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Word : Irksome
Description : Irksome means tedious or annoying
Synonyms : Annoying
Antonyms : Exciting/Pleasant/Adorable


Word : Diddler
Description : Cheat
Synonyms : Bilk, cozener, defrauder, victimizer, trickster
Antonyms :


Word : Acrimony
Description : Nasty behaviour, speech
Synonyms : Acerbity, animosity, peevishness, rancor, sarcasm, unkindness
Antonyms : Civility, courtesy, diplomacy, flattery, kindness


Word : Beleaguer
Description : Beleaguer means to bother or annoy
Synonyms : Harass, Disturb
Antonyms : Delight, Enchantment


Word : Imperial
Description : Imperial means befitting or suggesting an emperor; regal means befitting or suggesting a king
Synonyms : Regal
Antonyms : Commoner



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