MBA Courses in India

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Update on
November 9, 2019

There are more than 3000 MBA colleges that offer more than 8500 MBA courses in India with a range of MBA specializations.


MBA Courses in India can be broadly classified based on following parameters:

  1. Specialization Offered
  2. Duration and mode of the courses

An MBA course opted by you will signify your interest and preference for the domain and function which you are interested to study during your MBA program. Whatever could be the type or duration of  MBA program, the top B-schools offer major MBA courses as per industry requirement.


MBA Courses and specializations in India 
MBA courses and specialization in India are:

  1. MBA in Marketing
  2. MBA in Finance
  3. MBA in Human Resources (HR)
  4. MBA in Business Analytics
  5. MBA in Rural Management
  6. MBA in Family Business
  7. MBA in International Business
  8. MBA in Operations & Supply Chain
  9. MBA in Information Systems
  10. MBA in Production and Quantitative Methods  
  11. MBA in Entrepreneurship

MBA Course in Marketing
The MBA Course in Marketing is offered by almost all the top MBA colleges. MBA in Sales & Marketing Management is one of the most preferred MBA courses opted by the students to get excellence and groom leadership skills in the areas of Sales, Marketing including Digital Marketing,  Market Research, Analytical skills in Marketing, Pricing and Advertising of the product, Designing, communication, presentation among others


The curriculum in the specialized MBA Marketing course domain consists of courses on - Business to Business Marketing, Advertising and Sales Promotion Management, Consumer Behaviour, Customer Based Business Strategies, Innovation, Live, Managing Customer Value Delivery, Managing Digital Business, Managing Luxury Business, Managing Omni Retail, Market Research and Information Systems, Marketing Management in the World of High Tech  and Innovation,  Marketing of Healthcare Products & Services, Mobile Marketing Essentials, Neuroscience and Consumer Behaviour, New Products Creation & Development, Pricing, Semiotics: Strategies for Media and Brand Communication, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Models in Marketing, Sales & Distribution Management, Marketing Communications, Strategic Brand Management, e-Commerce, Retail Marketing, Capstone Project, UGCA, International Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing Decision Models, Marketing Engineering, Marketing in Emerging Countries, Marketing Law, Qualitative Market Research, Service Marketing, Sports and Tourism Marketing among other key areas.


MBA Courses

MBA Course in Finance
The MBA in Finance covers common as well as different specialization areas in different MBA colleges. For example the specialization can be offered only in Finance, or in Finance and Accounting, or in Finance & Economics or in Economics only.


MBA Finance offers excellence and leadership skills in the areas of Financial Management, Corporate Financial Planning, Corporate Acquisitions & Mergers, Accounting, Banking and Financial Management among others.


The MBA Finance course with different titles is offered by almost all the top MBA colleges in India including IIMs, XLRI, MDI, FMS among others. IIM Calcutta and IIM Ahmedabad are most preferred destinations to pursue MBA Finance Courses. The degree of MBA in Finance or PGDM diploma in Finance can be obtained as an exclusive MBA program or as a specialized elective in the second year of the MBA Finance course.


Managing the assets of a company in the right manner in modern times has become a key corporate requirement. The MBA Finance has occupied key value among the most preferred MBA courses in top MBA colleges and the demand for the Finance Management professionals has been rising year after year. Financial Planning, controlling and managing the financial resources are the major functional areas for which industry needs MBA Finance graduates.


To be proficient in this area to control the finance of the company, you need to study the following MBA courses: Financial Modelling, Alternative Investments and Hedge Funds, Asset Backed Securitization, Behavioural Finance, Bitcoin and the Blockchain, Financial Statement Analysis, Financing of Firms, Fixed Income Securities, Fraud Risk Assessment and Governance Mechanism, Futures, Options and Risk Management, Management of Financial Institutions, Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring, Microfinance Management, Modern Investment & Portfolio Management, Principles of Transfer Pricing, Quantitative & Algorithmic Trading, Strategic Perspectives in Banking, Structured Products, Trading Strategies, Valuation of Firms, International Finance, Advanced Corporate Finance, Corporate Valuation, Investment Banking, Private Equity & Venture Capital, Behavioral Finance, Capital Expenditure Planning and Control, Financial Considerations & GST for Sales Functions, Financial Decision Making under Information Asymmetries, Financial Markets, Financial Technical Analysis and Introduction to Global Intermarket Analysis, Indian Accounting Standards, International Business Economics, Issues in Empirical Finance.


Besides,  those opting for MBA Finance combination with Economics instead of accounting, they need to study Economic Development Policy and Growth, Economics Of Food Quality, Economics of Happiness, Economics of Organization, Economics of Strategy, Game Theory and Applications, Hitchhiker's Guide to Business and Economies Across Five Centuries, Indian Economy and Society Today, Issues in International Finance for Managers, Labour Markets in Developing Countries, Managerial Econometrics, Massive Change: Economics and Finance, Monetary Theory and Policy, World Economy: Business, Government, and Policy, Managing Private-Public Partnerships, Money Banking and Finance, Social Banking and Microfinance, Time Series Analysis. Read More 


MBA Course in Human Resources Management
MBA specialization in HR has acquired the status of one of the preferred MBA courses in India. MBA HR as a full time 2 years MBA/PGDM program is offered by many top MBA colleges in India as exclusive MBA program while many other top colleges offer MBA HR as one of the specialization courses in their flagship MBA/PGDM program.


XLRI Jamshedpur, Xavier University Bhubaneswar, TISS Mumbai, IIM Indore, SCMHRD Pune are well known for their exclusive specialized MBA HR programs. In addition, there are more than 100 B-schools offering MBA HR courses in India.

Managing and retaining the best human resources at the work place has become a challenge and therefore the demand for candidates who have done MBA in HR is growing year after year in the corporate and industry. With an increased recognition of the critical issues in managing human resources in business organizations, the specialists – MBAs in HR are in demand today for deploying their skills to hire, manage and retain talent in these dynamic & challenging times. The MBA HR Jobs have also seen a good rise in campus placements at MBA colleges.


MBA courses in HRM have become a favourite electives. The course offers career opportunities across the globe. The HRM courses you need to cover are Fundamentals for Human Resource Management, Econometrics for HRM, Entrepreneurship and New Ventures, Finance and Financial considerations in HR Management, General Management and Managerial communication, Decision Making, Employment Relations Laws, HRM Planning, Bargaining and Negotiation Process, Employee Empowerment, HR Audit, Information Systems, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Decision sciences, Strategic Management, Business & Society, Business Turnaround and Organizational Transformation, Psychology of HRM, Human Resource Management in Service Sector, Personal Competencies for International HRM, Strategic Choice, Ethics and Morality. Read More 


MBA Course in Business Analytics
MBA specialization in Business Analytics is a comprehensive program that covers the latest analytics tools and techniques along with their business applications. The topics in the MBA in Business Analytics Syllabus in top MBA colleges offering MBA in Business Analytics are covered
 in a practical and hands-on manner with real world case studies to enable participants to succeed in business roles using data analytics.


The importance of MBA course in Business Analytics is consistently growing as the demand for the talent to analyse and demystify big data is going up year after year. IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai have included MBA in Business Analytics as one of their key full time management programmes. Many other IIMs and top university and private management institutes on realizing the importance of Business Analytics MBA programme are offering it as one of the specialized Management courses in India. There are more than 100 B-schools offering MBA in Business Analytics courses in India either exclusive full time programme or as a specialized management programme.


Key topics covered in the MBA in Business Analytics are Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning, Multivariate Data Analysis, Optimization, Business Analytics and Intelligence, Business Forecasting, Social Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Sports Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Model-Business Decision, Infrastructure Development, Corporate Valuation, Digital Marketing, Research for Marketing Decisions, Brand Management, Entrepreneurship in Action, Personal Values, Goals and Career Options, Creating High Performance Organizations, Strategic Thinking and Decision Making, Reinforcement Learning, Corporate Governance among others. Read More 


MBA Course in Rural Management
MBA specialization in Rural Management is a well-established course and is being offered for last many decades. Realizing its importance, more and more specialized MBA courses in Rural Management in India are being launched by IIMs and other top MBA colleges.


With 70 percent of 125 crore population living in rural areas, the day is not far when more than 50 percent of India’s marketing, finance and human resources management programmes will require more and more qualified professionals with MBA in Rural Management courses. This is the reason that the demand for rural managers is rising consistently and the MBA rural management jobs are also on the rise. Not only at campus placements, the job opportunities for qualified MBAs in Rural Management are available with high salary packages outside as well. More and more multinationals are attracted towards the skilled professionals with MBA in Rural Management  to cater to the needs of huge potential of rural market in India.


IIMs, University affiliated institutions, autonomous and private institutes have realized the importance of the Rural Management programs like MBA in Rural Management offering specialization in Rural Marketing, Management of Rural resources including Human Resources, Rural Financing among others.


The key topics covered in the MBA course in Rural Management are Rural Society and Polity, Managerial Analysis & Communication, Environmental & Livelihood Systems, Green Business & Sustainable Development, Strategic Procurement in Agribusiness, Rural Development, Rural Marketing, Collective Action and Cooperation, Agriculture Input Marketing, Dairy Development, Agribusiness Social Marketing, Brand Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer Behaviour, Cost Benefit Analysis, E-Business for Rural Enterprises Development, Rural Communication Entrepreneurship, Geo-Informatics for Rural Management, Promotional Strategy Governance and Development, Sales and Distribution Management, ICT for Development Service, International Trade, Supply Chain Management Rural Innovations, Taxation, Public Policy & Marketing, Total Quality Management, Management Planning and Control. Read More


MBA Course in Family Business
MBA course in Family Business offers the opportunity to further expand and strengthen the family business and also to venture into entrepreneurship with innovative ideas after getting proper grooming and skills on completion of their MBA Family Business and Entrepreneurship Program.


MBA in Family Business is offered by many top MBA colleges to give boost to entrepreneurship ventures and to expand and modernize the family business to make it a successful and growth oriented business.


MBA course in Family Business or  MBA in Entrepreneurship & Family Business is offered by  many top MBA colleges including IIM Bangalore, S P Jain, Nirma University, NMIMS Mumbai, EDII among others.  


Students get the opportunity to choose from a basket of multidisciplinary specialized courses in the MBA in Family Business with functional depth in Family Business Management. The major courses covered are Business Environment and Strategy, Communication, Economics, Human Resource and Behavioral Sciences, Finance, Information System, Marketing, Operations and Decision Sciences, Inter-disciplinary learnings, Distribution & Logistics Management,Valuation & Business Expansion, Compensation & Benefits, Market Analysis and value Creation, Building Social capital Venture growth strategies Government Policies and SME’s, Family relations during transition Read More 


MBA Course in International Business
The MBA course in International Business is a specialized course for developing a competent cadre of business executives to meet the country’s growing requirements for training personnel in the field of international management. Development in the international marketing on the one hand and the consequential impact of the same on India’s domestic market on the other, call for a professional approach and sensitivity to international business environment. 


MBA (IB) course aims at providing a comprehensive coverage incorporating all the important areas and disciplines relevant to international business activities. 


High national and international placements offered to the students with MBA (IB) course attract more and more candidates to opt for the program. Apart from IIFT, top MBA colleges like IIMs, MDI among others, also offer MBA specialized course in International Business


The course and syllabus for MBA (IB) cover key important areas on International Business. The major ones are Business Research Methods, Consumer Behaviour, Financial Accounting, Corporate Ethics & Governance, Fundamentals of International Management, India, Global Trade & WTO, International Business Strategy, International Economics, International Financial Management, International Marketing Management, International Trade Logistics, International Trade Operations & Export Import Documentation, Management of Global Sourcing, Human Resource Management,  Legal Aspects of Business, Operations Research, Supply Chain Management, Trade Analytics, Financial Risk Management, Financing of International Trade, Mergers and Acquisitions, International Contract Management, Cross Culture Management, International Business Negotiation, Strategy in Emerging Markets, Strategy for Global Operations and Logistics,  Management of Shipping Services, Managing Global Compliance in Exports, Customs & Excise Management, B2B Marketing


MBA Course in Operations & Supply Chain
The MBA course in Operation and Supply Chair is one of the important MBA specialization areas. The key courses you have to study to become a business leader in it are- Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Service Operations Management, Operations Strategy, Management Science, Theory of Constraints, Performance Management, Strategic Cost & Profitability Management, Logistics and Fulfillment in e-business, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma (Part I & II), Distribution Management, IOT in Supply Chains, Supply Chain Analytics, Simulation Modeling with ARENA, Service Innovation, Emerging Technologies in Supply Chain Management


MBA Course in Information Systems
The specialized MBA course in Information systems leads to updated learning with high placement opportunities in IT Industries. IIM Ahmedabad, XLRI, SPJIMR among other top MBA colleges offer MBA course on Information Systems.


The specialization courses to cover in the MBA in Information Systems are - Management of Software Project Enterprises, Big Data Analytics, Consulting in E-Governance, Data Mining and Business Intelligence, Data Visualization for Decision Making, Digital Inclusion for Development, Strategies for Internet Economy, IT Strategy, Technology Services Management, Enterprise Solutions, Strategic Business Process Analysis, User Generated Content Analytics, IT Business Development, Business Forecasting, Enterprise D-commerce, Reinventing Business with IoT, AI & ML, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, e-Supply Chain Management, IT in Financial Services, Business Modeling Through System Dynamics, Cyber Law, Data Structures, DBMS with Oracle, Turning Technology into Business Transformation, I S Strategy, Information Security and Risk Management, Intellectual Property Rights, Managing Business Process Outsourcing, Software Project Management


MBA Course in Production and Quantitative Methods
Production area is an important elective for the MBA course. The specialization covers topics on Advanced Methods of Data Analysis, Bayesian Methods for Data Analysis, Business Analytics, Coordinating the Crowd, Systems, Strategy and Bottlenecks, Forecasting Techniques for a Practitioner, Managerial Applications of Project Course, Operations Strategy, Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing, Statistical Methods in Data Analysis, Supply Chain Thinking: Value Creation and Adaptation, The Art and Crafts of Decision Making, why Projects Fail? Uncertainty, Complexity and Risk in Projects


MBA Course in Entrepreneurship
Of a recent origin specialization course, MBA in Entrepreneurship has become the back bone of Make in India, Start-Up India and is the key specialization course being offered by top MBA colleges like IIM Ahmedabad. To know and implement the Entrepreneurship venture you need to study following specialized course - CINE: Understanding Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge, Networks and Entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning; Corporate Social responsibility, Social Entrepreneurship: Innovating Social Change; Doing Business in India; Financing & Fundraising for Entrepreneurs Startup in Ecommerce (Entrepreneurship), Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing


The Specialized MBA courses are meant to infuse the best management skills in the candidate who has chosen the preferred specialization. Many MBA colleges have the distinction of offering the largest number of courses with varying specializations. Some of the other MBA specializations offered by top MBA colleges like IIM Bangalore and others include Social Entrepreneurship; Infrastructure Development, PPPs and Regulation; Business Analytics and Intelligence; Spreadsheet Model-Business Decision; Indian Economy and Policy Matters for Business; Global Securities Markets; Corporate Governance: Indian and International Perspectives; Corporate Valuation; Digital Marketing; Research for Marketing Decisions; Brand Management; Creating High Performance Organizations; Green Business Management; Strategic Thinking and Decision Making.


MBA Course Duration: Classification as per Time Period
MBA course duration for different types of management courses differ. However, the MBA course duration for any full time MBA programme in India is of two years irrespective of the title of the MBA course. MBA courses duration carrying Degree or Diploma on completion of the programme determines the type of the MBA course you had opted for. The MBA course duration will vary as per MBA programme. The full time MBA course duration is of 2 years, fast track MBA course duration is one year, Executive MBA course duration is between two and three years. If approved by UGC, AICTE or carrying AIU equivalence the MBA courses have same value so far as the qualification is concerned. However, different MBA course duration can be of following time period:

  1. 2 Years Full Time MBA courses offered by all the IIMs and all other MBA colleges in India
  2. One year MBA – A fast track full time rigorous MBA programme with the same content and curriculum as that of 2 years MBA
  3. Executive MBA- It is offered to middle or senior level executives who wish to groom their management skills. The course is offered with a shorter or longer time duration in the range of 2 to 5 years with once a week or weekend classes.
  4. Part Time MBA- Also known as Executive MBA for working professionals who do not wish to quit their job is completed in 3 years with flexibility of week end classes
  5. Distance MBA- Distance MBA is offered by many top MBA colleges to the candidates across the globe. The qualification to join the course is same as to the full time course but the candidate can attend the classes online, through distance learning. Program duration is 2 years or more.

MBA Courses by IIMs in India
MBA Courses List in India offered by 20 IIMs include all the MBA courses offered by them. While top and older IIMs offer different types of MBA courses in different streams apart from flagship MBA courses, including doctoral courses in Management, new IIMs offer flagship 2 years MBA programmes called PGP or MBA after passing of IIM Bill 2017.


Besides, apart from MBA course specializations offered in the second year, some of the IIMs also offer specialized MBA courses in different streams like MBA in Food & Agriculture, MBA in Agriculture Business Management, MBA in Human Resource Management, MBA in Sustainability Management among others. Below is shared the list of MBA Courses offered by IIMs:

Name of the IIM offering MBA courses
List of MBA courses offered
IIM Ahmedabad
IIM Amritsar
IIM Bangalore
IIM Bodh Gaya
IIM Calcutta
IIM Indore
IIM Jammu
IIM Kashipur
IIM Kozhikode
PGP, EPGP (IIMK, IIMK Kochi Campus)
IIM Lucknow
IIM Nagpur
IIM Raipur
IIM Ranchi
IIM Rohtak
IIM Sambalpur
RGIIM Shillong
IIM Sirmaur
IIM Tiruchirappalli
IIM Udaipur
IIM Visakhapatnam

Different Titles of MBA Courses: MBA/PGP/PGDM/MMS
 MBA courses offered by the MBA colleges are known by different titles. The type of MBA courses in India carry different names in IIMs, University B-schools, private management institutes among others. However, the ranking, curriculum, pedagogy, learning, recognition and career prospects determine how valuable and relevant the MBA course is:   

  • MBA/PGP courses offered by IIMs: The difference is of nomenclature only. The courses offered by IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore, Kozhikode and other 14 IIMs are MBA degree programs now although they are called Post Graduate Program in Management
  • MBA Courses offered by University: The courses offered by University or University affiliated B-schools like FMS Delhi, IITs, NITIE, NMIMS among others
  • PGDM courses offered by private B-schools: XLRI, SPJIMR, MDI, IMI, IMT and hundreds of others offer PGDM courses which are MBA equivalent
  • MMS courses offered by 300+ Maharashtra B-schools: JBIMS, SIMSREE, PUMBA, K J Somaiya, Welingkar, N L Dalmia among others offer University affiliated MBA courses which are known as MMS courses


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