MBA Courses in India

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September 16, 2019

There are more than 3000 MBA colleges that offer MBA courses in India with a range of MBA specialization choices. The admission to the top MBA courses is available through various national, institute based or state level entrance exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT, IIFT, MAH CET among others.


IIMs, XLRI, SPJIMR, MDI, FMS and other prominent MBA colleges offer the most preferred and top MBA courses in India. although the MBA courses are known by MBA/MMS/PGDM programmes, it is the content & quality of MBA course curriculum, pedagogy, faculty, learning experience, placement which determine what is the best course in MBA.

MBA Courses

Top 10 MBA Courses List

The list of MBA courses in India includes the flagship MBA courses with MBA specializations in different areas and other important MBA courses offered by B-schools in India. Different MBA courses and MBA specializations are offered by management institutes in India in all types of MBA courses. Out of the MBA courses list that covers a wide range and type of MBA courses, some of the top MBA courses offered by IIMs, XLRI and other MBA colleges in India are:

  1. MBA in Marketing
  2. MBA in Finance, Accounting and Economics
  3. MBA in Human Resources Management
  4. MBA in Operations & Supply Chain
  5. MBA in Entrepreneurship
  6. MBA in Information Systems
  7. MBA in Communication 
  8. MBA in Organizational Behaviour
  9. MBA in Business Policy
  10. MBA in Production and Quantitative Methods  

Making Choice of Preferred MBA course
Out of the variety of MBA courses in the list, the student can choose the preferred MBA course in the second year of his/her MBA course. As the flagship MBA courses list in India most includes the 2 years duration MBA courses, the first year of the MBA course is based on curriculum designed for core MBA courses. The first year study of MBA course curriculum and the interest area developed during the process helps the student to decide to choose the right elective and MBA specialization in second year of the MBA course.


List of MBA courses in India: Types of MBA Courses
Following types of MBA courses are included in the list of MBA courses in India. These courses are offered by all types of MBA colleges including the top MBA colleges. The MBA courses list is divided on the basis of different titles of these MBA courses, Time duration, eligibility among other criteria. 


MBA/PGP/PGDM/MMS: Different Titles of MBA Courses
MBA courses list in MBA colleges offering them are known by different titles. The type of MBA courses in India carry different names in IIMs, University B-schools, private management institutes among others. However, the ranking, curriculum, pedagogy, learning, recognition and career prospects determine how valuable and relevant the MBA course is:   

  • PGP courses offered by IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore, Kozhikode and other 14 IIMs
  • MBA Courses offered by University or University affiliated B-schools like FMS Delhi, IITs, NITIE, NMIMS among others
  • PGDM courses offered by private B-schools like XLRI, SPJIMR, MDI, IMI, IMT and hundreds of others
  • MMS courses offered by 300+ Maharashtra B-schools like JBIMS, SIMSREE, PUMBA, K J Somaiya, Welingkar, N L Dalmia among others

MBA Course Duration: Classification as per Time Period
MBA course duration for different types of management courses differ. However the MBA course duration for any full time MBA programme in India is of two years irrespective of the title of the MBA course. MBA courses duration carrying Degree or Diploma on completion of the programme determines the type of the MBA course you had opted for. The MBA course duration will vary as per MBA programme. The full time MBA course duration is of 2 years, fast track MBA course duration is one year, Executive MBA course duration is between two and three years. If approved by UGC, AICTE or carrying AIU equivalence the MBA courses have same value so far as the qualification is concerned. However, different MBA course duration can be of following time period:

  1. 2 Years Full Time MBA courses offered by all the IIMs and all other MBA colleges in India
  2. One year MBA – A fast track full time rigorous MBA programme with the same content and curriculum as that of 2 years MBA
  3. Part Time MBA- Also known as Executive MBA for working professionals who do not wish to quit their job is completed in 3 years with flexibility of week end classes

MBA Courses by IIMs in India
MBA Courses List in India offered by 20 IIMs include all the MBA courses offered by them. While top and older IIMs offer different types of MBA courses in different streams apart from flagship MBA courses, including doctoral courses in Management, new IIMs offer flagship 2 years MBA programmes called PGP or MBA after passing of IIM Bill 2017.


Besides, apart from MBA course specializations offered in the second year, some of the IIMs also offer specialized MBA courses in different streams like MBA in Food & Agriculture, MBA in Agriculture Business Management, MBA in Human Resource Management, MBA in Sustainability Management among others. Below is shared the list of MBA Courses offered by IIMs:

Name of the IIM offering MBA courses
List of MBA courses offered
IIM Ahmedabad
IIM Amritsar
IIM Bangalore
IIM Bodh Gaya
IIM Calcutta
IIM Indore
IIM Jammu
IIM Kashipur
IIM Kozhikode
PGP, EPGP (IIMK, IIMK Kochi Campus)
IIM Lucknow
IIM Nagpur
IIM Raipur
IIM Ranchi
IIM Rohtak
IIM Sambalpur
RGIIM Shillong
IIM Sirmaur
IIM Tiruchirappalli
IIM Udaipur
IIM Visakhapatnam

Top MBA Courses List with Specialized MBA Courses with Curriculum
Whether the MBA course is offered by IIMs or other top PGDM B-schools like XLRI or SPJIMR, there is clear cut division in the first year and final year MBA course curriculum. While the first year MBA course curriculum is based on the core courses or compulsory MBA course curriculum, the second year MBA courses consist of Electives or the MBA specialized courses in all the MBA colleges offering MBA/PGDM or MMS programmes.


MBA Course in First Year: Study Compulsory Courses
The first year MBA at IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, XLRI Jamshedpur, SPJIMR Mumbai and all other top MBA colleges is spread over three terms. Key features of first year MBA courses are:

  • The first three terms of MBA cover the core MBA courses prescribed in the curriculum.
  • The Core MBA courses in the first year are more than twenty five and at IIM Ahmedabad the MBA compulsory or core courses are thirty
  • All the students have to study the core MBA courses before moving in the second year Specialized MBA course.
  • The first year's curriculum is compulsory and covers courses in the areas of accounting and finance, behavioral science, communication, economics, information technology, marketing, personnel management and industrial relations, operations management, law, strategy and quantitative methods These courses lay the foundation for all the functional areas of management that help develop problem-solving skills
  • During the first year, a student will be required to do number of core courses.
  • The term-wise MBA course details which the candidates need to study across the three terms in the First Year MBA course are as below:

MBA Term 1 Courses: Financial Reporting and Analysis, Financial Markets, Human Resource Management, Individual Dynamics, Legal Aspects of Business, Managerial Computing, Microeconomics, Marketing, Operations Management, Quantitative Methods Part-1 & 2, Written Analysis and Communication, Induction, Decision Sciences, Business Ethics 


MBA Term 2 Courses: Costing and Control Systems, Financial Markets, Human Resource Management, Interpersonal Group Processes, Transforming Business through Information Technology, Macroeconomics and Policy, Marketing, Operations Management, Personal and Corporate Ethics, Quantitative Methods, Social and Cultural Environment of Business, Workshop on Interviews and Presentations, Competition & StrategyInternational Business, Legal Aspects of Business, Sustainability & Distributive Justice


MBA Term 3 Courses: Business, Environment and Society, Business Research Methods, Corporate Finance, Government Systems and Policy Process, Internet Enabled Businesses, Managerial Analysis and Communication, Marketing, Organizational Dynamics, Strategic Management, Entrepreneur Learning, Business Law, Organizational Management, Operation Management


MBA Courses List in Second Year MBA: Specialized MBA Courses
There is a wide list of MBA specialization courses offered by IIMs and other top B-schools in India in the second year of MBA programme. Out of a bouquet of elective courses offered as MBA specialization courses, students can choose the electives that are of interest to them.


These specialized MBA courses develop the proficiency in the areas of their choice leading to MBA specialization in the preferred area like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship among others. These MBA specializations and their scope in India has been rising year after year with the introduction and launch of new vistas in MBA specialized courses.


The top 10 MBA specialization courses at the top MBA colleges in India like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, XLRI Jamshedpur, SPJIMR Mumbai among other top B-schools include the electives on Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behaviour, Information systems,


Below are shared the 10 most preferred MBA specializations and their course curriculum that you have to cover to make yourself proficient in the specialized area:


MBA Specialization Course in Marketing
The elective course in Marketing is offered by almost all the top MBA colleges in the second year of MBA course. The curriculum in this specialized MBA Marketing course domain consists of courses on - Business to Business Marketing, Advertising and Sales Promotion Management, Consumer Behaviour, Customer Based Business Strategies, Innovation, Live, Managing Customer Value Delivery, Managing Digital Business, Managing Luxury Business, Managing Omni Retail, Market Research and Information Systems, Marketing Management in the World of High Tech. and Innovation,  Marketing of Healthcare Products & Services, Mobile Marketing Essentials, Neuroscience and Consumer Behaviour, New Products Creation & Development, Pricing, Semiotics: Strategies for Media and Brand Communication, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Models in Marketing, Sales & Distribution Management, Marketing Communications, Strategic Brand Management, e-Commerce, Retail Marketing, Capstone Project, UGCA, International Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing Decision Models, Marketing Engineering, Marketing in Emerging Countries, Marketing Law, Qualitative Market Research, Service Marketing, Sports and Tourism Marketing


MBA Specialization Course in Finance, Accounting and Economics
This area of electives is one of the most preferred ones. The MBA specialization areas in this domain are different at different MBA colleges. For example the specialization can be offered only in Finance or in Finance and Accounting, or in Finance & Economics or in Economics only.


To be proficient in this area to control the finance of the company, you need to study the following specialized MBA courses: Financial Modelling, Alternative Investments and Hedge Funds, Asset Backed Securitization, Behavioural Finance, Bitcoin and the Blockchain, Financial Statement Analysis, Financing of Firms, Fixed Income Securities, Fraud Risk Assessment and Governance Mechanism, Futures, Options and Risk Management, Management of Financial Institutions, Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring, Microfinance Management, Modern Investment & Portfolio Management, Principles of Transfer Pricing, Quantitative & Algorithmic Trading, Strategic Perspectives in Banking, Structured Products, Trading Strategies, Valuation of Firms, International Finance, Advanced Corporate Finance, Corporate Valuation, Investment Banking, Private Equity & Venture Capital, Behavioral Finance, Capital Expenditure Planning and Control, Financial Considerations & GST for Sales Functions, Financial Decision Making under Information Asymmetries, Financial Markets, Financial Technical Analysis and Introduction to Global Intermarket Analysis, Indian Accounting Standards, International Business Economics, Issues in Empirical Finance.


Besides, those opting for combination with elective on Economics instead of accounting or the elective alone, they need to study Economic Development Policy and Growth, Economics Of Food Quality, Economics of Happiness, Economics of Organization, Economics of Strategy, Game Theory and Applications, Hitchhiker's Guide to Business and Economies Across Five Centuries, Indian Economy and Society Today, Issues in International Finance for Managers, Labour Markets in Developing Countries, Managerial Econometrics, Massive Change: Economics and Finance, Monetary Theory and Policy, World Economy: Business, Government, and Policy, Managing Private-Public Partnerships, Money Banking and Finance, Social Banking and Microfinance, Time Series Analysis


MBA Specialization Course in Human Resources Management
HRM elective has become a favourite elective course in MBA specialization in final year. It offers career opportunities across the globe. The courses you need to cover in their MBA specialization programmes are Business & Society, Business Turnaround and Organizational Transformation, Games People Play: Psychology of HRM, Human Resource Management in Service Sector, Personal Competencies for International HRM, Strategic Choice, Ethics and Morality: Lessons from Bhagavad Gita


MBA Specialization Course in Operations & Supply Chain
The MBA elective course in Operation and Supply Chair is one of the important MBA specialization areas. The key courses you have to study to become a business leader in it are- Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Service Operations Management, Operations Strategy, Management Science, Theory of Constraints, Performance Management, Strategic Cost & Profitability Management, Logistics and Fulfillment in e-business, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma (Part I & II), Distribution Management, IOT in Supply Chains, Supply Chain Analytics, Simulation Modeling with ARENA, Service Innovation, Emerging Technologies in Supply Chain Management


MBA Specialization Course in Entrepreneurship
Of a recent origin specialization course, MBA in Entrepreneurship has become the back bone of Make in India, Start-Up India and is the key specialization course being offered by top MBA colleges like IIM Ahmedabad. To know and implement the Entrepreneurship venture you need to study following electives - CINE: Understanding Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge, Networks and Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning; Corporate Social responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship: Innovating Social Change; Doing Business in India; Financing & Fundraising for Entrepreneurs Startup in Ecommerce (Entrepreneurship), Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing


MBA Specialization Course in Information Systems
IIM Ahmedabad, XLRI, SPJIMR among other top MBA colleges offer MBA elective on Information Systems. The specialized MBA in Information systems leads to updated learning with high placement opportunities in IT Industries. The specialization courses to cover in this elective are - Management of Software Project Enterprises, Big Data Analytics, Consulting in E-Governance, Data Mining and Business Intelligence, Data Visualization for Decision Making, Digital Inclusion for Development, Strategies for Internet Economy, IT Strategy, Technology Services Management, Enterprise Solutions, Strategic Business Process Analysis, User Generated Content Analytics, IT Business Development, Business Forecasting, Enterprise D-commerce, Reinventing Business with IoT, AI & ML, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, e-Supply Chain Management, IT in Financial Services, Business Modeling Through System Dynamics, Cyber Law, Data Structures, DBMS with Oracle, Turning Technology into Business Transformation, I S Strategy, Information Security and Risk Management, Intellectual Property Rights, Managing Business Process Outsourcing, Software Project Management


MBA Specialization Course in Communication
One of the important electives the specialization in Communication has become a preferred specialization course in MBA. Following specialized courses are covered in this elective - Communicating Corporate Reputation, Communication Skills for Team & Leadership Effectiveness, Difficult Communication, Intercultural Communication Competence, Managerial Communication, Media and Society: Economics, Politics, Ethics and Technologies for Mass Communication, Organizational Communication, Persuasive Communication, Strategic Communication in the Digital Era, Strategic Negotiation Skills


MBA Specialization Course in Organizational Behaviour
With the structural changes required at various levels in the organization, MBA elective course on Organization Behaviour has emerged as a good specialization option. To become proficient in this elective course offered by IIM Ahmedabad, XLRI and other top MBA colleges in India, you need to study the following specialized courses - Managing Complex Dynamics in Organizations, Co-creating Organizational Change, Contemporary Indian Workplaces, Decent Work and Diversity, Explorations in Roles and Identity (Off Campus), Gender Lens on Corporate Policies, High Performing Teams, Creative Self at Work, Assertiveness Training, Behavioral Strategy & Decision Making, Consulting to Management, Corporate Governance, Cross-Cultural Management, Decision Making for Effective Leadership, Designing Organisations for Uncertain Environment, Indian Philosophy and Leadership Excellence, Leadership, Influence and Power, Management of Relationships, Personal Growth Lab, Political Behavior & Impression Management in Organizations, Stress Management, Transactional Analysis, Zen and the Executive Mind


MBA Specialization Course in Business Policy
MBA elective course on Business Policy is an important specialization area. Following courses are to be covered to study this elective - Business and Intellectual Property; Business Government and Law; Business Taxation; Competence, Capability and Corporate Strategy; Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning; Foundations of Strategy Consulting; International Business Dispute Resolution; Leadership, Vision, Meaning and Reality, Managing Diversified Organizations, Multinational Company Strategies and International Expansion Choices, Strategic Alliances and Valuation of Intellectual Assets, Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, Strategy in Emerging Markets, Strategy Capstone


MBA Specialization Course in Production and Quantitative Methods
Production area is an important elective for the MBA course. The specialization covers topics on Advanced Methods of Data Analysis, Bayesian Methods for Data Analysis, Business Analytics, Coordinating the Crowd, Systems, Strategy and Bottlenecks, Forecasting Techniques for a Practitioner, Managerial Applications of Project Course, Operations Strategy, Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing, Statistical Methods in Data Analysis, Supply Chain Thinking: Value Creation and Adaptation, The Art and Crafts of Decision Making, why Projects Fail? Uncertainty, Complexity and Risk in Projects


The MBA specialization programmes are meant to infuse the best management skills in the candidate who has chosen the preferred elective. Many MBA colleges have the distinction of offering the largest number of elective courses with varying specializations. Some of the other MBA specializations offered by top MBA colleges like IIM Bangalore and others include


Social Entrepreneurship; Infrastructure Development, PPPs and Regulation; Business Analytics and Intelligence; Spreadsheet Model-Business Decision; Indian Economy and Policy Matters for Business; Global Securities Markets; Corporate Governance: Indian and International Perspectives; Corporate Valuation; Digital Marketing; Research for Marketing Decisions; Brand Management; Creating High Performance Organizations; Green Business Management; Strategic Thinking and Decision Making.


Some of the MBA colleges also offer different types of courses along with specialized MBA courses such as language courses, Business Planning courses, Developing Technology Partnerships, based on the interest of students.