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Word : Barbarous
Description : The barbarous treatment in jail caused the death of Sarabjit.
Synonyms : Uncivilized, brutal, rude,merciless
Antonyms : Cultured, polite, urbane, refined


Word : Kindle
Description : To kindle means to start burning or ignite; to smother means to stifle or suppress
Synonyms : Blaze/Burn/Flame
Antonyms : Smother


Word : Perfidy
Description : Perfidy means disloyalty or treachery
Synonyms : Deceit, Betrayal
Antonyms : Loyalty, Faithfulness


Word : Babble
Description : Babble means to talk non sense
Synonyms : Jabber, Gibber
Antonyms : Quiet, Sense, Wisdom


Word : Impertinent
Description : Impertinent means insolent or disrespectful
Synonyms : Impudent, Brazen
Antonyms : Respectful, Reverent



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