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Word : Mulish
Description : Mulish means stubborn or defiant
Synonyms : Obdurate, Obstinate
Antonyms : Submissive, Amenable


Word : Abstruse
Description : Abstruse means complex or difficult to understand
Synonyms : Obscure, Perplexing
Antonyms : Clear, Lucid


Word : Lascivious
Description : Immoral, indecent
Synonyms : Bawdy, randy, raunchy, ribald, smutty, incontinent
Antonyms : Chaste, decent, moral


Word : Veracious
Description : TRUE
Synonyms : Accurate, credible, righteous, valid, undeceptive
Antonyms : False, untrue


Word : Insidious
Description : Insidious means harmful but enticing or seductive; repellant means arousing aversion or disgust
Synonyms : Repellant
Antonyms : Fair/Honest/Open




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