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Word : Subversive
Description : Subversive means insurgent or rebellious
Synonyms : Dissident
Antonyms : Loyal, Conformist


Word : Beleaguer
Description : Beleaguer means to besiege or to annoy
Synonyms : Harass, Bother
Antonyms : Succor, Relieve, Support


Word : Protean
Description : Protean means showing great diversity or variability, or versatile, therefore unchanging is the opposite
Synonyms : Versatile/Adroit/Accomplished
Antonyms : Unchanging


Word : Pitched
Description : Pitched means intensely fought; one meaning of heated is marked by anger
Synonyms : Heated
Antonyms : Destroy/Raze


Word : Traitorous
Description : Disloyal
Synonyms : Apostate, perfidious, treasonous, ubdutiful, treacherous, unfaithful
Antonyms : Ethical, frank, honest, moral



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