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Word : Adulation
Description : Adulation means excessive admiration or flattery
Synonyms : Adoration, Reverence
Antonyms : Contempt, Scorn


Word : Dissipate
Description : Dissipate means to drive away or dispel
Synonyms : Waste, Fritter
Antonyms : Accumulate, Hoard


Word : Abate
Description : Abate means to subside or to reduce
Synonyms : Decline, Decrease
Antonyms : Enhance, Extend


Word : Masticate
Description : Chew
Synonyms : Chomp, crunch, crush, grind, knead
Antonyms :


Word : Cantankerous
Description : Cantankerous means bad tempered or irritable
Synonyms : Crabby, Tetchy
Antonyms : Easy-going, Affable



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