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Word : Obliterate
Description : Obliterate means to wipe out or demolish
Synonyms : Eradicate, Annihilate
Antonyms : Construct, Create


Word : Sluice
Description : Stream
Synonyms : Channel, douse, flume, valve, trough
Antonyms :


Word : Contumacy
Description : Contumacy means willfulness or obstinacy
Synonyms : Pigheadedness, Doggedness
Antonyms : Docility, Willingness


Word : Obdurate
Description : Obdurate means obstinate or pig headed
Synonyms : Stubborn, Inflexible
Antonyms : Amenable, Compliant, Submissive


Word : Interdict
Description : Interdict means to forbid or prohibition
Synonyms : Embargo, Injunction
Antonyms : Permit, Sanction



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