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Word : Popular
Description : Popular means frequently encountered or accepted, or common, therefore uncommon is the opposite
Synonyms : Famous/Notable
Antonyms : Uncommon


Word : Audaciousness
Description : Daring
Synonyms : Adventuresomeness, audacity, rashness, recklessness, spunk, temerity
Antonyms : Apprehensive, jittery


Word : Fabrication
Description : Fabrication means a lie or a made up story
Synonyms : Untruth, Falsehood
Antonyms : Truth, Certainty


Word : Wanton
Description : Wanton means reckless or meaningless
Synonyms : Careless
Antonyms : Careful, Cautious


Word : Dulcet
Description : Dulcet means sweet or melodious
Synonyms : Soothing, Pleasant
Antonyms : Harsh, Unpleasant



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