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Word : Chicanery
Description : Chicanery means trickery or deceitfulness especially legal or political
Synonyms : Deception, Trickery
Antonyms : Forthrightness, Honesty, Truthfulness


Word : Pernicious
Description : Pernicious means highly injurious or deadly
Synonyms : Destructive, Harmful
Antonyms : Harmless, Safe


Word : Erudite
Description : Erudite means scholarly or deeply learned
Synonyms : Knowledgeable, Cultured
Antonyms : Ignorant, Boorish


Word : Allege
Description : The prosecution failed to place evidence before the court for what has been alleged.
Synonyms : Adduce, claim, assign, Assert, declare, cite
Antonyms : Contradict, deny, object,dissent


Word : Dilettante
Description : Dilettante is a person having a superficial interest in an art or branch or knowledge
Synonyms : Superficial, Amateur
Antonyms : Professional, Proficient



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