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Word : Pithy
Description : Brief, to the point
Synonyms : Cogent, compact, concise, crisp, meaty, short, succinct,
Antonyms : Long winded, verbose, wordy


Word : Recumbent
Description : Lying down
Synonyms : Flat, horizontal, level, prostrate, reclining, sprawling
Antonyms : Broken, elevated, raised, rough, rounded, rugged, uneven


Word : Guffaw
Description : Guffaw means to roll with laughter or chuckle
Synonyms : Laugh, Chortle
Antonyms : Despair, Cry


Word : Latent
Description : Latent means capable of becoming but not currently visible, or dormant
Synonyms : Dormant
Antonyms : Manifest/Apparent/Clear


Word : Solemnity
Description : Solemnity means formal or ceremonious observance, or seriousness; gravity means dignity of bearing, or seriousness
Synonyms : Gravity
Antonyms : Baldness/Calmness



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