Part Time MBA Colleges in India

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What is Part-Time MBA?
Hundreds of the institutes offer regular full-time MBA or PGDM programs, but it is not possible for all to pursue management programmes through regular classroom learning mode, with program duration of two years. For them, Part-Time MBA is a good choice to pursue their dream of doing MBA. Accordingly, many MBA colleges have started offering part time MBA in India.  The career growth through Part-Time MBA in India is rising fast and now the Best Part Time MBA Degrees in India 2019 are offered by MDI, IMT, Symbiosis, NMIMS amongst others. Besides, Part Time MBA from IIMs has also strengthened the concept of doing Part Time MBA Courses. As per MDI Gurgaon “MDI’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Executive Management Programme) is a rigorous, demanding and relevant programme for the working executives who have no prior exposure to formal management education.” 

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Key Features of Part Time MBA:
Some of the key features of pursuing Part Time MBA from top MBA colleges are:

  • Curriculum: Part time MBA has a similar curriculum as that of Full Time MBA.
  • Convenient: Since classes are held on weekends & outside business hours on weekdays the part time MBA program is more flexible as compared to full time MBA.
  • Attractive: Adding an MBA degree along with your current job is one of the most attractive features of perusing a part time MBA course
  • Networking: Networking is the essence of an MBA program and part time MBA offers great opportunities of networking both in your existing organisation and with the other professionals you meet through the course.
  • High ROI: A large portion of professionals may not be able to pay the fee of a full time advanced MBA program. Thus part time MBA is cheaper & economical​

Often Executive MBA is confused with 1 Year MBA. Both are quite different. Read Executive MBA in India

Advantages and Disadvantages of Part Time MBA

Pursuing Part Time MBA has its own advantages as well disadvantages depending upon the requirements of MBA aspirant:


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Advantages of Doing Part Time MBA: Pros
If you are a working professional, have less time, wish to gain more by spending less, want to have career growth within the organization, the part time MBA is a good proposition for you:

Disadvantages of Doing Part Time MBA: Cons
Although, MBA or equivalent qualification puts a candidate into fast-track job profiles where they interact with customers and drive business goals putting themselves on a growth path, you may lose interest in doing MBA due to the longer duration of Part time MBA, may feel tired after working hours, may not get benefits of peer learning and above all the top corporates may not give any weightage to the part time MBA. All these points shared below may go against doing the part time MBA if you can do the regular 2 years full time MBA

  • Longer Duration: Generally part time MBA is spread over duration of 3 years; the duration of the program is longer as compared to 2 year full time MBA or One Year Executive MBA.
  • Exhaustive: Working while pursuing part time MBA can be exhaustive sometimes & a bit tedious to balance both the things at the same time.
  • Lack of On-Campus Experience: Despite having the same curriculum, a part-time MBA lacks the rigor and many other crucial benefits of a full-time program. Students also lose out on the productive classroom sessions and interactive discussions with peers.
  • Reputation within Corporates: Generally a full time MBA is more preferable as compared to part time MBA when recruiting candidates with similar roles & profile.
  • Higher Dropouts: Institutes have also observed a large number of dropouts during the course of part-time MBA programs. Not all of the candidates are able to commit and adapt to learning through a distance setup.

Part Time MBA from IIM
You can choose to pursue the best part time MBA programme from IIM also. IIMs are among the top part time MBA colleges in India who offer best part time MBA degrees in India. Among the top ranked IIMs, part time MBA from IIMs is available at IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode and other IIMs listed below:

IIMs with Part Time MBA
Minimum Work Experience Required
Exams Accepted
Part Time MBA Fee at IIM ( Lakhs)
Last Date to Apply
IIM Bangalore
2 years PGPEM
4 Years
IIM Lucknow
2 years PGPM-WMP
3 Years
IIM Indore
2 years PGPMX at Mumbai campus
5 Years
IIM Kozhikode
2 Years EPGP (Kozhikode campus)
3 Years
CAT/GMAT/EMAT-Executive Management Aptitude Test
IIM Kozhikode
2 Years EPGP (Kochi campus)
3 Years
CAT/GMAT/EMAT-Executive Management Aptitude Test
IIM Tiruchirappalli (Chennai Campus)
2 years PGPBM
3 Years
IIM Kashipur (Dehradun campus)
2 years MBA WX
3 Years

Top 10 Part Time MBA Colleges in India
Among the top ten part time MBA colleges in India with their Part Time MBA Fees for different part time MBA courses are top PGDM colleges like MDI Gurgaon, IMT Ghaziabad, NMIMS Mumbai, SIBM Pune, K J Somaiya and others. Here is the list of top 10 Part time MBA colleges in India:

Part Time MBA college Minimum Work Experience Required Exams Accepted Part Time MBA Fee for 3 years (Rs. in Lakhs) Last date to apply
XLRI Jamshedpur
PGDM (BM) –Part Time
2 Years Written Aptitude Test 10,72,000 31 March, 2019
MDI Gurgaon
PGDM (Executive Management Program)
2 Years CAT/GMAT/MDI Test 9,73,000 February 15, 2019 (for April Admission)

And August 23, 2019 (for October Admission)

FMS Delhi
MBA Executive
5 Years General Ability Test 51,000 Nov-19
IMT Ghaziabad
PGDM Part Time
2 Years Written assessment exercise 6,00,000 ONLINE APPLICATION OPENS ON: January 2019 last week
JBIMS Mumbai
Masters in Management-Part Time
2 Years Common Entrance Test 1,53,000 Nov-19
K J Somaiya Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
  • Masters in marketing management
  • Masters in financial management
  • Masters in hrd management
  • Masters in information management
2 Years Own Test 2,65,734 23rd March 2019
School of Business Management –NMIMS, Mumbai
MBA Part Time
2 Years   4,75,000 5th May, 2019
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Pune
MBA Executive
2 Years Own Test 6,10,000 15th March 2019
LBSIM New Delhi
PGDM Part Time
2 Years - 3,25,000  
IFIM Bangalore
PGDM for Working Professionals
2 Years - 3,50,000 Admissions Open for PGDM WP 2019 Batch

Part Time MBA Fee
Part Time MBA fee is much less than regular MBA programme fee. For example MDI Gurgaon offers 3 years Part Time PGPM at Rs. 9.73 lakhs as against full time 2 years PGPM at Rs. 21.34 lakhs.


Part Time MBA Course Duration
Part Time MBA or PGDM is typically spread over from 2 years to 3 years with weekend or evening classes at the college campus.  


Part Time MBA Placements
Part Time MBA, despite being of recent origin has become a preferred management programme for working professionals. Many working professionals after completing their course switched over to entrepreneurship which is considered as the best part time MBA placement. So, for those who wish to embark on Entrepreneurship with managerial skills, Part time MBA can prove to be a good option.


The objective of opting for Part time MBA is more focused on managerial skill enhancement without quitting your job than seeking fresh Placements. Although more and more candidates, especially working professionals who do not wish to quit jobs, are opting for part time MBA, the career growth after completion of part time MBA lies more within the organisation where you are working as you get an added qualification.


With the skill enhancement, there is no doubt that Part time MBA Placements also go up within your organization, you are already working. Besides, many recruiters also prefer candidates with working experience clubbed with part time MBA in placements.   


The MBA colleges offering part time MBA, however do not organize placement seasons for part time MBA courses and the placement assistance is also not very much significant. However, the Part-Time MBA in India from good MBA colleges is now considered very much at par in career growth as it is approved by AICTE/UGC.


Is Part Time MBA worth?
MBA often kick starts your career in corporates however it is not like that MBA from any source will yield the same result. Every coin has 2 sides; similarly, there are its own perks & disadvantages of Part Time MBA. A part time MBA is Flexible, Learning Intensive, Enhances Career Growth, Low fee program to fast track your career in management field. Given the low fee structure and equal learning as compared to full time MBA, part Time MBA is worth a spend if you are looking for managerial education without leaving your current full time Job. 

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