MAH MBA CET Exam Pattern 2024

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Updated on
February 17, 2024

MAH CET 2024 exam is on March 9 & 10, 2024. The exam will be conducted in two slots on each exam date. The exam is scheduled in multiple sessions as online computer based test. Before going deep into sectional and preparational details for MAH CET exam, check below the key exam highlights:

MAH MBA CET 2024 Exam Pattern: Key Highlights

MAH CET is one of the most important but an easier MBA entrance exam. Check below the important MAH MBA CET 2024 Highlights:

MAH CET 2024 Conducting Body
State CET Cell - Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) Maharashtra
Mode of MAH CET 2024 Exam
Computer Based Test
MAH CET 2024 Exam Date
March 9, and March 10, 2024
MAH CET 2024 Test Duration
150 Minutes (2½ Hours) for each session
MAH CET Testing Window
2 days, 4 sessions
Total Questions in MAH CET
200 (All MCQs)
Total Sections in MAH CET 2024 Exam
4 Sections (Effectively 3) with varying number of Questions in Each Section
MAH MBA CET Test Sections with number of questions
Logical Reasoning-75 MCQs
Abstract Reasoning-25 MCQs
Quantitative Aptitude-50 MCQs
Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension-50 MCQs
Choice of Answer Options
MAH CET 2024 Scoring Pattern
+1 for correct answer
Negative Marking in MAH CET 2024
No Negative marking for wrong answer
MAH CET Difficulty Level
MAH CET cut off for Top Colleges
90+ percentile
Top MBA Colleges in MAH CET 2024
Number of MBA colleges Accepting MAH CET 2024 Exam Score
MAH CET 2024 Score Validity for Admission
For MBA/MMS 2024-26 Batch Admission
Admission Process through MAH CET 2024
Through Centralized Admission Process (CAP) by DTE Maharashtra in June/July 2024
Importance of Taking MAH CET 2024
Last MBA CET which offers MBA admission opportunity in 2024 in JBIMS, SIMSREE, PUMBA and more than 330 MBA colleges in Maharashtra
MBA/MMS Seats Available for Admission 2024
MBA CET Full Form
Master in Business Administration Common Entrance Test
MMS CET Full Form
Master in Management Studies Common Entrance Test

MAH CET 2024 Exam will lead to admission in AICTE/UGC approved MBA/MMS/ PGDM courses in 330+ MBA colleges across the state of Maharashtra including JBIMS, SIMSREE, PUMBA. More than 100000 candidates apply for MAH CET and out of them 35000 to 40000 candidates are offered admission. No structural and content based changes in MAH MBA CET 2024 exam are announced by DTE Maharashtra so far.


To help you prepare for the MAH MBA CET exam, has published many MAH MBA CET Mock Tests which are based on previous MAH MBA CET Exam Papers. Take Free Online MAH MBA CET Mock now by clicking on the links below.

MAH MBA Mock Tests: Take Free Online Exam

MAH MBA CET Exam 2024 Mock Test - 1 

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MAH MBA CET Exam 2024 Mock Test - 2

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MAH MBA CET Exam 2024 Mock Test - 3

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MAH MBA CET Exam 2024 Mock Test - 4

200 Questions | Cost: Free | 150 Min

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MAH CET Exam Pattern 2024: Sectional Composition of Question Paper

Below is shared the sectional composition of MAH CET Exam Pattern 2024

MAH CET 2024 Section name
Number of questions
Mark per question
Total marks for the section
Logical Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning
Quantitative Aptitude
Verbal Ability/Reading Comprehension

MAH CET 2024 Exam Pattern: Marking Scheme

The Scoring scheme in MAH CET MBA Exam 2024 is as below:

Total Maximum Marks
Marks for Each Correct Answer
Negative Marks for Each Wrong Answer

MAH MBA CET 2024 Pattern: Section wise Topics to Prepare

Important Section wise topics that you should prepare for MAH MBA CET 2024 exam are:

Important MAH MBA CET Question Topics
Logical Reasoning
(75 Questions)
Fact Inference Judgment, Passage Conclusion, Analogy, Statement Argument, Binary Logic, Clocks Calendars, Seating Arrangement, Family Tree, Assumption, Premise, Conclusion, Team Formation, Direction Sense, Decision Making, Input-Output, Syllogism, Set Theory, Quantitative Reasoning, Logical Reasoning based on Rankings, Critical Reasoning
Abstract Reasoning
(25 Questions)
Figures Based questions – series, odd man out; Diagrams based questions; Clock & Calendar figure based questions, Sequence, Analogy, Puzzles, Cubes, Rows, Venn Diagrams, Network Diagrams
Quantitative Aptitude
(50 Questions)
Arithmetic - LCM and HCF, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Interest (Simple and Compound), Speed, Time and Distance; Time and Work; Averages; Ratio and Proportion, Number System, Elementary Mathematics, Mixtures and Allegation, Unitary Method, Commercial Maths, Permutation and Combinations, Sequence and Series, Heights and Distance; Algebra topics;  Geometry/Mensuration-Triangles, Circles, Coordinate Geometry; Pure Math; Venn diagrams, Linear Equations; Quadratic Equations, Complex Numbers, Logarithm; Progressions, Binomial Theorem, Surds and Indices, Inequalities, Set Theory, Trigonometry, Linear Programming; Data Interpretation- Data Tables, Data charts, Bar diagrams & Charts including Simple, Stacked, Composite Bar charts, Pie charts, Graphs – Line X-Y Graphs, Data analysis and Data comparison Caselet based Data
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension
Verbal Ability Topics: Jumbled Paragraphs, Error Correction of Verb, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb and other parts of speech in the Sentences, Correcting the sequence of sentences and reconstructing the sentences, correct use of conditional sentence, time clauses, reported speech, passive writing, Antonyms/Synonyms, Vocabulary, One word substitution
RC Based Questions: Questions based on information in RC passage; Antonyms/synonyms of the words & phrases as used in the passage; True/false statements
in context of the passage; main idea of RC passage

Check in Detail MAH MBA CET Syllabus 2024  

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MAH CET 2024 Pattern: Key Facts

Although the time for the MAH CET 2024 is 2 hours and 30 minutes, you may have to be at the venue for approximately 4 hours including the time required for logging in, collection of the Hall Ticket, going through the instructions among others.

  • All the MAH CET 2024 questions will be in English.
  • You can attempt any question at any point of time within these 150 minutes.
  • All the questions in the test paper will have multiple choices.
  • Out of the five answers options for each question only one will be the correct answer.
  • You have to select the most appropriate answer and ‘mouse click’ that alternative which you feel is appropriate/correct.
  • The alternative/ option that you have clicked on, will be treated as your answer to that question.
  • There will be no penalty for wrong answers marked by you in MAH CET Pattern 2024

MAH CET 2024 Question Paper Scoring Scheme: Final Award of Score

The Scores in MAH CET MBA Exam Pattern 2024 will be obtained by adopting the undernoted procedure:

  • Score Awarded for Total Correctly Answered Questions: Number of questions answered correctly by a candidate in each objective test in each slot of MAH CET exam is considered for arriving at the Corrected Score.
  • Score Adjustment as per Slot Difficulty Level: The Corrected Scores so obtained in the MAH CET question paper 2024 by a candidate are made equivalent to take care of the minor difference in difficulty level, if any, in each of the objective tests held in different sessions to arrive at the Equated Scores.
  • Final Score Equated to Base Form: Scores obtained by candidates on any test slot of MAH CET 2024 are equated to the base form by considering the distribution of scores of all the forms.

The Test wise scores and scores on total in MAH CET 2024 exam is reported with decimal points up to two digits

Score Normalization Process in MAH CET Exam Pattern 2024

Since the MAH CET 2024 examination is held in more than one session, the scores across various sessions will be equated to adjust for slight differences in difficulty level of different test batteries used across sessions. More than one session are required if the nodes capacity in MAH CET 2024 test centres is less or some technical disruption takes place at any center or for any candidate.

MAH CET Exam 2024 Pattern: Process of Navigation to Attempt the Question Paper

MAH MBA CET is computer based test and you need to answer the questions in the exam on computer screen carefully. There are many buttons on the computer screen and you have to follow the important instructions to answer the questions so that your answers are duly evaluated and awarded with the marks.

  • The clock has been set at the server and the countdown timer at the top right corner of your screen will display the time remaining for you to complete the exam.
  • When the clock runs out the exam ends by default - you are not required to end or submit your exam.
  • The question palette at the right of screen shows one of the following statuses of each of the questions numbered:

  • The Marked for Review status simply acts as a reminder that you have set to look at the question again. If an answer is selected for a question that is Marked for Review, the answer will be considered in the final evaluation.
  • To select a question to answer, you can do one of the following:

(a) Click on the question number on the question palette at the right of your screen to go to that numbered question directly. Note that using this option does NOT save your answer to the current question.
(b) Click on ‘Save & Next’ to save answer to current question and to go to the next question in sequence.
(c) Click on ‘Mark for Review and Next’ to save answer to current question, mark it for review, and to go to the next question in sequence.

  • To select your answer, click on one of the option buttons.
  • To change your answer, click another desired option button.
  • To save your answer, you MUST click on Save & Next.
  • To deselect a chosen answer, click on the chosen option again or click on the Clear Response button.
  • To mark a question for review click on Mark for Review & Next.

Please note that answer to any question will be considered for final evaluation, only when candidates submit the answers by clicking on “Save & Next” or “Mark for Review & Next”. .

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How to Select answers in MAH CET 2024 Exam Pattern?

If an answer is selected for a question that is Marked for Review, the answer will be considered in the final evaluation. To change an answer to a question, first select the question and then click on the new answer option followed by a click on the Save & Next button.


Questions that are saved or marked for review after answering will ONLY be considered for evaluation.  Test name(s) will be displayed on the top bar of the screen. Questions in a test can be viewed by clicking on the test name.


The test you will view will be highlighted. After clicking the Save & Next button on the last question for a test, you will automatically be taken to the first question of the (next) test.


You can move the mouse cursor over the test names to view the status of the questions for that test. You can shuffle between test and questions anytime during the examination as per your convenience. The candidates may ask the Test Administrator about their doubts or questions only before the commencement of the test but No query shall be entertained after the commencement of the examination.

Adhere to time limit of 150 Minutes

After the expiry of 150 minutes, the candidates will not be able to attempt any question or check their answers. The answers of the candidate would be saved automatically by the computer system even if he/ she has not clicked the “Submit” button.

  • Please note that Candidates will not be allowed to “finally submit” unless they have exhausted the actual test time.
  • Under no circumstances should a candidate click on any of the ‘keyboard keys’ once the exam starts as this will lock the exam.

Technical Issue in MAH CET Exam Pattern 2024

CET Cell at DTE Maharashtra has advised that the possibility of occurrence of some problem in the administration of the MAH MBA CET 2024 examination cannot be ruled out completely which may impact test delivery and/or result from being generated. In that event, every effort will be made to rectify such problem, which may include movement of candidates, delay in test.

 Disqualification in MAH CET 2024 Exam 

State CET Cell would be analysing the responses (answers) of individual candidates with those of other candidates to detect patterns of similarity of right and wrong answers in MAH CET 2024 exam. If in the analytical procedure adopted by State CET Cell in this regard, it is inferred/ concluded that the responses in MAH CET 2023 exam paper have been shared and scores obtained are not genuine/ valid, State CET Cell reserves right to disqualify the candidature of the concerned candidates and the result of such candidates (disqualified) will be null & void.


Instances for providing incorrect information and/or process violation by a candidate detected at any stage of the admission process will lead to disqualification of the candidate from the entire MBA admission process of MAH CET 2024.

MAH CET 2024 Exam Day: A day before Exam Activity

  • According to DTE Maharashtra the candidates should note date, time and venue address of the examination given in the Hall Ticket.
  • It is in your own interest to visit the venue one day before the Online Examination to confirm the location so that you are able to report on time (as printed on the Hall ticket) on the day of the examination as the late comers will not be allowed

Things you need to bring on MAH CET exam day

  • The Hall Ticket should be brought with you to the examination venue along with your recent passport size photograph duly pasted on it. (Preferably the same photograph as was as uploaded).
  • Please hand over this Hall ticket to the invigilator.
  • No use of calculators (separate or with watch), books, note books or written notes, cell phones
  • (with or without camera facility), or any other electronic device will be allowed during the examination.
  • You should bring one of the following currently valid Photo identity proof in original at the MAH CET 2024 test centre- THIS IS ESSENTIAL. Currently valid photo identity proof may be PAN Card/Passport/Permanent Driving Licence/Voter’s Card/Bank Passbook with photograph/Photo Identity proof issued by a Gazetted Officer on official letterhead /Photo Identity proof issued by a People’s Representative on official letterhead/Valid recent Identity Card issued by a recognised College/University/Aadhar Card with a photograph/Employee ID/Bar Council Identity card with photograph.
  • Please Note - Ration Card and Learner’s Driving License will NOT be accepted as valid ID proof for this project.
  • Your name as appearing on the Hall ticket (provided by you during the process of registration) should reasonably match the name as appearing on the photo identity proof. Female candidates who have changed first/last/middle name post marriage must take special note of this. If there is any mismatch between the name indicated in the Hall ticket and Photo Identity Proof, you will not be allowed to appear for the exam.
  • In case of candidates who have changed their name will be allowed only if they produce Gazette notification/their marriage certificate/affidavit.
  • You should bring with you a ball-point pen.
  • A sheet of paper will be provided which can be used for rough work or taking down the question number you would like to review at the end of the test before submitting your answers. After the test is over you MUST hand over this sheet of paper to the Test Administrator before leaving the venue.
  • Please note that a candidate is allowed to appear only once in the online examination. Multiple appearance in online examination will result in cancellation of candidature.
  • In case more than one Hall Ticket has been generated, candidates are advised to appear only once on the date and at the time mentioned on the respective Hall Ticket. All other Hall Tickets are to be surrendered.
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWD) should contact the Test Centre Administrator of the test venue at least 30 minutes before the time of examination for assistance in seating, if needed

The 4 Most Important Points to remember on MAH CET 2024 Exam day:

You are advised to remember and bring with you the following:

  • Hall Ticket with photo affixed thereon
  • Photo ID card in Original with photocopy
  • One Ball point pen
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWD) should bring duly filled Scribe form if applicable.

Delay & Re-Exam

Conduct of a MAH CET 2024 re-exam is at the absolute discretion of DTE Maharashtra. Candidates will not have any claim for a re-test. Candidates not willing to move or not willing to participate in the delayed process of test delivery shall be summarily rejected from the process.

MAH CET Exam Pattern 2024: Important Dates

Below are the expected MAH MBA CET 2024 exam dates

MAH CET 2024 Exam
Important Dates
Exam Sessions
MAH CET 2024 Application Start Date
January 11, 2024
Registration process is online
MAH MBA CET 2024 Application Last Date
February 12, 2024
Apply before the last date
MAH CET 2024 Exam Dates
March 9, 2024, &
March 10, 2024
Morning & Afternoon sessions-9 AM to 11.30 AM and 2 PM to 4.30 PM
MAH MBA CET 2024 Result Date
March 31, 2024
Expected Date

*If the number of candidates are accommodated on day one of the exam or in morning session of the second day of the exam, there may not be MAH MBA CET in the afternoon session on day two


DTE Maharashtra conducts number of Common Entrance Tests (CET) every year for admission to various graduate and post graduate programs – Engineering, Architecture, Computer Applications, Business Management, Para Medical courses, among other higher education and technical courses offered by the universities, colleges affiliated to Maharashtra state universities, Govt aided and unaided institutes in Maharashtra. The MBA entrance exam conducted by DTE Maharashtra is officially known as MAH MBA CET and offers admission to MBA/MMS programs in the AICTE/UGC recognized management institutes in Maharashtra.  

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