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Word : Manifest
Description : Manifest means clear or apparent
Synonyms : Evident, Patent
Antonyms : Indefinite, obscure


Word : Infatuated
Description : Infatuated means foolishly in love or lovesick
Synonyms : Besotted, Smitten
Antonyms : Despising, Disenchanted


Word : Illicit
Description : Illicit means illegal or not permitted
Synonyms : Unlawful, Illegitimate
Antonyms : Legal, Legitimate, Licit


Word : Assent
Description : Assent means to agree or go along with
Synonyms : Concur, Consent
Antonyms : Disagree, Diverge, Oppose


Word : Abscond
Description : Abscond means to run away
Synonyms : Flee, Escape
Antonyms : Persevere, Persist



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