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CAT online Preparation: CAT Exam 2019 Online Preparation, MBA Preparation 
Updated on September 27, 2019


CAT Preparation online or E- learning for CAT 2019 has gone beyond the conventional classroom learning eco-system. The flexibility and ease offered by the CAT online preparation supersedes the conventional classroom lectures. Apart from low cost, the CAT online preparation offers quickly updated preparation material with the relevant exercises. Top CAT Preparation Institutes like TIME, CL, Byjus, Mindworkzz of Arun Sharma offer CAT preparation online. 

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Online CAT Preparation has not only become a time saving and cost effective CAT 2019 preparation tool alongwith the self preparation, the CAT online preparation is found suitable for working professionals as well as for those who want to utilize their commuting time in CAT preparation. Many of the CAT aspirants are devoted to self-study pattern while many others are preparing with online coaching or offline with the support of one or other coaching centres. Since, at number of times we lag behind in following a tough classroom CAT study schedule offline, the CAT 2018 preparation online proves to be a good alternative. 

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According to a report titled: “Online Education in India: 2021” by KPMG India and Google, India’s online education market is set to grow to USD 1.88 billion and around 8.8 million users by 2021.  The study also stated that test preparation would be the fastest growing category in 2021, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 64%. CAT being the most important entrance test for MBA admission requires rigorous and effective preparation.


With this article, we at will help you to navigate the online CAT preparation with best sites for CAT Preparation Online


CAT Online Preparation: Growing Popularity
Till recently the concept of online CAT preparation was shunned by many aspirants but with advent and growth in technology and its far reaching effects in all the sectors of education, CAT online classes have grown to a great extent. recently conducted a survey on preference of study methodology by aspirants. The growing popularity survey on the Online CAT preparation and offline CAT preparation indicates that preference for CAT 2019 online preparation has grown to 26% from earlier 10-12% two years ago, and now CAT aspirants especially working professionals prefer online CAT preparation, although a major share still prefers off line coaching.


During the last few years, coaching centres have become so good in their online CAT preparation strategy on imparting knowledge and intelligent tips to solve CAT questions that students learn them with an amazing ease.  But the decision of choosing a good online CAT learning centre is not less difficult than making a choice of good B-school.

Comparison between CAT online Preparation V/s Offline Preparation
If we compare the CAT online preparation and offline classes on different parameters, we may summarise them as follows:

On-Line CAT Preparation
Cost of CAT Preparation
Low cost CAT preparation with more material and Tests
Cost of CAT preparation is high
Ease of Taking Classes
No commuting required. One can take classes from anywhere in the world
Have to go to the coaching centre
Need of Physical Presence
No Physical presence required as classes are through internet system
Have to be present in the class room
Interaction with CAT Trainer
One to one interaction, Batch size is immaterial
If the batch size is large, will be a part of crowd and may not get time for one to one interaction
Access to Class Recording afterwards
Facility to go through the recorded class, if the class is missed
Should be present in class, same class may not be repeated.
Time Investment
Time saving as no movement required
Consumes more time – travelling, batch attendance, attendees/teachers coming late etc.
Class Hesitation to Raise Query
Students feeling shy may ask the questions sitting before his/her computer-no one to ridicule at.
Shy ones remain silent for the fear of being ridiculed at.
Class Review
Every class may be reviewed any number of times
Facility is not available
Class Punctuality
Absolute punctuality-as class begins on time
The teacher/student may be late. Class will start when the teacher comes; if the student is late, he will miss the session
Suitability for Working Professionals
More suitable for working professionals as online classes are conducted in the evening/night and recordings are available afterwards
Regular class room attendance is required during the day. May need to take long leave from the office or quit the job

Key Benefits of Online Preparation for CAT
Online coaching, if taken a little seriously will be a great value addition to your preparation for CAT. How to choose best online coaching for CAT 2019 out of many CAT 2019 on-line preparation centres running all over the country, is another situation that needs to be analysed, so that you may have great motivational level without getting duped.


Flexibility: Online CAT 2019 preparation programs provide the video lessons, online CAT exercises, online CAT quizzes and CAT online practice tests. The Online CAT lessons can be watched any time anywhere and any number of times. Similarly, the online CAT exercises and online practice tests can be attempted any number of times at your convenience without getting bound in the class room hours . After attending college or office for 5-6 hours a day, travelling and attending classes may be a tedious task. Online CAT classes offer the flexibility to utilize even the commuting/waiting time to learn from the videos.


Cost Effective: CAT 2019 preparation online programs are relatively priced lower than offline classes. The price may vary from 10000 – 25,000 alongwith the online study material and online CAT practice tests. However, for offline classes one might end up paying around 40,000.

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Time Saver: CAT online classes cut short the travelling time wasted in attending conventional coaching centers and hence provide you with extra time to learn.


Quality Lectures: The quality of lectures is a major concern in attending offline-coaching centers. The faculty varies from center to center and within the center also. So even after paying, a huge amount there is no assurance of quality lectures in offline mode. However, online CAT preparation classes offer quality video lectures prepared by the best faculty. Based on all the parameters, without paying first, the best Online preparation for CAT 2019 can be selected.


Learning on your own pace: As one size does not fit all so does the pace of learning. At offline class mode, one is expected to match the pace of the class or of the faculty. Online CAT classes offer the CAT online preparation material with space to learn at your own pace, pause or repeat the lecture according to your own convenience.


Peer- Learning: Now the online CAT courses offer various platforms to share; discuss and clear your doubts with a well- connected network of peer aspirants across the whole country. This makes you aware of the competition level and of your areas of improvement.


Best Online CAT Preparation 
There exists a plethora of Online CAT preparation institutes. However, best online coaching for CAT 2019 Offering quality programs are only a few. We have listed few online CAT preparation programmes offered by best Online CAT preparation centres with required CAT preparation online material: (The programme fee may vary)

Name of the CAT Online  Preparation Centre
Online CAT Preparation Programme Features
Online CAT Preparation Fee
  • Considered as top coaching with presence across the country
  • Mode: E- books and Videos
  • Test discussion videos
  • Online doubt clearing session
  • Reliable for being top in the industry
Rs. 13,250
Career Launcher
  • Preparation material by IIM Alumni
  • One of the top CAT coaching institutes with centres across India
  • Modes: Live/ Recorded video classes, e- books
  • Class exercise with only hand-picked questions from previous CAT exams.
  • Lessons offered by renowned CL faculty
Rs. 17,797
BYJU’s  Learning App
  • Prepared by top CAT trainers - Byju Raveendran and Santosh PN
  • Tablet + 14 Books
  • Complete CAT Study Material
  • 200 Sectional Tests, 20 Full Length Tests
  • Clarity on Basics and problem solving techniques
  • Course Classes by Arun Sharma & Meenakshi Upadhyaya – authors of best CAT preparation books    
  • Comprehensive online CAT 2018 Material
  • Online Classes at  8PM. Videos uploaded can be accessed any time
  • 4-5 Classes per week
  • 100 Sectional Tests and 10 full length Tests
  • Mode: Classes are conducted in secret groups on Facebook
  • Demo classes available
  • 24*7 availability for doubt solving.
  • Options to take full or sectional course
  • Achieved to get 100+ students in IIMS, 30+ in XLRI in a span of 3 years.
Rs. 13,999
  • Modes: Video classes and slideshows
  • Easy concept building
  • 5 Free Classes
  • 400+ CAT-Level questions in the form of a topical test series.
Handa Ka Funda
  • Mode: Video classes
  • Doubt clearing through live sessions
  • Lowest fee amongst other program
  • 750+ video tutorials including basic and advanced concepts
Rs. 6,999

5 Tips: How to Choose Best Online Coaching
When you decide on any online CAT preparation, ask for following before proceeding to choose one:


Ask for a Demo Class: In fact special online CAT Demo classes are designed to give special effects.  It is better to opt for running Demo CAT online class.  You will get a feel of pedagogy, the level of understanding that you may get. The questions posed by the students in such classes and the answers received by them, will make you form an idea whether to go for it.  If the queries raised by you are duly answered, you will have the satisfaction of selecting the right coaching.


Past Results: All the coaching centres claim a lot. Suppose, an on-line coaching centre imparted training to 20,000 aspirants in a session and 100 got a good percentile; on the other hand is a coaching institute that trained 1000 odd students and 50 got a very good percentile – think of the ratio and then decide. 


Faculty: Find out how motivated are the students in the online CAT classes. If the trainer is able to create interest in the topic and is teaching the topic which is relevant to the examination, the online CAT classes are serving their purpose.  It is better to interact with the faculty in regard to CAT preparation strategy.


Test series: There should be ample CAT exercises in the online CAT prepraration classes. You need to check whether the coaching Institute has full length Mock Tests and can provide the same to you timely? Would the test series be in accordance to the CAT examination pattern? Answers to these questions must be sought and well analysed before selecting the right online coaching.


Apart from the above, gather the information what shall be number of classes, which topic will have more classes, Batch size, Availability of Doubt clarification classes, ask for its course module,  take some already posted feedback- ask them to send a few feedbacks of different dates to assess the quality. This will help you going for the best available CAT online preparation option.


Be your judge: There is a growing trend for online CAT classes as the aspirants find them more convenient but you will have to judiciously select the right coaching based on above parameters. CAT is one of the most prestigious examinations that pave your way to the best B-schools in India. The examination may not be a cake walk and would require hard wrok. You need an online CAT coaching that could make you prepare to perform your level best in CAT 2019.


Important Tips to Crack CAT 2019 with Online CAT Preparation Course
Online CAT Preparation programs offer a lot of advantages over conventional classroom programmes. However, as the program is self-driven a few things need to be taken care of during the course of online preparation.


Time Management: Along with the CAT online classes, one needs to manage his/her time accordingly. Procrastination could lead to mediocre or even bad results.


Self- Motivation: The CAT online preparation phase may include ups and downs. One needs to motivate himself/herself constantly over the period to achieve high scores.


Pro-activeness: As there would be no faculty member to gauge the CAT preparation performance, so one needs to be proactive in clearing doubts and maintaining a track record for his/ her performance.


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