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Word : Prodigy
Description : Person or thing that is extraordinary
Synonyms : Curiosity, freak, genious, phenomenon, wonder
Antonyms : Normal


Word : Tepid
Description : Tepid means lukewarm; scalding means boiling hot
Synonyms : Lukewarm
Antonyms : Scalding/Cold


Word : Misanthropic
Description : Misanthropic means hating mankind or unsociable
Synonyms : Standoffish, Cynical
Antonyms : Humanitarian, Sociable


Word : Heed
Description : Heed means to pay attention to, or to consider
Synonyms : Observe, Notice
Antonyms : Ignore, Overlook


Word : Cackle
Description : Cackle means to laugh or talk in a shrill manner
Synonyms : Screech, Guffaw
Antonyms : Whisper



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