Extempore Speech Topics: Extempore Speech for MBA, Extempore Speech Tips

Extempore speech has become a key component in the final personal selection round of many top MBA colleges in India such as FMS Delhi, IMI New Delhi among others.


In Extempore speech,you need to speak for a minute or two on any given topic without any preparation. The Extempore speech at FMS Delhi precedes the Personal Interview while at IMI New Delhi the topic for extempore speech can be given before or during the PI round. See tips for preparing for Extempore speech and past topics at FMS & IMI at the end of this page.


Extempore Topics 2018 for MBA colleges:

Based on past trends and latest political and economic developments 2018, following is the list of top 50 topics for extempore speech for admissions 2018.

Sr. No. Extempore Topic Type of Extempore Topic
1 Impact of Demonetization on India Business & Economy
2 Banking Frauds Business & Economy
3 Are scores a good measure of intelligence? Abstract Topic
4 Reservations in India Social Issue
5 Social Media is making us un- social. Social Issue
6 Subsidy in Fertilizer sector. Social Issue
7 Zero vs. Sunya Abstract Topic
8 Namaste Abstract Topic
9 Red vs. Blue Abstract Topic
10 Color Red Abstract Topic
11 CSR Social  Issue
12 Should the budget for space program in India be invested into poverty alleviation? Current Affairs
13 South Asia should have common currency like Europe Business and Economy
14 Make in India vs. Make for India Current Affairs
15 Current initiatives taken by the incumbent government Current Affairs
16 Goods & Services Tax (GST) Current Affairs
17 Negative Obsession with Artificial Intelligence. Current Affairs
18 What Narendra Modi can do to stop engineers going for MBA to support his make in India? Current Affairs
19 Rahul Dravid Abstract Topic
20 Problems faced in Indian Power Sector. Business and Economy
21 Mumbai and Gurgaon - similarities, differences in the various aspects. Others
22 India's energy crisis and ways resolve it. Business and Economy
23 Indian classical Music Abstract Topic
24 Dance Abstract Topic
25 Globalization Business and Economy
26 India’s performance in commonwealth games 2018. Current Affairs
27 Beef Ban in India Social Issue
28 The significance of a person's handwriting Abstract Topic
29 Global Terrorism Social Issue
30 Man is born free but feels like in chains all his life. Abstract Topic
31 India or China : the next super power Current Affairs
32 Liberal Education Abstract
33 Privatization of Universities Business and Economy
34 Inefficacy of Indian Education System Social Issue
35 Ignorance is bliss Abstract Topic
36 Artificial Intelligence and Automation Current Affairs
37 Inflation or Growth Business and Economy
38 Unemployment in India Social Issue
39 Rural Development Social Issue
40 Women Empowerment Social Issue
41 Data theft by social media platforms Current Affairs
42 Infinity Abstract Topic
43 Misplaced Abstract Topic
44 There is no novelty in this world. Abstract Topic
45 India’s demographic dividend Social Issue
46 Black Beauty Abstract Topic
47 Darkness Abstract Topic
48 Optimism Abstract Topic
49 India as a nation is not too much of a quality concerned nation Abstract Topic
50 Good economics is good politics Social Issue
51 Individual freedom and civil society Abstract Topic


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Extempore Topics for FMS Delhi
Following extempore topics have appeared for MBA Admissions at FMS Delhi in 2016 & 2017:

Sr. No. Topic  Type
1.         Subsidy in Fertilizer sector Social Issue
2.         Mythology and Management Abstract Topic
3.         Zero vs. Sunya Abstract Topic
4.         Individual freedom and civil society Abstract Topic
5.         Optimism Abstract Topic


Extempore Topics for IMI New Delhi
Following extempore topics have appeared for MBA Admissions at IMI New Delhi in 2016 & 2017:

Sr. No. Topic  Type
1.         Indian classical Music Abstract Topic
2.         Goods & Services Tax (GST) Business and Economy
3.         Negative Obsession with Artificial Intelligence. Current Affairs
4.         India's energy crisis and ways resolve it. Business and Economy
5.         Optimism Abstract Topic

Now that you know Extempore Topics 2018, let us learn how you can prepare for these topics.


Why Extempore?
B- Schools are now widely employing extempore as a part of their selection process because of its impromptu nature, which pulls out a candidate out of his/her comfort zone. Through extempore they usually test your presence of mind, flow of thought, speaking skills, and way of presenting your ideas in a scenario with limited time and under pressure. So in order to do well in extempore we have mentioned a few points.

Extempore Speech Tips:

  • Prepare well: Though extempore means no preparation however, for any provided topic take some time to structure your oration. Note down the key points quickly to elaborate later.
  • Structure: The structure could be like an essay: an introduction then main content followed by a conclusion at the end. This helps to maintain continuity of the speech.
  • Multi dimensional approach: Try to take a neutral instance by assessing both the sides of the topic. Speaking unilaterally does not create a positive impact.
  • Time Management: As the time is short, mange it effectively. Practice regularly by keeping a timer.
  • Tone: The tone should be audible and engaging. Do not rush through the content; take pauses when required.

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