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Updated on
March 27, 2020

CAT Mock Test 2020 by IIMs with 100 questions will be released in mid-October 2020. You can take the full length official CAT Mock test on the CAT exam pattern on CAT website in three hours. It is a single Mock without answers and not any official CAT Mock Test Series.. Read More


CAT Mock Test 2020 at is available to prepare for CAT exam as per the revised CAT exam pattern. There are three types of CAT Mock tests with different difficulty levels available for free practice online.

  1. CAT Mock Tests with solutions Prepared by Experts
  2. CAT Mock  Tests by IIMs with answers by Experts
  3. CAT Mock Tests Section wise for VARC, DILR and QA

You can take each type of the free CAT Mock Test online moving up from moderate difficulty level to higher difficulty level:

  1. CAT Mock Tests: Prepared by experts

These CAT Mock Tests are based on past and expected CAT exam pattern. CAT Mock Free Practice tests of different difficulty level are prepared by Experts to help CAT exam takers to understand the important topics, difficulty level and how to prepare better for CAT Exam.

  1. Free CAT Mock Test 2020: Moderate Difficulty Level

Below are shared four CAT Mock free practice tests of moderate difficulty level with answers. After taking each CAT Mock test you can analyse each of the CAT Mocks and improve further. It will help you to proceed further to go for higher difficulty level CAT Mock test available for free practice.

CAT Mock Test-1: Attempt Here

CAT Mock Test -2: Attempt Here

CAT Mock Test -3: Attempt Here

CAT Mock Test -4: Attempt Here

B. Free CAT Mock Tests 2020: Moderate to High Difficulty Level
After taking and analyzing moderate difficulty level CAT Mock Tests, it is better to take higher difficulty level CAT Mocks to make sure that you are well prepared now. Below are the moderate to high difficulty level CAT Mock Tests. You have three hours to attempt and solve each of these Mock test papers for CAT 2020.

CAT Mock Test -5: Attempt Here

CAT Mock test -6: Attempt Here

  1. CAT Mock Test by IIMs: Higher Difficulty level

Official CAT Mock test by IIMs will be released in October 2020. One full length official CAT Mock Test by IIMs with 100 questions but without answers is released by IIMs a month before the CAT exam every year. These CAT Mock Tests by IIMs also have same high difficulty level and question pattern as you can expect in actual CAT exam. IIMs clarify, “Tutorials to understand the format of the test will be available on the CAT website from October. Candidates are advised to work on the tutorials available on the CAT website well in advance.”


For CAT preparation, taking the official CAT Mock test is the right approach to understand the pattern of examination and types of questions. Please note that the CAT Mock test released by IIMs is without solution. However, the last few official CAT Mocks tests by IIMs, solved by experts to provide right answers with solution, are given here. These CAT Mock tests officially released by IIMs are the high difficulty level free CAT Mock tests for the practice and CAT preparation:

CAT Mock Test -7 by IIMs: Attempt Here  

CAT Mock Test -8 by IIMs: Attempt Here  

  1. Free CAT Mock Sectional Tests & Quizes

Not only full length and different difficulty level CAT Mocks prepared by experts, you can also attempt CAT Mock test Free with the help of shorter time duration CAT quiz tests to check your CAT preparation level.


CAT Mock -9: Sectional Mock on Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC)

Attempt CAT Mock-9 on VARC Section

CAT Mock-10: Sectional Mock on Data Interpretation and logical Reasoning (DILR)

Attempt CAT Mock-10 on DILR Section

CAT Mock-11: Sectional Mock on Quantitative Ability (QA)

Attempt CAT Mock-11 on Quantitative Ability

CAT Mock Tests: 5 Key Benefits of Taking CAT Mocks

  • CAT Exam Mock Test lets you know about the latest CAT exam pattern and the expected trend in CAT 2020 Question Paper
  • CAT Mock Test papers help you to know how to approach the CAT questions without losing marks due to negative marking
  • The CAT Mock Tests are with solutions. You can assess your performance as well as can analyse your mistakes and can improve on them 
  • CAT Mock Tests are free of cost
  • You can take CAT Mock tests as many times as you can

Important Note: CAT Mock Test Pdf
CAT Mock test is released on CAT website with a link to solve it. In no case IIMs offer CAT Mock test pdf and as such you cannot download it. Another key point to note in regard to CAT Mock test by IIM is that it is a single full length CAT Mock test. IIMs do not release the CAT Mock Test series.  


CAT Mocks: Assess Your CAT Preparation
You can assess your CAT preparation with the help of the free CAT Mock tests shared above.  

These CAT Mock tests papers are the right source to familiarise yourself with the actual CAT 2020 exam pattern, changes in topics in CAT 2020 syllabus, sectional composition, type and pattern of questions expected in CAT 2020 exam and the scoring pattern.


Each new CAT Mock Test is based on past CAT test papers. Accordingly the CAT 2020 Mock Tests are also based on the past CAT question papers to guide you about the forthcoming CAT 2020 question paper.


So if are looking for the best CAT exam question paper or CAT solved Mock Tests, you can attempt these free CAT Mocks of different difficulty levels as all the CAT Mocks with solutions are provided here.


CAT Mock Tests Vs CAT Exam Pattern

CAT Mock tests are the replica tests for CAT exam. However, somce changes in number of questions on various topics may be there in actual CAT exam. For example number of non MCQs, the No penalty questions in CAT exam may vary in the range of 26 to 28. There could be 28 No-penalty questions in CAT 2020. Even a few MCQs without negative marking could be there in CAT 2020 Mock test. Non-MCQs were introduced in 2015 and their number is getting fluctuated every year. Over the past four years CAT exam pattern has remained as under;

CAT year
Number of Non-MCQs
Section-wise break-up in Actual CAT exam
VARC-10; DILR-8; QA-11
VARC-8; DILR-8; QA-12
28 (As revealed in CAT Mock)
VARC-10; DILR-8; QA-10
VARC-10;DILR-8; QA-7
VARC-10; DILR-8; QA-10

Non-MCQs offer higher scoring chances as the candidates have no fear of negative marking. The process to answer a Non-MCQ is that instead of marking the answer option on computer screen, the CAT examinee will have to write the answer for the Non-MCQ in the given space on the computer screen.


Scoring pattern in CAT

  • Each correct answer in MCQ or Non-MCQ will be awarded +3 marks
  • Each wrong answer in MCQ will attract negative marking of -1 mark
  • No penalty of negative marking is applied for Non-MCQs 

Key changes in CAT Mock
The CAT Mock test is the full length 3 hours duration test and contains the type and number of MCQs and Non-MCQs that you may expect on the day of CAT 2020 exam. The sample CAT reflects number of changes in the structure and content of CAT 2020. Candidates should now proceed to take the free CAT Mock test to understand the changes in the test pattern that they are going to face on November 29, 2020.


The CAT 2020 Mock test will continue to be available for the CAT aspirants till the CAT exam is over. The CAT Mock test is the most authentic guide with sample questions right from the CAT exam convening IIMs and testing partner TCS. CAT aspirants can now very well familiarize themselves by practicing the sample questions as many times as they like.


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