Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The MBA degree programme is contemporary. It is based on ChoiceBased Credit System (CBCS) & is in keeping with the needs of the industry. The teaching pedagogy comprises of a comprehensive student-centric learning approach. It consists of several stages of instruction & evaluation designed to add significant value to the understanding of the learner in an integrated manner. Course delivery comprises of classroom instruction, case-studies, live projects & seminars.

MBA with Dual Specialization

We understand that a stimulating environment is an absolute must for management students. Thanks to the highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty, most of them with industry experience, we strive to simulate that environment for the students. We regularly update the curriculum, in consultation with industry leaders, to be in line with the dynamic requirements of the industry.

Master of Business Administration – International Business (MBA-IB)

MBA in International Business acts as a springboard to a career, while offering practical insights into the national and international dimension of different business functions. Along with the focus on the quantitative, analytical and communication skills, MBA in International Business at GITAM follows a holistic approach with a curriculum that carefully develops cross-functional abilities, proficiency in foreign language, and cross-cultural appreciation—an essential element to be successful in international business.


Master of Business Administration – Financial technology (MBA-FinTech)

FinTech is the buzz word of the day, where technology is used to enhance traditional financial systems. Per KPMG the global FinTech and software industry is projected to grow to US$45 billion industry from US$15. This would only be possible if a FinTech ecosystem is developed and nurtured by the industry. This is where GITAM comes in, to contribute to the ecosystem by providing industry ready talented academic students, by offering such certification programs.


Master of Business Administration – Human Resource Management (MBA-HRM)

MBA program will produce graduates who have attained:
- an ability to apply knowledge of management skills
- an ability to design and conduct data analysis and interpret data;
- an ability to function in multi-disciplinary teams; 
- an ability to identify, formulate, and solve management problems;
- an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility;
- an ability to communicate effectively;
- the broad education necessary to understand the impact of management solutions in a global and societal context;

Master of Management Studies (MMS)

This is a two year full time course resulting in the award of the Masters graduate degree “Master of Management Studies” by the University of Mumbai. The MMS program focuses on sculpting students into highly professional and capable business managers throwing them into the ring to react smartly to true-to-life situations using their wit, presence of mind, analytical skills and business acumen. This brings out their true potential and they emerge as tough professionals after going through rigor and relentless focused hard work

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Rural Immersion                                        Application Based Learning

Proposed International Immersion        State of the art Smart Classroom

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Language Lab                                             

CEO Interactive Series

Dayitva Social Initiatives

Incubation Cell


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