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Word : Appall
Description : To appall is to overcome with shock, or to dismay
Synonyms : Dismay
Antonyms : Comfort/Encourage/Reassure/Satisfy


Word : Attrition
Description : Attrition means abrasion or slow destruction
Synonyms : Erosion, Scrape
Antonyms : Build, Regain


Word : Zenith
Description : Zenith means the highest point or the apex; nadir means the lowest point
Synonyms : Apex/Peak/Top
Antonyms : Worst


Word : Choleric
Description : Choleric means hot tempered or quick to anger
Synonyms : Testy, Irascible
Antonyms : Affable, Jovial


Word : Facetious
Description : Facetious means clumsily humorous
Synonyms : Jokey, kidding
Antonyms : Serious, Unfunny



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