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Updated on
May 28, 2022

If you are a working executive looking for accurate and updated information about Executive MBA (EMBA) Programs, welcome to MBAUniverse.com Executive MBA (EMBA) Channel. This channel presents important information about Executive MBA in India for working professionals and Abroad and is compiled and written by MBA education experts. Here you will learn about Executive MBA Rankings, Fee, Admission process for Executive Programs in India. We will clarify the very important difference between Executive MBA Vs One year MBA


What is an Executive MBA Program?
In US, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, ‘Executive MBA’ or ‘EMBA’ is generally a premium high-end modular MBA equivalent program offered to senior executives with 15+ years of experience who don’t wish to leave their well-paying full-time jobs for earning MBA credentials. The course program structure is designed in such a way that senior working executive spend 50-60 days on campus attending classes and complete the rest of the EMBA program while working.


Catering to the need of globalization of business, many of the World’s top EMBA programs are offered jointly by a few leading B-schools, usually across the continents. For instance, the Financial Times ‘Executive MBA Rankings 2021’ ranks HEC Paris International EMBA; Ceibs Global EMBA and Kellogg-HKUST EMBA as top three EMBA programs in the world, while it ranks PGPMAX at ISB Hyderabad as the top Executive MBA program in India. Other EMBA programs in India include EPGP at IIM Bangalore, EMBA at IIM Kozhikode, EMBA at Mahindra University  

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Key Features of Global Executive MBA (EMBA) Programs

  • Aimed at Senior Executives with approximately 15 Years of working experience
  • Modular program with periodic campus presence required.
  • EMBA is NOT a Full-time Program
  • Profile-based Admission, GMAT Scores generally NOT mandatory
  • Placement support generally NOT offered
  • EMBA Fee is generally 200% higher than regular MBA Fee

EMBA is a Modular Program, and Not a Full time MBA Program  
This is an important difference, and must be kept in mind. Clarifying the target audience and program mode, Kellogg-HKUST say, “The Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program is carefully designed for busy executives. It only requires around 40 days out of the office.” Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program is a partnership program offered jointly by Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong.


The TRIUM Global Executive MBA, is jointly issued by New York University Stern School of Business, London School of Economics and Political Science, and HEC Paris School of Management. Regarding the program structure, TRIUM website says, “TRIUM uses an executive-friendly blended learning format (in-person classroom time and independent study between modules) comprising of 6 on-site modules at multiple global locations over an 18 month period. Time out of the office is only 10 weeks.”


In India, ISB makes a clear distinction between its PGP program which is positioned as One year MBA equivalent, and PGPMAX which is positioned as Executive MBA Equivalent program. “The Global EMBA equivalent programme offers campus experience. PGPMAX has a modular format and participants reside on ISB campus during classroom sessions…, ​” says ISB. The total number of working days away from work for the duration of PGPMAX are approximately 62 days. 


Let’s look at highlights of global Executive MBA Programs to illustrate points made above.

Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA
TRIUM Global Executive MBA
Minimum Work Experience Required
10 Years
10 Years
10 Years
Average Class Work-experience
16 Years
16 Years
15 Years
Program Duration
18 months
18 months
15 months
Full Time/ Total number of on-campus days
NO/40 days  
No/70 days
NO/62 Days
Placement Support

Source: MBAUniverse.com Analysis


Executive MBA (EMBA) in India
Coming to India, there is some unwarranted confusion between ‘Executive MBA’ and ‘One Year MBA’ and PGDM Executive programs. To understand the context, some historical perspective is useful.


In 2001, ISB Hyderabad launched its post-experience one-year full-time residential MBA equivalent program called Post Graduate Program (PGP). In 2006, IIM Ahmedabad launched its ‘Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives’, its one-year, full-time, residential programs popularly known as PGPX. Soon IIM Calcutta too launched its ‘Post Graduate Programme for Executives’ or ‘PGPEX’. In 2009, IIM Bangalore launched ‘Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management’ or ‘EPGP’. Both IIMC’s PGPEX and IIMB’s EPGP were one-year, full-time, residential MBA Equivalent programs. Recently, Mahindra University Hyderabad has launched its Executive MBA.


Given that word ‘Executive’ is part of virtually all 1-year MBA programs by IIMs, media and general public started calling these One Year MBA equivalent programs as Executive MBAs. Clearly, the one-year residential MBA programs by IIMs are NOT part-time/modular Executive MBA programs, as EMBAs are known globally. Read more about One Year MBA offered by IIMs


This confusion was further compounded when AICTE, the management education regulator in India, permitted PGDM B-schools to offer ‘Executive PGDM’ – also a full-time residential 15-months MBA equivalent program. So XLRI offered PGDM (General Management) and MDI offered National Management Programme (NMP). Today more than 25 B-schools including SPJIMR Mumbai, IMT Ghaziabad, IMI New Delhi, Great Lakes Chennai, K J Somaiya Mumbai, BIMTECH Greater Noida, SDMIMD Mysore are offering PGDM Executive programs in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities. Read more about One Year MBA offered by XLRI, SPJIMR and Top PGDM B-schools.


To summarize the difference between EMBA and One Year MBA in India, refer to this table below.  

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 Executive MBA Vs 1 Year MBA: Not the same

One Year MBA for Executives
Executive MBA/EMBA
ISB’s PGP or IIMA’s PGPX ISB’s PGPMAX; Great Lakes PGXPM; Mahindra University EMBA
Full Time
12-15 months
Varies from 15 months to longer
Minimum Work Ex Required
5 Years for IIMs, 2 Years for ISB/Great Lakes
Generally, 10+ years
GMAT/GRE required. Rigorous process.
Profile based. GMAT generally not required
Executive MBA Fee compared to 2-yr program
Much Higher
Placement Assistance

Source: MBAUniverse.com Analysis


As shown in the table above, the difference between Executive MBA and 1-year MBA is clear. While One-year MBA by IIMs, ISB, XLRI is a fully residential program, Executive MBA like ISB PGPMAX, Mahindra University EMBA is a modular program aimed at senior executives. 


Top Executive Programs in India 2022
Currently there are only few B-schools offering good Executive MBA programmes in India.


ISB PGPMAX and Great Lakes PGXPM are considered as the top Executive MBA Colleges in India. ISB PGPMAX, the Executive MBA by ISB, is considered as the top EMBA programme in India. ISB PGPMAX is 15 Months Modular Programme with world class curriculum which offers International Immersion. Post Graduate eXecutive Program in Management (PGPXM) at Great Lakes is one of the high ranked Executive MBA in India. The duration of EMBA programme is 20 months. The PGPXM helps experienced executives to develop general management competencies and prepares them for fast track growth to leadership roles. Recently launched, Mahindra University EMBA is 2 Year duration programme which allows you to work full time. The program has the rigor of a full-time MBA and the flexibility to allow working full-time.


If you are wondering why IIM Ahmedabad PGPX or IIM Bangalore EPGP or XLRI Jamshedpur PGDM (GM) are not included in this list, the reason is that they are NOT equivalent of EMBA programs. They fit the description of One Year MBA Programs perfectly.


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Top Global Executive MBA Programs
Financial Times publishes its much respected annual EMBA Rankings. The latest edition of the FT global executive MBA ranking 2021 of the best 100 programmes worldwide has been published. One of the interesting trends from this ranking is that Asia offers quite a good number of EMBA programs with Singapore, Hong Kong and China as leaders of EMBA program in Asia. Many leading US and European B-schools offer joint programs with top Asian B-schools. ISB Hyderabad is the only Indian B-school that features on this list.

Rank in 2021 Rank in 2020 School Name Programme name Location Salary today (US$)
1 3 HEC Paris International EMBA France/Qatar 4,38,303
2 2 Ceibs Global EMBA China/Switzerland/Ghana 4,87,372
2 1 Kellogg/HKUST Business School EMBA Hong Kong 5,08,964
4 10 EMBA-Global Asia: Columbia/HKU/LBS EMBA-Global Asia US/Hong Kong/UK 3,47,828
5 4 Trium: HEC Paris/LSE/NYU: Stern Global EMBA France/UK/US/China 4,27,223
6 7 ESCP Business School EMBA FR/GB/DE/ES/IT/LB 2,90,707
7 8 Iese Business School Global EMBA Spain/US 3,86,849
8 20 EMBA-Global: Columbia/LBS EMBA-Global Americas & Europe US/UK 3,14,788
9 11 Arizona State University: WP Carey Arizona State University WP Carey/SNAI EMBA China 4,85,946
10 6 Shanghai Jiao Tong University: Antai SJTU Antai EMBA China 4,86,808
11 5 Tsinghua University/Insead Tsinghua-Insead EMBA China/France/Singapore/UAE 3,71,258
12 18 University of Oxford: Saïd University of Oxford EMBA UK 2,67,855
13 21 Fudan University School of Management Fudan EMBA China 4,83,200
14 12 IE Business School Global EMBA Spain 3,34,131
15 9 Insead Global EMBA (GEMBA) France/Singapore/UAE 3,14,435
16 - Yale School of Management Yale MBA for Executives US 2,78,050
17 - MIT: Sloan MIT EMBA US 3,56,048
18 13 London Business School EMBA UK/UAE 2,98,753
19 15 CUHK Business School EMBA Hong Kong 3,07,256
20 19 Korea University Business School EMBA South Korea 4,15,672
68 53 Indian School of Business PGPMAX India 3,19,470

Executive MBA in India
ISB and Great Lakes are the top Executive MBA colleges in India offering Executive MBA in India. Although there are many top executive MBA colleges across the globe, but the executive MBA in India is not offered by many institutes. A key point to note in regard to the top Executive MBA colleges in India is that there is no executive MBA from IIMs. Therefore, despite being the institutes of high national importance, executive MBA from IIMs has not been launched. On the contrary, a full time one year programme like IIMA PGPX, IIMB EPGP is confused as the Executive MBA from IIMs which in fact is not a true Executive MBA programme.


Among the top ranked Executive MBA in India are the programmes offered by the following institutes:


PGPMAX – Executive MBA by ISB
The pioneer of Executive MBA programme in India is ISB which is also the one of the top executive MBA colleges in India. PGPMAX – the executive MBA by ISB is considered as the top EMBA programme in India. The EMBA at ISB is 15 Months Modular Programme with world class curriculum which offers International Immersion.


PGXPM – Executive MBA by Great Lakes
Post Graduate Executive Program in Management (PGPXM) at Great Lakes is one of the high ranked Executive MBA programmes in India. The duration of EMBA programme is 20 months which is longer than 1 year executive MBA, so the executive MBA should not be confused by the full time 1 year MBA Program PGPM, offered by Great Lakes. The PGPXM helps experienced executives to develop general management competencies and prepares them for fast track growth to leadership roles. 


Great Lakes PGXPM: Program Highlights

  • Dynamic and industry requirement driven curriculum tailored to suit the Global Business Environment
  • Distinguished faculty from US, European and Asian B-schools
  • Flexible learning with 7 terms spread over two years
  • Peer learning from a diverse background of class participants
  • Residencies, apprenticeship and live projects at work aligned to career plan
  • Individual country-based/vertical-based intensive year-long project under a faculty guide
  • Experiential learning through simulations, technology driven virtual classrooms with global connectivity
  • Executive coaching support with leadership lecture series from eminent thought leaders and industry stalwarts
  • Quasi-Consulting for practical problems/cases from participant’s place of work
  • Chinese (Mandarin) Language offered
  • Overseas visit in the final term (optional)

Great Lakes PGXPM: Eligibility Criteria
All applicants applying to Great Lakes Institute of Management's PGXPM should satisfy following eligibility criteria:

  • Must have completed bachelor’s degree with a minimum 10+2+3 years of education
  • Must have scored minimum 50% marks throughout the academics
  • Should be currently working/or doing own business venture
  • Should have a minimum work experience of at least 8 years
  • For PGXPM 2022, valid scores of CAT, XAT or EA by GMAC or equivalent aptitude tests would be taken as additional criteria/qualification, indicative of the levels of the respective aptitudes/skills measured by these tests.
  • Such applicants, who do not have a valid aptitude test score, would need to take the Great Lakes Aptitude test GREAT
  • An in-principle agreement with the employer would be required for self-sponsored candidates.

Great Lakes PGXPM Admission Process

  • Candidates meeting the eligibility criteria can apply to Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • Candidates have to provide the official email-id of the recommenders. The recommendation letter will be collected online from the recommenders subsequently at a later date.
  • Candidates will be assessed based on the information provided in the application form and shortlisted for the interview process.
  • Candidates invited for the Interview will be intimated about the venue and the time slot through E-mail / telephone
  • The selection process includes Written Test and Interviews, apart from screening for academic performance and quality of work experience
  • Clarity of purpose in pursuing executive management education as evidenced by performance in interview and overall assessment of academic achievements will be the basis of final selection.

Great Lakes PGXPM Programme Fee
Total Programme fee for Post Graduate eXecutive Program in Management (PGPXM) at Great Lakes is Rs.9,95,000/- + 18% GST.  The above PGXPM programme fee does not include fee for International Immersion which is an optional element subject to enrollment of minimum required participants. The amount for International visit shall be at actuals to be estimated by the class prior to visit.


Mahindra University Hyderabad Executive MBA
The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program at School of Management, Mahindra University is specially designed for working executives with rich experience. The format allows the participants to continue to work while pursuing an intensive, rigorous and enriching program. The format has been tailored to ensure participants from all geographies can come to the campus for classes.


Mahindra University Executive MBA: Programme Highlights

  • Allows you to work full time. The program has the rigor of a full-time MBA and the flexibility to allow working full-time.
  • 2 Year duration EMBA programme
  • Session commences in September
  • The program offers EMBA degree, not a PGDBM
  • Facilitates great peer-learning during the program.
  • The unique design of the program structure allows for participants from any city to enroll for the program
  • Candidates need to travel to campus for week-long residencies comprising of 6 terms over 2 years
  • Experienced faculty drawn from various disciplines and geographies will anchor the program.
  • For EMBA, School of Management, Mahindra University has entered  International Collaboration with the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and in its collaboration the program is designed 
  • EMBA programme includes a two-week international immersion in Europe
  • The ideal student for this EMBA program would be an experienced executive with 5 to 15 years of work experience.
  • Candidates need to have a strong desire to excel, insatiable curiosity, a positive can-do attitude and willingness to undertake this rigorous program while balancing family and work life.

Mahindra University EMBA: Eligibility Criteria

  • An experienced professional with 5 to 15 years of work experiencein Executive cadre
  • Should have a strong desire to excel, insatiable curiosity, a positive can-do attitude and willingness to undertake the rigorous program while balancing family and work life

Mahindra University EMBA Admission Process

  • A written application needs to be submitted.
  • The written application also includes one written essay, one video essay and one recommendation from current or past manager
  • Candidates are shortlisted for interview based on written application
  • The final admission decision is made after interview
  • A company support letter also needs to be provided.

Mahindra University EMBA Fees
Mahindra University EMBA Programme fees is Rs.24 lakhs


Executive MBA in Delhi NCR
Executive MBA programme in Delhi is offered by some of top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR including FMS, IIFT, IIT-Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, IMT Ghaziabad among others. Currently there are not many colleges offering Executive MBA in Delhi NCR but qualitatively, the MBA executive program in Delhi is much sought after in order to enhance leadership roles.. Read More


IIT Delhi Executive MBA – 3 years MBA in Technology Management
Executive MBA programme at IIT Delhi focusses on ‘Technology Management’. This programme is designed to impart management education to working executives. The Classes are scheduled during evening hours (6.15 pm onwards) on 4 or 5 working days (Monday to Friday).


Following academic qualifications will be the eligibility criteria for admission.

  • First class degree or equivalent in Bachelor’s degree in any branch of Engineering / Technology; Bachelor’s degree in Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics); Bachelor’s degree in Statics, Operation Research, Computer Application, Economics, Commerce and CA/ICWAI
  • Minimum 60% marks in aggregate (of all the years / semesters) or 6.00 CGPA on a 10 point scale or equivalent.
  • 2 years of post-qualifying degree work experience

Executive MBA Fee at IIT Delhi
Rs.10.80 Lacs for the entire Executive MBA Programme payable in equal installments (6 Semesters)

Admission process begins in February every year. Session commences in July/August.


FMS MBA Executive & MBA Executive (Health Care Administration)
FMS Delhi is one of the leading B-schools in India offering a low fee Executive MBA option. The modular design of the two year evening MBA Executive and MBA Executive (Health Care Administration) programmes has been divided into four semesters over a period of two-years.  


Total number of seats in MBA Executive and MBA Executive (Health Care Administration) programmes are 200 and 50 respectively.


FMS MBA Executive Fees
FMS is a part of University of Delhi, a Central University. The programme fees is Rs.1,92,000/-.


Eligibility Conditions for Executive MBA at FMS
Candidates applying must have pursued at least a three-year Bachelor‘s Degree programme after twelve years of formal schooling. Additionally, she/ he should have at least five years of experience as an executive or an administrator in a commercial/government establishment.   


IIM Kozhikode MBA for Working Executives (EPGP)
Empowered with IIM Act 2017, IIM Kozhikode is now offering MBA for Working Executives instead of earlier Diploma program. Known as Executive Post Graduate Program (EPGP), IIM Kozhikode delivers the Executive MBA programs through an Interactive Learning platform where participants can attend the classes from the designated classroom centers available at their locations.


The MBA (Master of Business Administration) programe for working executives (EPGP) in Management, is a two years master’s degree program in management offered on interactive Learning (IL) platform.   


The MBA Executive (EPGP) program at IIM Kozhikode is accredited by the AMBA (Association of MBAs) since 2011 and the objective of the programme is to impart management education to working executives seeking skills and strategies to take their organizations to the next level.


Highlights of IIM Kozhikode EPGP Program

  • 2 Years MBA program
  • 2 years Master’s Degree (MBA) Programme and not a diploma program
  • Executive MBA program is offered through an Interactive Learning platform where participants can attend the classes from the designated classroom centers available at their locations
  • Program fee is Rs.13,12,000
  • Provides an opportunity to attend a 'Masterclass Webinar Series' and receive a Statement of Participation Certificate from the Stanford Center for Professional Development (a part of Stanford University)
  • Specialization offered are Operations Management, Marketing Management, Finance Management, Strategy Management, Information Technology Management and Human Resources Management

Executive MBA Fee in India
Across the globe, Executive MBA is positioned as a premium MBA program for senior executives. The executive MBA fee structure at ISB Hyderabad is Rs.39.63 lakhs; The fee at Great Lakes Institute of Management is much lower at Rs. 9.95 lakhs. Strictly speaking, there are no executive MBA colleges with low fee. If it’s a good EMBA, it will be expensive. FMS Executive MBA fee of Rs 1.92 lakhs is perhaps the only exception.


Let’s compare Executive MBA Fee with 1 year MBA Fee. 1 year MBA fee charged for IIMA- PGPX is Rs. 30 lakhs, for IIMB-EPGP is Rs. 29 lakhs. This is much lower than ISB Executive MBA (PGP MAX) Fee which is Rs 39.63 lakhs.  

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Executive MBA Placement
Since the Senior professionals in their mid career go for Executive MBA and in most cases the candidates are company sponsored, the Executive MBA Placement is not high on their agenda. The MBA colleges offer campus placement to their one year MBA programs, but there are no colleges offering Executive MBA placement in India.


ISB has clarified in regard to the Executive MBA Placement on its website, “The programme is targeted at senior executives and business owners and hence no placement/career support is provided.” 


Q. What is the difference between Executive MBA and One Year MBA?
Ans. Executive MBA is modular part time MBA of 1-3 years duration while one year MBA is a full time MBA with maximum 15 months duration.


Q. Is the eligibility criteria for Executive MBA different from one year MBA?
Ans. Yes, for Executive MBA the required work experience is 10+ years, while for one year MBA is it 2 to 7 years


Q. Which are the top Executive MBA colleges in India?
Ans. There are very few Executive MBA colleges in India. ISB PGPMAX, Great Lakes PGXPM, FMS Executive MBA, IIT Delhi Executive MBA are considered as the top Executive MBA colleges in India.  


Q. Is the Executive MBA a residential management program?
Ans. No, Executive MBA is not a residential management program. However, the candidates are required to come to the Institute intermittently as per the prescribed schedule.