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Word : Dubious
Description : Dubious means questionable or unreliable
Synonyms : Doubtful, Unsure
Antonyms : Reliable, Certain


Word : Louche
Description : Louche means not reputable, or indecent
Synonyms : Indecent
Antonyms : Decent/Chaste/Pure/Virtious


Word : Imperturbable
Description : Imperturbable means calm or composed
Synonyms : Unflappable, Serene
Antonyms : Jittery, Edgy


Word : Dulcet
Description : Dulcet means sweet or melodious
Synonyms : Soothing, Pleasant
Antonyms : Harsh, Unpleasant


Word : Obtuse
Description : Obtuse means insensitive or stupid; acute means marked by keen perception or shrewd
Synonyms : Dumb.Imperceptive
Antonyms : Acute



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