics
Humanities and Social Sciences 1
Psychology III
Sociology III
Language Skills in English III
Object Oriented Design, Programming and JAVA
Multivariate Analysis
Visual Analysis
Drama VI
Music VI
Dance VI
German VI
French VI
Spanish VI
Term VII
Political Science 3
Humanities and Social Sciences 2
Corporate Etiquette and Image Management
Public Economics (Elective)
International Trade (Elective)
Game Theory
Stochastic Processes I
Introduction to Stochastic Calculus
Intellectual Property Rights
Community Mental Health

NMIMS University BBA Syllabus Semester wise
NMIMS University Mumbai offers BBA at its Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce.  BBA syllabus at NMIMS includes various courses which allow the students to specialize in the final year either in Finance or Marketing domain, so that they can pursue MBA or any other professional program.


BBA semester wise Syllabus at NMIMS covers 6 courses in Finance, 3 courses in Marketing and 2 courses in HR, which are compulsory. Students can specialize either in Finance or Marketing with 5 additional courses of their preferred domain in the final year. BBA semester wise subjects in the NMIMS BBA syllabus are as follows:


First Year

Semester I

  • Financial Accounting
  • Principles of Management
  • Quantitative Techniques - I
  • Microeconomics
  • India Socio Political Economics System & Current Affairs
  • Essentials of IT 

Semester II

  • Cost Accounting
  • Quantitative Techniques - II
  • Environmental Management & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Effective Communications
  • Macroeconomics

Second Year

Semester III

  • Banking & Insurance
  • Direct Tax & Indirect Tax
  • Human Resource Management
  • Indian Economics in Global Scenario
  • Operations Research
  • Consumer Behavior & Services Marketing

Semester IV

  • Human Behavior & Ethics at Work Place
  • Financial Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Business Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management

Third Year

Semester V

  • Strategic Management
  • Research Methodology
  • Advanced Financial Management 
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Business Simulations

Finance Electives 

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

Financial Markets & Institutions 


Marketing Electives

Sales & Distribution Management

Retail Management 


Semester VI

  • International Business & EXIM
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Plan

Finance Electives

Forex & Risk Management in Derivatives

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Financial Modeling & Business Simulations


Marketing Electives
Direct & Digital Marketing

Advertising & Brand Management

International Marketing & Business Simulations


IIM Rohtak BBA Syllabus 2019
IIM Rohtak has launched 5 year IPM from the year 2019. The BBA Syllabus 2019 at IIM Rohtak has 4 core areas: Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, and Humanities. Apart from these, IIM Rohtak has released BBA syllabus PDF for the convenience of the BBA students.  IIM Rohtak BBA syllabus 2019 is divided in nine semesters. The BBA subjects semester wise include syllabus on other courses also in BBA such as Business Communication, Management Information System, Business, and Foreign Languages. After 3 years of BBA, the syllabus for PG courses in next two years will be the same as for the PGP (MBA) students.

IIM Rohtak BBA Semester wise Syllabus
1st Year
Term I
Term II
Term III
Statistical Methods-I
Differential Calculus-I
Statistical Methods
Introduction to IT and Systems
Introduction to Accounting
Intorduction to Programming
Introduction to Business organization & Management
Presentation Skills
Language skills in English-I
Language skills in English-II
Rural/ Social Internship
2nd Year
Term IV
Term V
Term VI
Linear Algebra
Numerical Analysis
Bank Management
IT Applications
Political Science
Principles and Practices of Management
Business Algorithm and Data Structures for Information Systems
Sustainability: Measuring and Reporting
Industrial Relations
Integral Calculus
Critical Thinking and Writing Skills-I
Critical Thinking and Writing Skills-II
Financial Systems and Markets
Game Theory
Foreign Language-II
Corporate Ettiquettes and Image Management
Foreign Language-I
Immersive Project
3rd Year
Term VII
Term IX
Community Mental Health
Labour Policy
Web Based Development
Business History
Technology Trends in Business
Public Policy Processes and Institutions
Computer applications in finance
Business Taxes
Systems, Sustainability and Social Justice
Principles of Marketing
Media and Journalism
Stochastic Processes
Visual Analysis
Intellectual Property Rights
Creative Writing & Public Speaking
Foreign Language III
Presentation Skills-2
Business Internship

Important Points to Note about BBA Syllabus

  • BBA syllabus consists of 6 to 9 semesters in top BBA colleges
  • Common Specialization areas in BBA syllabus are Marketing, Finance, HRM
  • BBA syllabus especially in the institutes which offer 5 year Integrated programme is also of 3 years duration and the next two years syllabus is same as for the PG programmes like MBA/PGP
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