PGDM Full Time

1. The curriculum of PGDM Full Time 2019-21 is geared to embed Innovation, Execution and Social Responsibility as the key values in young managers’ mind.  
2. A comprehensive review of the PGDM Full-Time programme architecture and curriculum has been modified with several innovative additions to the curriculum which will not only enhance the value proposition but also enrich campus life. 
3. Student managers would have the Major and Minor tracks to give them management education which is wide based and relevant in long term. 

Post Graduate Program in Management

Great Lakes' One Year full time Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) helps transform high potential professionals into competent business managers and decision makers. Throughout the course of study, emphasis is placed on developing competencies, team-work and leadership, inclusivity principles and value-based management creating "Business Ready Managers" capable of responding to complex business challenges.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

The Two Year Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management which is designed to train and groom the future managers at FORE. The basic thrust is on understanding the independent nature of Organizational dynamics and its managerial implications. This shall help students acquire conceptual and analytical abilities required for appropriate decision-making and their effective implementation. A number of generic learning outcomes related to the theme of corporate performance are specified, which emphasize on the objectives listed above and link the various functional modules.


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