CAT Admit Card 2018

CAT 2018 Admit card download is available on official CAT website till November 25, 2018. IIM Calcutta released the CAT 2018 admit card on October 24 at 1 PM with some changes. After the CAT Admit Card download process, it is must to have CAT Admit Card print out on A4 size paper. 


CAT Admit Card is the most important document on Exam Day. If not yet done, immediately download the CAT 2018 Admit Card from CAT Website and recheck following details mentioned in Admit Card:

  1. Name
  2. Registration Number
  3. Exam Date
  4. Time / Session
  5. PwD status
  6. Test city
  7. Test Center address
  8. Reference Number:

Important Note: The Reference Number printed on Admit Card would be used only for identifying the Exam Lab / Console in the Test Center on the Exam Day.  The primary reference identity of the Candidate would be the CAT Registration Number.


Please also note that CAT 2018 Admit Card issued by IIM Calcutta is provisional. Your candidature is subject to having paid the applicable CAT 2018 Test Fees and fulfilled the eligibility criteria of Academic qualification, Category, PwD status etc., as has been mentioned in the Application submitted. These details would verified in the subsequent stages of the Selection process.


You can view, download and take CAT admit card print out in 5 simple steps from official CAT website. No hardcopy of the CAT Hall ticket 2018 will be sent to you. Download process is working without any technical glitches. It is advisable to download and take CAT admit card print out at the earliest as it will be helpful to verify your details and get them corrected from CAT centre in case of any anomaly. Only the candidates whose CAT form has been submitted successfully are able to view and download CAT Admit Card 2018.  


3 New Changes in CAT 2018 Admit Card
CAT 2018 Hall Ticket has introduced three new changes to help candidates appearing in CAT exam 2018 on November 25. The changes are:


1. Google Map Link
For the first time a Google Map Link to locate the CAT 2018 test centre and its accessibility is made available individually on the electronic version of all the CAT 2018 Admit cards 


2. Emergency Contact
CAT 2018 Admit card carries the emergency contact number for the first time. This is the candidate's second contact number which was asked by IIMs in past also but was not used in the CAT Admit card earlier.


3. Reference Number to Find CAT Test Room
Reference Number in CAT 2018 Admit card has replaced the earlier Test System Number. The Reference number has limited purpose of saving your time and helping you to identify the floor/wing/testing room at the CAT test Centre on November 25, 2018.However, for any correspondence with CAT Centre, candidate must provide his/her CAT Registration Number.   


CAT admit card is your passport to appear in the CAT exam. In case you forget to carry the hard copy of CAT 2018 Admit Card with your photograph affixed on it to the test centre, you will not be allowed to enter the CAT testing room. Candidates appearing in CAT exam on November 25, 2018 need to download the Admit Card from CAT Website. After CAT 2018 Admit card download, you should take a print of the downloaded CAT 2018 hall ticket on A4 paper size. You will also need to affix your photograph on the Print out of CAT Admit Card. The CAT 2018 Admit card download facility will be available till CAT exam day on November 25, 2018. 


Important Dates

CAT Admit Card 2018 Download
CAT Admit Card Download starts
October 24, 2018
1.00 PM
CAT Admit Card Download Ends
November 25, 2018
 5.00 PM

Step by Step Process to Download CAT Admit Card
You can download your CAT 2018 Admit card in 5 simple steps:

  1. Logon to CAT official Website
  2. Enter CAT Login ID & Password
  3. Click on ‘Admit Card’
  4. At Assessment drop down menu select Common Admission Test 2018
  5. Click on Action-Download & Take Print of CAT Admit card 

Step by step Process to download cat admit card


How to View & Download CAT Admit card
Going to ‘Assessment’ under the head Admit Card has been restored again to access your CAT 2018 Admit card. The CAT 2018 Admit card download process remains simple. Now you can download your CAT Admit card in 5 steps from official CAT website as shared below:


Step-1: Logon to Official CAT Website
Open your computer system and check whether the CAT site is getting opened or there are technical glitches. Check for the icon ‘Login’ on the screen and click on it.

CAT Official website


Step-2: Enter CAT Login ID & Password
Enter your 7 digit CAT user Id and the 7 digit CAT password. This will lead to Admit Card page. In case you forget your CAT password, do not worry, click on ‘forget password’ and IIMs will send your CAT login ID and password to your registered Mail ID for CAT exam

CAT 2018 Login


Step-3: Click on ‘Admit Card’
Your are at the Admit card link. Click on it and it will open the page with Assessment.

cat admit card download steps


Step-4: Select Common Admission Test at Assessment
At Assessment drop down menu select Common Admission Test 2018. This will take you to action-Download

CAT Admit Card Download


Step-5: Select Action-Download & Take Print
Click on the Action which will show the ‘Download’ Option. Click on it and your CAT 2018 Admit card is downloaded.

CAT 2018 Admit Card


After your CAT Admit Card is downloaded error free, save the document in the folder that you can remember – for example a document can be created with the name ‘CAT 2018 Admit Card’. Verify all your personal details, your printed photograph, signature image, Date of Birth, CAT 2018 registration Number, TSN number as it will be required to locate your testing room and seat in the testing lab, test venue, exam date and time as well as the reporting time at the CAT Exam centre.  Take at least 2 prints of the CAT admit card on A4 size paper as you will need the hard copy of the admit card with your photo additionally affixed on it at the CAT exam centre on November 25, 2018.  


Action after CAT 2018 Admit Card Download

  • Take print of CAT 2018 Admit Card now
  • Paste one identical photograph of yours in the given space on the CAT Admit Card
  • Remember to carry your CAT Admit card to the CAT Exam centre with at least one original photo ID proof as mentioned in CAT 2018 Admit Card.    

Details to check in the CAT 2018 Admit Card
You need to check the following mandatory details in your CAT 2018 Admit card when you download it from CAT website

  • Your Name: Name should be as entered in the registration/application form of CAT 2018
  • Test date: Your Date of CAT 2018 exam (November 25, 2018)
  • Test Time: Slot of exam (Morning or evening) with time of CAT exam and reporting time at test centre should be mentioned in CAT Admit Card  
  • CAT 2018 registration number should be available in the Admit Card
  • Test System Number: You will be assigned your seat with the help of this number. It is very important as you are authorized to use only the particular test system. This system will display all your details.
  • PWD status – In case the candidate is physically challenged, it must be mentioned in the CAT Admit Card else the benefit of reservation will not be there.
  • Test center Details- Your test city, test site with address should be mentioned

cat admit card

Important Instructions in CAT 2018 Admit Card
CAT 2018 Admit Card will contain various exam related instructions. Most important instructions in CAT Admit Card are:

  1. Without Admit Card, candidate will not be allowed to enter the testing hall
  2. Admit Card is valid only if the candidate's photograph and signature images are legibly printed.
  3. The Admit Card is to be produced for verification at test centre at the time of the test
  4. In addition to the Admit Card, at least one original (not photocopied or scanned) valid (not expired) photo identification card (such as College ID, Employer ID, Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card, Identification Affidavit) should also be presented.
  5. Candidates should report at 7:30 a.m. for the forenoon session and at 1:00 p.m. for the afternoon session.
  6. Mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets such as watches, calculators and stationary items like pen, pencil, and paper are NOT ALLOWED inside the test centre.
  7. Only Admit Card & Photo ID Card will be allowed inside the test hall.
  8. Rough sheet(s) and pen will be provided to the candidate for rough work, which will have to be returned after the test.
  9. The Test System Number is provided only for the limited purpose of identifying the  floor / wing and the computer at the test venue on the day of the test.For any correspondence with CAT Center you must provide your Registration Number.

Important Do's For Exam Day

  • Same photograph as appears on Admit card to be affixed on hard copy of CAT Admit Card
  • CAT 2018 Admit card and one original photo ID proof required to take CAT exam
  • Report 90 minutes before at the CAT testing venue
  • Test system number applicable only to identify the floor/wing and the seating place on the CAT exam day 

Important Don'ts for the exam day:

  • No Jewellery allowed inside the CAT testing room
  • No shoes allowed inside the testing room
  • Pen, Pencil, sharpener, watch, Mobile phones etc. not allowed
  • No break during the test duration of 3 hours
  • No documents except Admit card and photo ID allowed 

 FAQs Related to CAT Admit Card

1.      When to Download CAT Admit Card?
CAT Admit Card 2018 download will start at 1PM on October 24. You should download it from CAT website immediately after it is released as after a few minutes there will be a great rush and you may not be able to get access to the website. Besides, it will help you to check all your details.


2.       I have not received my CAT Admit Card
There could be one of the three reasons for not receiving the CAT 2018 Admit Card - Due to incomplete or erroneous registrations done earlier; Registration was done multiple times or the Payment of CAT 2018 Registration fee has remained unsuccessful.


You should first check that you had received the message of successful submission of your CAT application form. Please note that CAT Centre 2018 may not issue the CAT admit card for the registrations which are not valid or faulty or if the candidate has registered multiple times.


3.      CAT fee deducted twice, how to get it back?
IIM Calcutta has said that CAT fee is non refundable. However, in case you paid your CAT registration fee twice or multiple times and is not received back, please report it promptly so that in case of any anomaly, the correction could be made by IIM Calcutta.  CAT Centre 2018 will issue the Admit card only for the valid and most recent successful registration and not for the faulty or incomplete application


4.      How to confirm that I will get my CAT 2018 Admit Card?
You should check your mail from IIMs that your CAT 2018 application form has successfully been submitted. If yes and still you don’t receive the CAT Admit Card you should immediately contact the CAT 2018 help desk.


5.      What is the Test System Number on CAT Admit Card?
Your Test Centre will assign you the seat and the computer system based on the TSN number. It is very important as you will come to know about your assigned seat and testing room based on your test system number.


6.      Can I download CAT 2018 Admit card from my Mobile Phone?
It is recommended that you should view the CAT Admit Card only using the recommended browsers and not from your mobile phone. You should use one of the three correct versions of the recommended Internet browsers-Internet Explorer – version 11 and above; Mozilla Firefox – 50 to 61; Google Chrome 50 to 69.


7.      My CAT Admit Card is Blank
If the Admit Card is blank, you need not worry. If the candidate registers multiple times, CAT Centre 2018 will consider only the most recent (last) registration as the official application for CAT 2018. Admit Card generated for you is for the most recent (last) registration. Thus, if you login by using User ID of earlier registration attempts, you may find your CAT Admit Card as blank.


8.      Will IIM Calcutta send the hard copy of CAT Admit Card?
No, you need to download the CAT 2018 Admit Card from CAT exam website by using your CAT 2018 ID and Password.


9.      My CAT Admit Card has errors, how to rectify them?
In case CAT Admit Card contains errors, it could be due to the wrong filling up of application form as the information on CAT admit card is taken from your application form. However, you should contact the CAT 2018 help desk on phone1800 209 0830 (Toll Free) or e-mail ([email protected]). You should have your User ID and/or Payment Transaction Number details at hand for reference.


10.  I am unable to access CAT Website, how to download the Admit Card
After a few minutes from the CAT Admit card release, thousands of the candidates try to get access to CAT website simultaneously due to which some technical glitches may come up. The best strategy at that time is to access the website  after some time when the rush gets subsided.


Delay in CAT Admit Card: Last 4 year trends 
Since 2014, CAT Admit card could not be issued on announced scheduled date and the issue date is delayed by a few days. The CAT 2017 Admit card may also be delayed by the IIMs by a few days.  The delay in CAT admit card issue results in the delay in making your travel plan as you would not know the your CAT exam centre and the CAT exam session before getting your CAT Admit card

CAT exam year
Scheduled date of CAT Admit Card Release
Actual Date of CAT Admit Card release
CAT Convening IIM
CAT 2014
October 16, 2014
October 19, 2014
IIM Indore
CAT 2015
October 15, 2015
October 25, 2015
IIM Ahmedabad
CAT 2016
October 18, 2016
October 24, 2016
IIM Bangalore
CAT 2017
October 18, 2017
October 25, 2017
IIM Lucknow


CAT Admit Card: Mandatory document
The CAT Admit Card is a mandatory document required to take the exam. IIMs clearly advise that you must print the Admit Card and bring it to the exam centre on the day of the exam along with your photograph identical to the image used in the CAT 2018 registration and application form.


Without Admit Card entry to test centre will not be permitted and an aspirant has to ensure to carry the print out of his CAT 2018 Admit Card with him


No Admit card issued, if not eligible
The candidate will be eligible for an Admit Card only upon submission of online application form. The candidate should have received an automated email confirmation upon successful submission. 


No hard copy of CAT Admit card by IIMs
The admit card will be only available on the CAT Website when you log on using your CAT 2018 User ID. No hard copy of CAT 2018 Admit card will be sent to you.