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Updated on April 01, 2019


While preparing for CAT 2019, you will be looking for best CAT Coaching that can help you score high in CAT exam. IIMs will conduct CAT exam for MBA admission 2020 in IIMs on November 24, 2019. This year it is IIM Kozhikode who will convene CAT.  You may be looking for regular class room CAT coaching, weekend CAT coaching, Online CAT coaching or may be only CAT test series while doing self-preparation for CAT 2019. 


In all the cases, the candidates preparing for Common Admission Test (CAT), the mandatory MBA entrance test for admission to IIMs, search for best CAT coaching institutes in their cities and in nearby areas where they can prepare for the CAT exam.


There are many CAT coaching institutes in India and many individual CAT trainers also exist. While the city wise CAT coaching centres may have their own merits and demerits, the best CAT coaching institutes in India offer a uniform preparation material for CAT based on the current and expected CAT exam pattern.


Best CAT coaching not only boosts your CAT preparation and clarifies on your doubts faster, it saves your time also. The CAT best coaching institutes in India include TIME, CL, IMS, ByJu’s, MBAGuru, Arun Sharma’s Mindworkzz, Tathagat, Bulls Eye, Kitabee, Alchemist among others.  


Need for CAT Coaching
CAT coaching requirement differs from person to person. You may like to opt for self-preparation for CAT with study material available, CAT preparation books and in the process may need some expert help online.


Another requirement for CAT coaching depends upon your availability of time and need to start from stretch. If you have time enough and wish to prepare with full time regular class room coaching to crack CAT with the regular coaching study and preparation material, exercises and Mocks, it can help you well. 


Self Preparation: Online Coaching Preferred
You could be self-preparing for CAT exam with your own preparation plan and preparation books. It could be due to the fact that you find that self preparation for CAT is the best preparation strategy. Or it could be due to shortage of time as you are a working professional or could be due to the location that requires lot of time to commute or the exorbitant charges that are required to meet the classroom coaching expenses. In this case you would like to have online CAT coaching without wasting time on commuting and without involving lot of money.. Read more on CAT Online Coaching


Preparation with Coaching Only: Classroom Coaching Preferred
If you find it difficult to self prepare and have time for classroom coaching, you could join one of the best CAT coaching institutes in India with class room coaching facility. Class room coaching offers you direct interaction with faculty, conceptual clarity, study and preparation material, practice tests & Mock tests on CAT exam pattern with error analysis and right approach to attempt the question. However, as regards the cost of coaching, the class room coaching for CAT is much expensive than online CAT coaching.


Top 10 Coaching Institutes in India for CAT
The best CAT coaching Institutes provide short term and long term class room programmes, Online CAT Coaching, alongwith the test series to help you prepare for CAT exam effectively. Most of the top CAT coaching institutes have established number of the CAT coaching centres in almost all the cities in India. The best coaching classes for CAT and the Top Institutes imparting CAT coaching with presence in many cities in India are:

CAT Coaching Institute
Class Room CAT Coaching
Online CAT Coaching
CAT Test Series with CAT Mocks
Available at all the Centres-Longer & shorter programme
Available with E- books and Videos, Test discussion videos 
Available with sectional & full length Mocks, doubt clearing sessions
Career Launcher
Available at all CL Centres on Weekdays/Weekends
Available with  Live/ Recorded video classes, e- books
Available with hundreds of Mocks
Available at all IMS Coaching centres
Available with discussion and doubt clarification sessions
Available with Mocks followed by analysis
Available in Major cities
Available - offers Tablet, Books, Complete CAT Study Material
Test sessions with analysis and doubt clarification
Available with SWOT analysis, Adeptive Prep, Homework sheets
 Available with interactive sessions
Test series with Mocks and analysis
Arun Sharma’s Mindworkzz
Available, Comprehensive Class room or short term. Arun Sharma is author of best selling CAT preparation books
Available with  uploaded Videos which can be accessed any time
Available with Sectional Tests and full length Tests
Available with one to one interaction with faculty
Available – CAT lectures videos, tests. 5 days free trial available
Available, Full Length and sectional Mocks, doubt clarification sessions
Available at all the Centres
Available with complete course and Test series
Available with post test analysis, error clarification and faculty interaction
Available with small batch sizes
Available with Test series
Available with post Mock analysis
Available with small batch size of 25 students
Available with videos, study material online
Available with sectional and full length mock tests

Apart from the above, some of the best CAT coaching institutes are Kitabee,, Iquanta, Erudite among others.


CAT Coaching Fees
The Fee for CAT coaching differs for Class Room programmes and for Online CAT coaching. The CAT coaching fee is much higher for comprehensive class room programmes, CAT weekend coaching programmes than the fee for CAT online coaching and for weekdays programme.


Besides, depending upon the duration of the programme the CAT coaching fee also varies from city to city. The Fee for CAT class room coaching is in the range of Rs.10,000 for the very short period CAT coaching to Rs.75,000 for comprehensive CAT coaching although, discounts on fee are always available.


The CAT coaching fee for online CAT Coaching charged by the top CAT coaching institutes in India is in the range of Rs.7000/- to Rs.35000/-.


Which CAT Coaching is better – Classroom or Online?
Choice of CAT coaching mode depends upon your interest, time, money and preparation level. Following factors determine the type of CAT coaching you would choose:

  1. Time Availability
    If you are a working professional and do not have time for regular CAT coaching on week days, the best way is to opt for online CAT coaching. Most of the online CAT coaching classes are conducted in  late evening. In case you miss the class, you have the opportunity to go through the recorded online class. Besides, Online CAT coaching saves you commuting time to classroom coaching.
  2.  Your Need for CAT Coaching
    If you do not need a comprehensive classroom CAT coaching, there is no need to join it. Instead go for online CAT coaching to prepare for the exam. You can also get your major problems solved in online CAT coaching classes as the available faculty can interact well during the session. But if you wish to have a good peer learning, get your doubts cleared in the classroom, it is better to join CAT classroom coaching which has its own benefits.
  1. CAT Coaching Fee
    You need to shell out somewhere between Rs.30,000 and Rs.60,000 after discount to pay for the CAT Classroom Coaching. Mindworkzz of Arun Sharma has specified a fee structure of Rs.72000 for the classroom CAT 2019 Coaching. On the other hand, the CAT online coaching fee is much less and is around Rs.20,000/- at top coaching institutes.      

Which is the Best MBA/CAT coaching institute?
Making a choice among the top CAT coaching institutes is difficult. Besides, if we go through the City wise CAT coaching center performance, one coaching center is rated very high in one city while the other one is most preferred in another city. Accordingly, if you are choosing the best CAT coaching Institutes for classroom programmes in your city, it is better to weigh them on following parameters:


1. Visit the CAT Coaching Centre
Go to the CAT coaching institute, ask for demo class on the topic in which you are weak and find out whether it is helpful. Insist upon attending classes on different topics from different faculty at the institute. Once you are satisfied, you may enrol at the CAT coaching institute of your choice.


2. Faculty
Faculty is the core of CAT coaching institutes. Some of the coaching institutes have renowned faculty like Gautam Puri at CL; Arun Sharma at Mindworkzz and so on. They help you to develop your test taking skills while clarifying your doubts and building conceptual clarity


3. Coaching Fee
Spending money on CAT coaching has to be judiciously thought of. So check the fee structure, negotiate it and bring it down as much as possible. Some of the coaching institutes could offer you discount upto 30-40 percent. Make sure that you pay the coaching fee only after negotiating it well. 


4. Reviews by Students
Candidates who have studied at the respective coaching institutes write the reviews about the quality of coaching, how it has helped them, quality of faculty, infrastructure. These reviews can help you in taking a decision whether to join this CAT coaching or search for another.


5. Past Results
Most CAT coaching centres make high claims. Check their past results. You may find many CAT toppers who are commonly listed by more than one CAT coaching institute. Don’t be misguided, verify the facts, before joing the coaching. Also check the ratio of the candidates getting selected. For example, a CAT coaching centre imparted training to 20,000 aspirants in a session and 100 got a good percentile; on the other hand is a coaching institute that trained 1000 odd students and 50 got a very good percentile – the better one is the latter as it has a higher ratio of selection. 


CAT Coaching Institutes in Delhi
The CAT preparation assistance provided by the top CAT coaching Centres in Delhi have helped hundreds of CAT aspirants to prepare for CAT with ease with their study material, pedagogy, practice tests and doubt clarification sessions. Some of the top CAT coaching institutes in Delhi are TIME, CL, IMS, Mindworkzz, MBAGuru, Thathagat, Alchemist among others.


Many of these CAT coaching institutes in Delhi NCR are running their CAT coaching classes not only for the forthcoming CAT 2019 exam preparation but also have started their batches for CAT 2020 exam..Read More on CAT Coaching Institutes in Delhi


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