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Word : Aforetime
Description : Earlier
Synonyms : Ahead, former, forward, previously, precedently
Antonyms : Afterward, behind, later


Word : Exasperate
Description : Exasperate means infuriate or frustrate
Synonyms : Enrage, Madden
Antonyms : Soothe, Appease


Word : Heed
Description : Heed means to pay attention to, or to consider
Synonyms : Observe, Notice
Antonyms : Ignore, Overlook


Word : Scurrilous
Description : Scurrilous means given to using foul language, or crass
Synonyms : Slanderous, Defamatory
Antonyms : Decent, Complimentary


Word : Dogmatic
Description : Dogmatic means arrogantly assertive of unproven ideas or stubbornly claiming that something is beyond dispute
Synonyms : Inflexible, Assertive
Antonyms : Amenable, Flexible, Indecisive



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