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Hi fellas, I hope you all are doing great! With no other choice, i need your guys help. Yes you got that. I belong to ST caste, I believe that FMS has reserved category. Okay, let me tell you guys something about myself. 1. My 10th was really bad with just 47% 2. 12th well average with 77% 3. Graduation with 78% 4. Worked in Investment firm for 4 years as Business Manager. 5. Last year I got CAT 87%tile, trying again this year for 95%tile and above. I am gonna be 27 years young this May, days goes by, I hope its not to late for me to purse my dream profession. I have no contacts of alumina from FMS, your thoughts and views on my profile will be highly appreciated. I hope you all have a vision, then well this would be my destiny. Thank you.
5 years 2 months ago
Asked by Prakash J

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