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Word : Gainsay
Description : Gainsay means to argue with or contradict
Synonyms : Naysay, Oppose
Antonyms : Agree


Word : Sleazy
Description : Disreputable
Synonyms : Cheap, common, dilapidated, shoddy, sordid, unsubstantial
Antonyms : Fine, good, nice, reputable, respectable


Word : Protean
Description : Protean means showing great diversity or variability, or versatile, therefore unchanging is the opposite
Synonyms : Versatile/Adroit/Accomplished
Antonyms : Unchanging


Word : Ersatz
Description : Ersatz means fake or artificial
Synonyms : Unreal, False
Antonyms : True, Genuine


Word : Foible
Description : Foible means short coming or quirk
Synonyms : Idiosyncrasy, Eccentricity
Antonyms : Strength, Vigor



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