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Word : Incipient
Description : Incipient means beginning or emerging
Synonyms : Budding, Developing
Antonyms : Grown, Mature


Word : Rancor
Description : Rancor means ill feeling or bitterness
Synonyms : Resentment, Acrimony
Antonyms : Amicability, Kindness


Word : Spunk
Description : Courage, nerve
Synonyms : Determination, fortitude, resolution, mettle, toughness
Antonyms : Cowardice


Word : Instigate
Description : Instigate means to provoke or stir up
Synonyms : Evoke, Stimulate
Antonyms : Deter, Halt, Daunt


Word : Disdain
Description : Disdain means scorn or contempt
Synonyms : Disregard, Despise
Antonyms : Respect, Reverence



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