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Update on
August 17, 2020

Latest Updates in IIMs Admission: IIMs Admission 2021 has started in August 2020. Top IIMs – IIM Ahmedabad, Lucknow have released their MBA admission policy for 2021-23 batch with the details on Eligibility criteria, CAT cut off in Shortlisting, weightage in final selection, Fee among other important details. IIM  Bangalore, Calcutta and other New and Baby IIMs will announce their admission policy shortly. 


Given the Covid-19 pandemic situation this year, there may be two key changes in IIMs admission 2021

  1. Many IIMs may drop their GD and WAT round and may conduct only PI round online before making final admission offer to the students
  2. All the IIMs, including top IIMs – IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore,  IIM Calcutta may commence the academic session 2021-22 in online mode 

Doing MBA from top IIM is the dream of every MBA aspirant. IIMs are considered as the best Management Institutes in the country. There are 20 IIMs at present and most of IIMs have started conferring MBA degree after passing of IIM Act 2017. Earlier they used to award Post Graduate Diploma in Management.


If you are looking for IIM Admission 2021 updates from the Top or new IIMs, you are at the right place. MBAUniverse.com has researched all IIMs and other Top B-schools to share IIM Admission Timelines, Fees, Batch Start date and much more. This article is updated frequently with latest IIMs’ Admission information.


Due to disruption caused by the COVID-19, IIM Admissions 2020-22 batch was delayed. Almost all the IIMs including IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Kozhikode, Indore, FMS Delhi, MDI Gurgaon among others dropped the GD-WAT components from the final selection at a later stage and conducted online PI round. All the IIMs have started their academic session in August in online mode. 


IIM Admission 2021: Process has Started in August 2020
IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Lucknow have announced their admission criteria 2021 in the August 2020. Other IIMs are also in the process of releasing tyheir admission policy 2021. IIMs admission including new IIMs admission policy is announced by each IIM individually after the notification for IIM-Common Admission Test (CAT) is released.  IIM Ahmedabad is the first IIM to release all about its admission – eligibility, cut off, weightages in shortlisting and final admission. Close on the heels are the IIM Lucknow, Calcutta, Bangalore, Kozhikode and Indore followed by release of other IIMs admission policy.


CAT is the mandatory exam to get MBA admission in 20 IIMs and other top MBA colleges like FMS Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, IMI New Delhi, NITIE Mumbai, MBA Departments of all IITs among other prominent institutes.


IIMs Admission: Four Stages
Each IIM follows four stages before finalizing making admission offer to the student. Also, the IIM Admission process is as per pre announced admission policy which awards different weightages to the components like CAT exam score, academics, work experience, diversity, Group Discussion/Written Ability Test and Personal Interview.


IIMs Admission: Time Lines for Admission
You need to watch the following with timelines to apply and qualify for IIMs admission:

  • CAT Exam Notification with eligibility to apply: Last week of July
  • Start and Last Date of CAT Application submission: First week of August
  • CAT Exam Date: Last week of November/first week of December
  • CAT Result Date: First week of January
  • Check each IIM admission website for the call for final admission round from January to April  Read More

Let’s us understand each stage of IIM Admission


Stage-1 of IIMs Admission: Eligibility, Notification & Application
IIMs release CAT exam notification in leading news papers and also launch official CAT exam website iimcat.ac.in on the last Sunday of July every year, to enable the candidates to check their eligibility requirement and apply for IIM admission through CAT exam.


The eligibility for IIM Admission has two aspects – eligibility requirement to appear in CAT exam and eligibility for particular IIM Admission. Although there is not much difference between the minimum eligibility requirement to appear in CAT exam and to be considered for IIM admission, as both need minimum 50% marks in graduation, the weightages awarded to your CAT score, academic excellence and other parameters differ from IIM to IIM.


You need to apply for IIM admission in the months of August-September, when the application remains open for these top B-schools.


After declaration of CAT exam result, you are one of the two lakh candidates expecting to be considered for next stage of IIMs admission, but the fulfilment of minimum eligibility may not lead you to such consideration by IIMs for admission.


Stage-2 of IIMs Admission: Short Listing Based on CAT Score in the 2nd stage of IIM Admission, candidates are short-listed for final WAT & PI from among the candidates who have a valid CAT, who have applied to the programme and who satisfy the eligibility criteria for the programme.


The weightage awarded in shortlisting by IIMs include:
CAT exam score Cut offs:. In IIM admission, weightage to CAT score in shortlisting is consistently reduced in a range of 50 to 75 percent on a scale of 100, to improve diversity. Many new and Baby IIMs shortlist the candidates only on the basis of CAT score  and award 100% weightage to CAT score


Cut offs in IIM Admission: IIMs admission cut offs are announced category wise well in advance in their individual admission policy. Minimum cut off is announced between 80 to 95 percentile, but actual cut off goes much higher. Below these cut off score, IIMs do not call candidates for further rounds of admission. Not only overall score is important but the sectional score in CAT is equally important in IIM Admission. The cut offs in IIMs Admission 2020 as per their individual admission policy remained as above. Read More


Other Common Components in IIMs Admission: While older IIMs like IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Kozhikode, Indore award weightage to Academics, Academic & Gender Diversity, work experience, other new and baby IIMs admission process awards weightage to these parameters in final admission round.


Stage-3 of IIM Admission: Final Admission Round
This is most important. Even if you are shortlisted based on your high CAT exam score, your admission chances in IIMs have only somewhat improved, but you need to convert your IIM call into final admission. The weightage to CAT score in IIM Admission  goes down and other components are included with high weightage. This is the reason that even IIMs do not offer admission even to candidates with high CAT percentile. For example IIM Ahmedabad rejected the candidate with CAT 99.95 percentile in final admission 2020.

MBA College
GD/WAT in Final Admission Process
Personal Interview (PI)
IIM Ahmedabad
IIM Bangalore
IIM Calcutta
IIM Lucknow
IIM Indore
IIM Kozhikode
IIM Shillong
IIM Kashipur
IIM Raipur
IIM Ranchi
IIM Tiruchirappalli
IIM Udaipur
IIM Rohtak
IIM Amritsar
IIM Bodhgaya
IIM Jammu
IIM Nagpur
IIM Sambalpur
IIM Sirmaur
IIM Visakhapatnam
FMS Delhi
SPJIMR, Mumbai
MDI Gurgaon
IMI New Delhi

IIMs Admission depends upon following weightages:

  • CAT exam Score: 20 to 40% Weightage
  • Personal Interview: 30 to 50% weightage: Considers communication skills, work knowledge, GK, global environment
  • Group Discussion/Written Ability Test: 10 to 20% weightage: Effective and Positive speaking skills/writing skills are required to crack this part
  • Work Experience: 5 to 10% weightage
  • Diversity (Academics/Gender): 7 to 15% weightage: Non-Engineers, Women get bonus marks Read More

Stage-4 of IIM Admission: Generation of Merit List
IIMs admission result is declared in the months of April/May on the basis of above parameters. As per the past trends, IIMs may offer admission at lower CAT exam score to the candidates who have excelled in various parts of life like working in social sector, villages; have diverse profile like painting, graphology, national level players, writers, scientists among others. 


IIMs’ Fee
There has been a sharp increase in IIMs fee during last few years. Now the Baby IIMs like IIM Nagpur, Visakhapatnam among others charge MBA fee between 12 to 15 lakhs, second generation IIMs like IIM Udaipur, Rohtak, Tiruchirappalli among others have a fee structure between 15 to 18 lakhs and top IIMs like IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta have a fee structure of 23+ lakhs. Read IIMs Fee in Detail            


IIM Admission Criteria
The details given above are about the different stages of IIMs Admission as reflected in their individual admission policy. However, each of the 20 IIMs has its own admission criteria. The admission criteria contains the required cut offs in CAT exam, weightages awarded to different components in shortlisting and final admission round. You can read in detail all about the IIM Admission Criteria


IIM Selection Process
The final selection process in IIMs start after the shortlisting is completed on the basis of CAT scores and other parameters. In the IIMs final selection process the weightage to CAT exam score is substantially reduced and higher weightage is awarded to PI-WAT, Academics, Work Experience and other parameters. Please note CAT selection and IIMs final selection are two different things and even high CAT scorers may not make it top IIMs. Read here in detail the IIM Selection process


Top MBA Colleges Admission
Don’t  think that with the admission closed in FMS Delhi, SPJIMR Mumbai, MDI Gurgaon, XIM Bhubaneswar and other top MBA colleges, the MBA admission is closed in all the colleges. In fact MBA admission in many good MBA colleges is still open on the basis of different national and state level MBA entrance exams in every city of India.


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Old IIMs Admission 2020: Final Result Out
IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Shillong conduct their own admission separately and conduct their individual PI-WAT with varying weightages. These IIMs shortlist and conduct final admission round as per their admission policy

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New IIMs Admission
9 to 11 new and baby IIMs conduct Common Admission Process (CAP) before making final admission offer. However, IIM Rohtak, IIM Nagpur, IIM Visakhapatnam conduct their own admission process, instead of participating in CAP.  Read More  


New IIMs Admission 2020: Result Out

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